A little sore…A little happy.

This is day two since my 41.5 mile long run.  I am not too sore anymore.  I have some soreness in my hips, butt, and a little in myquads.  Nothing that hinders regular walking or movement though so that is very nice.  It is amazing how the body adapts.  I remember being MUCH MORE SORE from marathons.  Now, I can do  a marathon and not really get sore or even a 40 miler without to much soreness.  This is all a good sign of my body’s ability to recover.

As my body recovers, so are my mental and emotional wounds.  Of course, these are much harder to learn to adapt to then the physcicals ones but I am recovering nonetheless.  I feel a bit happy today.  Really, it is one of the first mentally and emotionally healthy day sI have had in a long time.


1 Response to “A little sore…A little happy.”

  1. January 12, 2010 at 5:15 pm

    100 miler. I’m in awe!

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