I have a shell around me. HA!

I have been doing a lot of core type of work outs.  I am very very weak in this area for the time being.  At times I get discouraged but then I just remember that my body is very well adaptable and will change as needed until I can do all the exercises the correct way.  I say I have a shell around me because I am sore all the way around my torso.  HAHAHAHAHA.  It feels good actually.  I like it.  I am getting stronger already.  My lower abs/bladder area don’t hurt anymore during my running.  So that is a huge relief. 

I had a very hard emotional day yesterday.  That basically led to me feeling soooooo fat and horrible about how my stomach looks.  I know I have not gained all my weight back and not even close really, but I still feel terribly awful for letting it go as long as I did.  I was just so distracted with my situation.  Now I am not so distracted by that and thus I am on the right track for sure.  If I could just get my damn torso to look like my very toned limbs that would be great.

Summer is coming here in Washington.  It is coming soon.  We are having sunny days finally and those days are particularly helpful with my emotions.  They make me feel much better and more positive about everything.  Just sayin………………..


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