Weight watchers weigh-in. Whew!

weigh-in-002I had my weigh-in last night and although this is an old picture, it is the exact place and attire of the evening.  The meeting was about dealing with vacation in a healthy way in order to maintain or lose while on it.  This is possible.  I have heard countless testimonies at my meetings of people losing on vacations.

I ended up losing 3 pounds exactly.  I was very happy as you could imagine.  I thought I would lose but you just never REALLY know.  Basically, I just did the WW program for the week.  I was not perfect BY A LONG SHOT but I did a much better job than on previous weeks.  This has boosted my confidence in my knowledge of the program and the belief that I can get back to the weight where I feel most comfortable.  I don’t feel comfortable at my current weigh even if it is lower than the WW goal for my height.

This week I will keep on keeping on.

P.S.- Meepa, I did a new post. HAHAHAHA

2 Responses to “Weight watchers weigh-in. Whew!”

  1. July 16, 2009 at 8:35 pm

    Great job on the weight loss and great job on getting rid of the mice for me. LOL I really appreciate it. I didn’t want to have to stop coming to your blog. HAHA.

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