Get into something: Guest post by a personal trainer

natasha-lintonTime for another opportunity to get your activity in.  This is a guest post by Natasha Linton

When your goal is weight loss it is important that you keep active and move often on a daily basis. You have so many options of activities to get into out there even if you are not a gym member. Also whether or not you live in a hot or cold climate there is something for you.

Not sure what to do?

·         Think about activities you’ve always enjoyed or enjoyed once before

·         Think about something you’ve always wanted to try out

·         Think about what those around you are doing and join in

It doesn’t matter what you choose. Again, whether you choose basketball, skiing, jogging, hiking, a new workout DVD, a new gym class, moving is important.

Commit to doing this activity more than once a week. Once a week won’t cut it especially if that is all you are engaging in.  

I promise that once you get up and move, you and your body will be grateful that you did.

  •  Try starting walking. Walking works!
  • Then you can move up to walking with dumbbells.

All the best to you all!!!

And Thanks again Jason!!

Natasha Linton

Soon you will be able to read more of her fitness tips on www.capessa.com.  There she will write a blog entitled Fit Answers.  Stay tuned for that….

Her new project in the works is the first eBook of a series entitled The Start Guide telling her readers step by step how to get started with an exercise and nutrition program. Natasha Linton is certified by the International Sports Sciences Association and holds several other certifications. Her individualized exercise programming guarantees results. Natasha is also a contributing writer to OnFitness Magazine and has written for the Oxygen NetworkRecently, she was featured as the fitness expert for Heart & Soul magazine’s Healthy You Challenge.

Currently she writes a weekly blog providing personal fitness advice that has a loyal readership worldwide. The blog can be found at http://natashalinton.wordpress.com.

If you are eating better now and want to possibly start getting more activity in,  this could be a valuable resource for ya.  Enjoy and her it is.

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