Loving my recent encouragements.

Wow.  I have been receiving some very encouraging emails of late.  From special people who are sharing their journey’s with me. It has really touched my heart you know.  It is so interesting for me to hear from others.  See how they perceive what I have and am doing.  To hear how they view their own victories.  Man.  What a real deal journey we are on.  We all have our own stuff but it is so similar too.  So thank you, to those who have reached out and touched me lately.  It is nice to hear from  you all and I appreciate it very much


2 Responses to “Loving my recent encouragements.”

  1. February 1, 2010 at 4:52 am

    I would suggest you read books to try and find why you are sabotaging yourself in your quest for a healthy life. I am not claiming to be a guru but since I have read Losing your pounds of pain from Doreen Virtue, I have been freed of a lot of destructive pattern. I have lost the same 60 pounds 4 times in my life. It has now become 80 pounds but I am doing very well.
    Believe me, I know how to lose weight. I have tried all the diets, all of them. I can tell you the calories in any kind of food. But now I understand why I go on a binge that makes me sick to my stomach for 3 days. I understand the appeal of bread and butter.
    And so far, I have been very aware of making the right decision.
    I wish you luck. On your race and on finding why.

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