Simple ways to get out when you don’t really want too.

Starting-Up-Is-Hard-To-DoThere are times (I had them all week lol) that it feels hard or like you don’t want to get out and run, exercise, walk, etc.  So what do you do then.  How do you trick yourself into doing what you really do want to do but don’t feel like at the time.  Well, I think you have to build a habit around the thing you want to do.  Like get your running clothes on the same way and do things that create a routine around it.  So then, even when you don’t feel like doing it, if you can START the routine your mind will kick into gear and get you through the rest of the routine/habit.  So here is what I did this weekend when I didn’t want to get out there.




1.  I put on my running clothes even though I kind of intended to still skip the run.

2.  I put on my running shoes even though I was laying down on the bed.

3.  I told myself, NUMEROUS times that I could just go out and walk.  (Remember, I was supposed to run but to just go out and walk STARTS the routine ya know what I mean

4.  I stepped outside to feel what the weather was like and wake the hell up

5.  I put my watch on and got Ipod ready.

6.  I started my walk which eventually turned into a run because I was now IN my routine and it all felt pretty “right”.

That’s all folks


Week of recovery and the blues

About Wednesday I was feeling out of sorts, blue, and a bit overwhelmed.  Thankfully a friend reminded me that I had just run a marathon only three days prior.  Now I normally don’t forget about something like that but since I have been really focusing on a new journey I had forgotten.  It is often common when you complete a marathon or a big goal that some “bummers” set in.  Just relax…….everything is going to be ok.  Tell someone about it so that you can have an awesome friend remind you of what is really going on.

Keep on keeping on!


Back in action so it seems

I feel like I am back in action after finishing the Portland Marathon.  I am a bit heavier than normal but who cares.  I’m growing, I’m reaching, and I am becoming.  And that my friends is super exciting.  I have taken two days off completely from exercising but I am feeling good so I will get back to it tomorrow and start striving towards my next goal which is the Across The Years race in December.  That one will be a bit tougher and a little longer though, yet I still look forward to it.

Weight Watchers is still in effect too.  I have not done all I can do the last few weeks so my weight hasn’t changed much and that is about to change LOL.

Here is a great quote to remember today as you go through your activities: “SOMETIMES THE ONLY GOOD THINGS YOU WILL HEAR ABOUT YOU ARE THE THINGS YOU SO TO YOU!”  It comes from this video regarding fear by Les Brown.


#29 happens in the morning

CaptureI will be running in my 29th marathon tomorrow morning.  I think it is my fourth Portland Marathon.  My bib says “Mole Man” because I am super awesome at catching moles lol.  Well, I am not at the weight I was hoping to be at for this race but that is fine, I will get to where I want to be when I need to be at it I guess.  For now, I am going to rest up, organize my stuff for the race, get up early, and take my first step on my newest 26.2 mile journey.  No matter how many times I have done it, everyone of them is very different yet the same too.  Letcha know how it goes


The child is grown the dream is gone

I love Pink Floyd.  I was listening to Comfortably Numb today and it hit me that me, people in general, stop dreaming.  Towards the end of the song the lyrics say “The child is grown the dream is gone”.  Since I have been working deep into my first week of my MKMMA scholarship,  I have really been putting a lot of thought into my dreams, my life’s vision, and what my purpose is.  It hit me pretty hard that most people stop dreaming when they are very young.

Can you remember what you wanted to do when you were a kid?  Can you remember when you would do new things it if you messed up there was nothing to be embarrassed about?  Can you remember when you believed that things would be ok and you were not “weighed down” with all kinds of negativity and bad thinking?

Well I can.  The lyrics rang true that often times when the child is grown the dreams are gone.  What if you could have your dream of running?  What if you could have your dream of being the person you know you really want to be inside?  EVERYTHING starts with a dream, with a thought…………..Just some food for thought


The funk hits sometimes

Today I was just in a funk.  Finished off a great training week with 10 hours out there on the road.  It was tough but it felt really good to make progress in my conditioning.  Often times what happens after such a physical output is that I get bummed out the day or two after I finish it.  I don’t like that but it seems to come with the territory.  I accept it………I just wanted to spout off about it to get it out there in the open so that I don’t keep dwelling on it like it is some kind of bad thing that reflects bad on me.  Like something is wrong with me or whatever.  So I am here to say to myself that I am OK, I am doing the right things, and I am achieving my goals


When you see a “big” person out there exercising think twice

IMG_20140927_103153678Today while I was out for my 6 hour jaunt to train for my 24 hour race coming up in December, I had to chuckle to myself.  One thing that I do now when I talk about my running is I usually only give the amount of time or the distance but not both.  It automatically causes a person to judge me or themselves.  Really it is all irrelevant.  The important part is that YOU or ME is out there.  That’s what counts. Anyway, so sometimes I will get passed by a “faster” runner, orrrrrrrrr……….I will pass a “slower” runner.  I have learned over time is that things are not always as they appear.  That fast person might be running a mile as fast as they can and I am on my 5th hour out there and feeling grumpy.  Or, that person I pass might be getting past the longest they have ever gone and I am on my faster weekly run.  My point is that it’s important to remember that everyone is in their own place on the fitness journey and us looking from the outside have no idea where that is.


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