A tough goal paced 15 miler

Well, it turns out, that after I reviewed my running schedule after yesterday’s run that I was supposed to only do a 10 miler.  Dang.  No wonder it was so hard.  I got out there though and I got a WHOLE LOT OF THINKING DONE.  That is one of the best things about a longer run.  Whatever is longer for you, you just get more time to think things through rationally and creatively.  I had some good revelations during this run and I wrote them down in my new moleskine journal.  I am just writing away in this thing.

So the run started out good and I was running with Audrey.  I love to run with her and try to weekly.  My 8 and 15 mile route is the same out-and-back that I always use for them.  I take a left out of my road, run for 1.5 miles, turn right and run for another 6 where I come back home.  Coming back home is a lot of uphill so that makes it harder for me.  Going to the turn around I am always thinking, “man, I got this.  I feel great.  I can go faster than this.”  Then I turn around and start thinking, “man, can I do this?  Am I going to have to walk up the last part of this 2 mile hill?”  I made it home in one piece though and I was proud of the run.  My mental toughness is not where I would like it to be because I have been under a tremendous amount of mental stress and fatigue now for months.  So any run that I can finish the way I was supposed to finish it always makes me feel great about myself.  I also got a new jacket to run in that does not move around as much because it fits right.  Now I can have my ipod in my pocket and it doesn’t fly around the whole time.

I finished the 15 miles with an average pace of 7:37 per mile.  Even with the hills.  That is pretty good for me.

I am right on with my eating today too.  Just thought I would through that in.  I still have the “at home hours” but I think I will screech through victorious.


1 Response to “A tough goal paced 15 miler”

  1. November 4, 2009 at 8:03 am

    My personal record is 9:33, but I’m working on it 🙂 But running when it’s raining is still a big issue for me.

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