Commencing race preparation.

Finally, I got all of my travel arrangements settled and finalized for the 100 miler.  This is a very stressful event for me, the travel planning that is.  It is the biggest reason why I don’t do more marathons away from home or beyond driving distance.  It is just so much more intensive as far as travel goes and the planning that goes into it.  However, the only 100 mile races near me are gruesome and difficult compared to the one I am doing.  I prefer not to run 100 mile into the deep forested mountains with no trail markings or aid stations.  It scares the shit out of me actually.  Getting lost is a big fear of mine so I stay FARRRRRRR away from races that have a high “getting lost” potential.  And there are many.

My chosen race is the most superb 100 miler for aid station support, experienced ultra-runner volunteer support, and easy access for my handlers.  It will be a good experience.

I am feeling kind of bad today.  Not WAY horrible but pretty bummed out for various reasons.  Life is confusing sometimes but  you keep on moving through it nonetheless.  It is funny how life works.  Sometimes the thing that sparks your heart just doesn’t spark anymore.  Then you move on to something that does.  I have been through many different “phases” where the thing I liked lost it’s power to appeal and then I began to move on to another life enhancing thing.  Thank God for running though.  I have been at running, very consistently, for a pretty long time (for my timelines sake).  That is why I focus so much on injury free running, taking proper recovery time off, and not going crazy with mileage on a weekly basis.  I don’t want to burnt out or get hurt, that would defeat the whole purpose of running’s ability to consistently pick me up both physically and emotionally.  It is wonderful therapy and has been indispensable these last few months.

Keep on keeping on.  That is all it takes.  Never giving up.


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