How important is routine to your weight loss success???

IMG_0016As the tress in the picture border and frame out the pathway, routines can become one of the most important pillars that will hold you up until you achieve your weight loss goal.  And again like the picture, your routines can frame your path to success.  I believe to achieve weight loss without consistent routines is very difficult.  Think about it…………you have to exercise consistently, then you have to slowly ramp up the exercise consistently, you will have to have a pretty consistently healthy diet where you eat less than you burn, and you will have to weigh consistently.  Each of these things will have a routine with it.   For example, I weigh myself once per week on Monday’s and ONLY Mondays.  That is my routine and it has a purpose (weighing more often than once per week can breed trouble and discouragement due to normal fluctuations).  I also have exercise routines that I do on a consistent basis.  I am changing these routines up now but once I get the changes made I will have developed a new routine that I will perform on a consistent basis.

Another thing that a routine can do for you is give you something to look forward to, or measure, or beat.  It gives a person a good feeling when they do something that their routine calls for.  When you are supposed to work out after work on Wednesday and then you do it, it builds up confidence in you.  Confidence is often built upon what YOU DO. This is why I think the main focus, especially in the beginning, is to develop a routine that you can consistently follow.  One that if you do it, it will be impossible not to succeed as long as you have patience.  Routine, habit, consistency…………..I guess you can call it by many names.  Just KNOW that doing the right things over and over will get you to where you need to go.  It won’t always be at the speed you want and sometimes it may be faster, but having the endurance to keep on keeping on will get you a win.


  1. Write down you goal
  2. Read that goal daily
  3. Write a daily “to-do” list of things that you have to do to achieve that goal (stay within weight watchers points, calories, exercise today).
  4. Be persistent and develop patience
  5. Watch yourself achieve your goal
  6. Be thankful

Sometimes……rest and reflection

There are times, especially when you have been striving to reach a goal, that a good restful reflection is in order. This weekend I didn’t run. Rather I chose to reflect on the past 6 months efforts that I put forth to achieve some big time goals. I achieved some goals and now have to set new ones, but before I completely got out the pen and paper to set my sail towards a new direction I rested. I took time to be with my loved ones, think about the past and the future, and set apart some time to have fun. This is a big win for me to take time out to have fun and not be so driven. I highly recommend it.


5k record

Today I got out despite a lot or turmoil and discouragement in my day. I walked at lunch which is a fantastic mental therapy for me and it gives me time to escape and think. Later on in the day I had a 30 minute run where I was supposed to push myself. I am happy to set that I beat my current fitness record. It is exciting to see myself beat my own records because it is a secondary concrete way to observe changes in my fitness. If I don’t lose weight one week but I beat a record I know that I am doing what I am supposed to. Another cool thing is that when you may get discouraged it is always awesome to look at the trend in your weight or times of specific runs.

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To Run or To Walk

6 cool sidewalk pic

A lot of people ask about whether they should be walking or running.  You know when you are bigger running feels like it is impossible especially if you have never really exercised.  A major cause for the run or walk question is that it is widely believed that running is “better” than walking.  Now don’t get me wrong, running will burn more calories per hour and it gives you the best opportunity to really ramp up your fitness but it is not the only way.  Especially for someone just starting out on their journey to lose weight.  Even though it may seem like running is the best way it can be hard to get over the mental aspect of it being so hard.  And it doesn’t ever get easy but it does get easier I think.

Here is the real deal:  The better choice is the one that will help you feel good about getting out and doing it.  If walking is something you like more than running then by all means walk.  Doing the exercise that you will do the longest is the best choice in my opinion.  When I say “do the longest” I don’t mean each bout of exercise, I mean long term success.  If you hate running but you know you can burn more calories do it………what does it matter if you end up quitting it because you hate it.  If you like to walk and keep doing it for ten years the calories that you don’t burn as compared to running are made up for by the fact that you did not quit.

You can always mix both of them together which is my favorite thing to do.  Also, if you enjoy walking try to pick up the pace.  If you can get more into a pace below 15 minute miles you will begin to burn closer to what you would running.  I believe that you have to get done to around 12 minute mile pace or lower to start burning about the same because it is not efficient to walk that fast.  I know that the race walkers at the Portland marathon will finish the race sub 9 minute mile pace.  THAT IS CRAZY.

Key things to note

  • The most important thing is consistency.  Getting out there day after day, week after week, and month after month.
  • Injury prevention is super important to keep up your morale and keep you moving more consistently
  • Do something that you like. LOL.  I know that is a hard one since most of us don’t like any exercise at the start but that is what consistency builds
  • Run or walk???  Do what you feel best about and always remember to push your limits either way.

Update on the journey

img. credit:www.tynesweb.com

img. credit:www.tynesweb.com

This is an update on my journey.  The funny thing about being on a journey, whether it be weight loss or personal growth or whatever, is that there is no end to it.  Just like the road in this picture, a persons journey is a long and eventful passing of time which makes you into the person you are.   Often times the journey takes you on a road that is up hill. LOL.

Anyway, I have kept the weight loss faith.  I have not forgotten what it takes to succeed and win some of the battles that we all have to fight.  I don’t always win but I get my share.  Since shortly after the start of 2014 I have lost significant weight, I am happy as heck with my family at home, and my journey has taken me to a place I NEVER dreamed that it would take me.  Well……….I guess I dreamed of it I just never thought it would come to reality.  The last post I wrote on the blog was in November 2011 and it was set to private because it was deeply intense and personal.  The things I wrote in that blog were things I only dreamed of, things I never thought I would experience because the things I was currently experiencing at that time were so bad that I figured I could never grow strong enough to create change in my own life.  Well, I did!!!!  Actually, I can hardly believe that I did it.  Maybe someday I will share that part of my journey with you.

On the eating and exercising front I am winning the daily battles.  The weight gained is now coming off at a good clip, my fitness level is increasing dramatically, and my mind is being refreshed with new vigor.  I never did gain all my weight back but I did gain a good portion of it.  It was hard, REALLY hard because you begin to think you are a bad person or that you are not worth what you once were.  That is bull crap.  You are worth it and you are still that same ole’ person who has desires and dreams and hopes that all things can be possible for you.  It just so happens that you are in a shell that you aren’t happy with, a shell that keeps that “good” you from coming out, a shell that diminishes the power of happiness in your life.  Sure you can still be happy and you would be better off if you COULD BE but your mind plays tricks on you.  It tricks you into believing you are LESS when you weigh more.  The sooner that you can realize this the sooner you can take the bull by the horns so you can go for it and get what you want.  Life is ahead of us, and life is really short………..I am taking the simple daily steps to get the most out of my life. 

Oh yeah, last week I also just finished my 27th marathon.  It was my slowest one, and by far the most difficult but a great victory nonetheless. 


Writing, Running, and Life Change


The picture above is my lawn.  To me……..today……..this pic represents a fresh start that is based upon YEARS of hard work and planning.  It’s spring and summer time.  The lawn is looking its best but it is because of the work put in prior.  I know it is just a lawn but the meaning behind it is so powerful.  This lawn has taken money, huge amounts of time, hard and difficult work, plenty of planning, and a mass amount of maintenance.  I will go as far as saying that it is a good representation of life and what so many of us aspire to.  Not that everyone aspires to have a beautiful time consuming lawn, but what we do aspire to takes the same types of efforts and focus.  Weight loss is one of those things.  It takes money, huge amounts of time, hard and difficult work, plenty of planning, and a mass amount of maintenance.  It is a goal and achievement not easily won, but IT IS POSSIBLE.

I am back to this blog after a long, long time away but I have never stopped striving and working on myself to get to where I want to get.  I have gained some weight back, I…..with much gusto……..let some bad habits back in, I didn’t exercise for a long time, and I just did a lot of things that I knew would not help me to achieve my goals.  I didn’t let it all go though.

Anyways, it is good to be back.  I am not sure if anyone will still read any of it but I most certainly need it AND desire it.  Writing gives me great avenues to express myself in a healthy way which reminds me of where I want to go and who I want to be.  Hopefully over time others will get some benefit from it.


Going short-sighted

It has been my normal “MO” to chart out my goals a year at a time or so.  I would have a big goal, then a set of biggish goals to get to that BIG goal, then monthly goals to reach the biggish, then weekly to reach the monthly, and daily to reach the weekly. LOL.  This has worked in the past VERY VERY well but the way things are right now and where I am at with myself, I don’t think that old way is going to work.  I am going short-sighted.

I have decided to SOMEWHAT do away with the intensive goal setting that I had previously practiced due to my perfectionistic nature.  Of course, I still have a few BIG GOALS for the future in the back recesses of my mind but my path to these goals is going to be organized differently.  You see, I can discourage myself pretty bad when I don’t feel I am doing perfectly.  Yet I know that things don’t need to be perfect to achieve my big goals.  So……………………………..I am sticking to daily goals that will bring me to a weekly achievement basically.  I figured why the hell should I get discouraged by a so called “failure” because I perceive it as making it impossible to reach the big goals when I can be happy for successfully achieving these smaller daily/weekly goals.  And by accomplishing these daily/weekly or easier goals I know for a fact that the big goal will come but with much MUCH less pressure.

So for now I am not going to worry too much about the fear of not reaching big goals and exchange that for the happy feeling of achieving the small goals.


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