Going WW again.

I have some of my bearing back today.  I am now doing WW again the proper way.  I have not been eating over my points I am almost positive because I just have not been eating.   Today I am working at chipping away my necessary points for the purposes of good health.  I can’t keep going on without proper nutrition.  For one, I will develop bad habits and eventually end up where I was before.  Two, I will just be beating the shit out of my body by not feeding it well during my training.  It should also help with the severe mental fatigue that I am experiencing.  All in all, I feel good about it and have been doing good so far today about staying on WW.

I have also recommited to myself kind of.  I will keep working on myself.  Improving in physical and emotional health. I am responsible for me and my choices.  I can’t blame anything for anything.  If I want to remain healthy in all aspects of my life then I will need to move forward to make sure that that is what I do.  Nobody can or will do this for me.  It feels good really.  Well, of course I will have God’s help and I desparately need that too.  I am happy for that as well.


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