A new life of activity and eating.

golferSome people have asked me what the difference is between my life now and my life prior to weight loss.  A very significant difference between the old and new life is also the same factor that is essential in keeping the weight off.  It also is a big factor in simple enjoyment of life.  The main difference is ACTIVITY!

Let me take you through a typical week day prior to my weight loss.  I wake up breathing heavily and roll myself out of bed.  I hurry up to get dressed and ready to go.  I don’t really make a lunch I just through some salami and cheese in a bag.  On the way to work I stop and get 2-3 donuts and have a giant coffee with full fat/sugar creamer.  Then right before I get to work I stop and get some bisquits and gravy to eat at work.   I go to work for twelve hours and eat out for lunch.  When I get off I go to the gas station and get fried foods to eat on the way home before dinner.  When I get home I talk to my wife, play video games and then we watch movie.  I eat some more, stay up late, and start the whole thing over again.  Now for a day on the weekend.  The only difference between a weekday and the weekend as far as activity goes is that I don’t go to work on Sunday.  I get up early because I can’t sleep in.  I go out to eat a huge breakfast.  I lay around all day and maybe go visit my family with my wife.  Then we all go out ot eat or something.  I never ever worked in the yard, I never exercised no matter how much my wife asked me, I just didn’t do much I did not live.

Now for day in the present time.  My typical weekday is like this.  I get up early without breathing hard.  I make my lunch and get ready to go.  I typically make this high protein shake with instant coffee in it.  It is 4 points but it is actually eating breakfast while getting my cafeine going on. HAHAHA .  I go to work and pass up the gas station with the donuts.  I get to work and eat every two hours and usually never go out to eat unless it is subway.  Sometimes I go for a walk at lunch and sometimes I go for a run.  I check out my running schedule at work to prepare my mind for the workout afterwards.  When work is over I change into the running clothes that I brought with me.  I head out for a run that will last at least 45 minutes.  Once that is done I document the run and drink some fluids.  When I get home if it is light out, I will go outside and work in the yard.  If not, I will eat a healthy dinner with my wife and we will either talk or watch a movie.  Sometimes she will read to me from the book she is reading.  I love that.  My typical sunday.  Wow, this is really different.  I wake up early to go running.  I run for anywhere between 2-6 hours.  Sunday is my long run day.  Sometimes I run before church sometime I run home from church.  When I get back I try and work in the yard for a couple of hours.  Then I am off to have a healthy lunch with my wife and we go for a walk, go walk around the mall, visit family, etc.  In addition to these activities, I will go hiking, golfing, go for walks with my sister, and many other things.

THis new way of life is much more active.  It is funny.  I burn much more calories and I eat much fewer calories.  I guess that is what is keeping the weight off.

4 Responses to “A new life of activity and eating.”

  1. 1 Cheryl
    May 15, 2009 at 6:52 am

    Sounds like a very good change Jason! Can you post what you put into your coffee shake. The one diet change I am struggling with is getting rid of Frappuccino’s from Starbucks. I know they are calorie bombs, but have not found a good at home recipe yet. If you could do that I would really appreciate it. Keep up the great work and congrats on your 40 miler!

  2. 3 Ren
    May 17, 2009 at 7:01 am

    I’ll take the second life please!

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