Pepperoni, running, and rain

cocktail pepOh yes, th cocktail pep.  This is my favorite type of pepperoni.  I don’t buy it in the bag but rather from the little box at the gas station where the pieces are much much bigger.  I just wanted to show you guys one of my main weeknesses of late.

Yesterday was a good day overall.  I had an “easy” 6 miles scheduled which really wasn’t so easy at all really.  In fact, it was pretty challenging but I walked every 4 minutes for one minute which gave me a lot of breaks.  I will be doing all my easy and long runs with this strategy as it is the one I will use for the 100 miler.  There were a lot of hills on the course I did also.

Another funny little fact is that my ribs are sore as heck from my one mile time trial.  This must be from the magnitude of hardcore heavy breathing I was doing on the last two laps of the mile.  I am still sore two days later.  I finished up my run just outside of my driveway and walked in.  It was refreshing to my mind most of all. 

The weather is turning bad now where I live.  The rain is coming to stay for at least until around May or June.  I will be doing most of my runs in pouring down cold rain from hear on out until my 100 miler.

I also did good with my eating yesterday.  No pepperoni.  No candy.  Just good healthy food and I am feeling good about that.  I did eat a little bit of the secretary’s chicken strip today but only a tiny bit.  Boy was it tasty though.

1 Response to “Pepperoni, running, and rain”

  1. October 23, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    Good job staying away from the pepperoni and candy today! I wish I could stay away from the m&m’s

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