New day

Today is a new day for me.  I feel like I am starting over for some reason.  It is a good thing I suppose and I am hoping it will propel me to better health.  I always get a bit depressed when I have a whole week off from exercise and running.  Not really bad but a little.  Exercise is a big factor for me feeling good in an emotional way.  It makes me feel physically good, it makes me feel proud, it makes me feel a bit euphoric at times, and it gives me time to be alone and think.  Last week was a total recovery week from the marathon so I did not get to experience any of these benifits.

So this is why I feel like I am starting over “AGAIN”.  My eating was not good for the week as I had a giant rationalization for eating bad (not necessarily a good one).  This was the rationalization that I need to eat alot to repair my aching muscles.  This is obviously not true but I believed it for 7 days wholeheartedly.  So I am starting over today………….


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