Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler Race Report #2

This is the drop bag zone at Dog wood aid station which was located at the start/finish of the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler. Lots of equipment and fun.

Just taking a tiny rest before I head out to finish my last ten miles of loop two. This was at 30 miles.

Getting my stuff together for my third loop. This is at my 40 mile point. Still chipper and ready to roll. The blisters really hit me around the 50 mile mark.

Coach Dean begins his assessment of his pupil

Cleaning my feet at 40 miles to try and do some preventive work for blisters. Didn't work to well. Lots of sandy dirt in my shoes from the trail. I hate trail running.

Last minute encouragement before I head out on loop 3. Dean would not see me for another 5+ hours

Just coming in after 60 miles of running. Feeling pretty low at this point because of my feet. I was of course feeling the deep tiredness of ultra's but the feet were really the main thorn in my side.

Still getting stuff ready and about to go to medical tent for blisters

Right here I realize that medical tent is a good idea. Damn

Blisters taped up and I am off for my 4th loop. I made it three more miles and decided to call it good.


I had a great time in my race.  After I started it I connected with many like minded runners.  By the time I decided to go home, 20% of the runners had already called it quits with a DNF.  It’s ok though, we live and we learn.  For a 100 mile effort, so many things have to line up to get it done.  If it is not a good day, it just might not be the day for 100 miles.

My first 20 miles went very nicely and I hooked up with a lady named Elaine and her friend Jim.  They were great to run with and were doing a pace that I thought was good for me.  I stayed with them for around 30 miles or so.  Got to know them and of course talked for ever.  They  really made my race much more fun.  I lost them around 40 miles though and did my 40-60 mile loop totally solo.  I ran alone the entire time which is not so bad.  I am used to that.  But the negative thinking crept its way in when my blisters started causing more pain.  I am so proud of what I have accomplished in life and at this race.  I did good.

The course was very well marked and very runable compared to the White River 50 Miler.  There were some hills but they were not horrible by anymeans.  Lots of mud there too.  Mass amounts of roots which is one thing that I think made my blisters so bad.  I never train on trails so my feet are not used to running so much on uneven surfaces.  I would like to try for 100 miles again this year but in a timed event where I don’t have to run on the trails.  I prefer pavement by far.  Hope you liked my pics.

2 Responses to “Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler Race Report #2”

  1. 1 Sheila
    February 14, 2010 at 5:18 am

    Whooohooowowza! I can’t BELIEVE you chose a trail ultra never having trained on trails!?!? I never knew you only trained on roads! (Did I say whoohooowowza yet?!) As someone who crewed and then became a fill-in pacer for a first-time 100 mile ultra runner on his last 10 miles (that took about 6 hours before he had to DNF due to time running out) I can imagine what you were going through out there…SORT OF understand – hahahah.

    So proud of your great accomplishment! Hope those feet are healing nicely and you are enjoying sharing the tremendous tale with all of your friends, fellow runners and family 🙂


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