Lingering effects.

I went golfing yesterday.  I did ok and it was a great easy cross-training activity to ease my legs back into moving around.  My legs are not sore at all anymore but there are always lingering effects that exists after such long distances.  So although my legs are not sore, they tire easily.  So after playing golf for 13 holes using a golf cart, I was totally wiped out.  I did not want to play anymore but I finished the course of 18 holes.  I had a great time to and it was a different activity to spice my life up a bit.  I was happy I did it.

Many of you read my post yesterday about “ultra’ questions.  Well, my wonderful and awesome coach gave my some scientific support demonstrating the “HIGH MILEAGE” is not the best and most efficient way to prepare for a marathon nor an ultra.  Basically the journal article discussed the use of high quality workouts like track and hill work coupled with a long run every three to four weeks.  This approach caused better improvements in the factors that contribute to faster races at all distances.  The greatest part about this is that one does not have to run  for 14 hours a week or a 100 miles a week to finish longer distance ultras.  High mileage for a few short weeks has proved beneficial but over a longer period of time it proved injurious.  More on this later.  I want to write it out just to get a better handle on it.

I also got four hazardous trees removed yesterday from my yard and the visual effect of not having those trees is DRAMATIC!!.  I could not believe it.  One tree made a previously shade area completely open.  I think it will be better actually and it will most certainly be safer.  The great part is that now I get to start planting my foundation beds and get them finished prior to the heat of the summer.

4 Responses to “Lingering effects.”

  1. May 8, 2009 at 7:22 am

    Thanks for sharing the info. I’d be interested in hearing what your training schedule is like nowadays. Mine is also changing due to dragon boat season and biking to work so Ill update you too soonish!

    • 2 run4change
      May 8, 2009 at 7:39 am

      THanks for the comment p4. THis is the record breaking post. This post has recieved fewer reads than any other post I have made since I started my blog. Four views of this post in two days. HAHAHA Funny.

      My training will be very similar to what I have been doing prior to the 40 miler with the exception of back to back longs runs once per month where I will do 20 on Saturday and 30 on Sunday. I will still run 4 days a week except for that week where I have the back to back. I lot of the focus is on quality workouts on the track, hills, and some tempo runs at 10K pace

  2. 3 Cecile
    May 8, 2009 at 7:47 am

    I read your post just didn’t reply, to busy, but I do want to see the empty spot where those trees were.

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