Making it to a goal.

As I sit here writing this post I am listening to this song called “Epiphany” by Staind.  It is the perfect song for me right now at this moment and it is sounding so clear.

I have goals.  Some of them are small.  Some of them are unimaginable.  Sometimes my goals appear to be so far away from where I am now and at other times some of them seem very close.  For me, to get to a goal or to get where i want to go takes a lot of work.  It takes concentration and focus.  My goals never seem to just fall into my lap for some reason.  Maybe they don’t for anybody.  Or do they?  I don’t know.  For example, my running took a lot of focus and my big running goals seemed so far away at the start of the process.  Things start to change once you get on the journey though.  The more you think about your goal.  The more you visualize it and imagine how neat it would be to achieve it, the more feasible it seems to become.  This aspect of attaining a goal is something I have discovered more recently while in this hard circumstance that I am in.  I have always written down my goals and then scheduled small steps into a calender to achieve them but the thought life regarding the goal is a big factor I think.  It is like a compounding effect or a positive desensitization. 

I remember, more than 10 years ago when I first read of a man running the Badwater Ultra-marathon.  It stirred something up inside of me but it was obviously for elites only. BUT, as time went on and I thought on it more and more, it didn’t seem so bad to do an ultra-marathon.  In my mind it became something that was doable.   How can a person get to a place to even think that running 26, 40, 50, or even a 100 miles is concievably possible?  Today, I swear it all starts with the thought life regarding it.  As I fantasized about running a marathon and as I pictured myself doing it and read about them, I began to change in a way that would allow me to step out to give it a shot.

This is so true of the ultra-marathon for me.  When I tell people (usually you guys and my family only) that I am going to attempt running 100 miles non-stop, I see the concern on their faces.  The awe and shock of something of such magnitude.  Yes, it is a big deal.   Yes, it is havoc on your body.  Yes, it is VERY painful.  I don’t see it like they do anymore though.  I think I don’t see it like they do because of how much I have though about the distance.  I have thought so much about this distance that it is no longer shocking to think about.  It still inspires but it does not produce the fear or impossibility that it did before.  I thought about it, I learned about it,  I practiced at it, I thought about it more, I learned about it more, I began to prepare for it, now I am getting close to doing it.  I am not saying that I achieve my goals by shear thought alone.  I am just saying that it is a big factor for me in attaining what I really want.

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2 Responses to “Making it to a goal.”

  1. December 22, 2009 at 10:19 am

    Your goals have probably been hard to attain because they’ve been huge goals!
    And it’s wonderful that you have stuck to them, and not given up.

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