Back in action. Doing good with my weight loss lifestyle

Mile 37Do I look tired?  Well, I was.  This is mile 37 of 50 at the White River 50 mile Championships.  I feel the same way right now, tired. Tired of not having my weight loss plan organized.  Tired of tasting this or that, nibble on those No-No’s, toeing the line and not counting the points.  That is a good thing though.  I feel refreshed and ready for action again.  I am moving on.  That was then and this is now.  I feel great today.  I did great yesterday during the war with the pizza.  I kept within my daily points perfectly.  My sister and I are going to a Tuesday meeting since ours is canceled “AGAIN” on Wednesday.  This is a big victory in itself.  I always make the excuse that other meetings are not “MY” meeting.  Who cares about that.  I have to go.  I want to go.

Also, I have read many blogs in the past couple of days.  Many of which are regular visitors here.  There is a common theme, which is normal this time of year, the theme is “Oh my gosh.  I have drifted away from the road to health a little bit.  I need/I want to get back on track. I don’t like how I look. I don’t like how I feel, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.”

YOU’RE NOT ALONE.  Hey, it’s the end of the year.  We are looking forward to a fresh start even if we are in the middle of our journey.  It’s OK.  We’re moving on towards our goals.  We are going to make great changes to our bodies this coming year.  DON’T GET TO NEGATIVE & DON’T GIVE UP.  We have a wonderful opportunity to get what we want.  We are positioned perfectly.  Good job everyone.  Oh ya, good job me too.

4 Responses to “Back in action. Doing good with my weight loss lifestyle”

  1. 1 Sooz
    December 27, 2008 at 10:26 pm

    Wooo Whoooo to gettin goin on the PLAN. I went back to weigh in at my WW meeting after not going for 3 months–gained 5 lbs and I’m just shy of 20 from my goal. I read your pizza story and I so relate to that—food and chocolates laying around at work (BAD combination. I cave almost every day because I get frustrated or bored of my job and I go for the chocolate. I’ve got a few days to “position” myself as you say to prepare to deal w/ work w/out eating–gonna be hard, though. Thanks for your inspirational messages!

  2. 3 FollowMyWeigh
    December 28, 2008 at 12:07 am

    Yay loved reading this! I’m glad I am being normal :D! Its hard when your “not-so-smart” choices end up making you feel sluggish and yucky. But you’re right, we are still moving on towards our goals. GOOD JOB TO US!! 😀

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