Q&A post 1: How did I start running and did I lose to run or run to lose.

Shelter Publications & Jeff Galloway

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First off, I want to thank you for visiting the blog and taking part in this fun Q&A posting.


Here are the questions that you asked:

  1. “Did you start with C25k?”
  2. “Did you lose weight after you started running? Or did you start running after the weight loss? “

Those are great questions. I will start with the second question.  I did both.  I was, in my opinion, to fat to run when I started WW, so I took things very easy.  I planned to do as little as possible until I stopped losing, then I would turn up the activity a notch to start losing again.  I waited until I lost 60 lbs before I ran my first two miles .  That put me at a weight of 247 lbs.  It was still hard, but I kept at it.  At this point I was set on doing the Portland Marathon which was 7 months away. As you might be able to calculate, I lost an additional 73 lbs during my time as a runner.  Running was an essential component to my weight loss.  It was also essential in helping me become more confident.

I did not use C25K to start my running life.  However, I think that the C25K program is a wonderful one for anyone to start an active lifestyle of running.  I used Jeff Galloway’s marathon training principles to start running, train for a marathon, and finish many marathons.  I did this all from point zero, having no real running experience.  I loved this book and it taught me a whole lot about the benifits of running.  I highly recommend his book and his training because both emphasis running in a way that reduces the chance of injury and creates a lifetime love for the activity.  Now that’s good stuff!

You can buy the book here!

You can visit Jeff Galloway’s website here!

3 Responses to “Q&A post 1: How did I start running and did I lose to run or run to lose.”

  1. 1 lori
    July 2, 2009 at 7:25 pm

    Do you suggest this book too? (Running: Getting Started- Jeff Galloway) Or does that one explain it all from getting started? 🙂

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