My life changing realization

Graffiti art by Bansky

Graffiti art by Bansky

In 1997  I took this class in college.  This class was simply called “Life Learning Skills” and it was created by a man named Willard Tate.  The class basically taught us college students about life and love.  It was a tremendous class.  I was having trouble during this time of my life.  I learned one of the greatest truths that I learned in life.  Here it is:


At the time I was trying to get involved with school and church and what not, but I was so nervous about meeting new people.  Understanding that change would be uncomfortable and that there was no way that I could change without being uncomfortable transformed my outlook on life.  I learned that if I embraced some degree of uncomfortableness, I could break through and change into what I desired to be.

And so as I have lived and moved on from those days, I have not let go of that simple truth.  Though I may dread the scale, or starting a new exercise routine, or going to my wife’s office christmas party, I now understand that being uncomfortable will bring about positive changes.  It is uncomfortable, it is growing pains, it is stretching, and molding.

Let’s get real here.  It is not comfortable for us to look in the mirror, and see what we see sometimes, and listen to the thoughts we’re thinking; but if we can face that to see it for what it is and then decided to move forward oh what miracles we can see in our lives.  It may be weird to change how we think when we look in the mirror.  We can do it though, and when we do, we move forward towards health and joy.

Embrace the uncomfortableness.


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