The Tennesse Floods of 2010 kept me stranded in heaven

I was going to post some pics of the flood but this video gives you a much better idea of what happened while I was there.   I was trapped there with my friend and the wonderful family I mentioned earlier.  There was no way we could get to the airport because EVERY road there was flooded and closed.  Luckily we got to hang out with Mike and Lisa who took such good care of us it was unbelievable.  It literally was like heaven for me.  Biscuits and gravy, pizza, relaxation, more pizza, snacks galore, and the warm welcome of a loving christina family who knew how to give and love like Jesus.  Thanks guys.  You were so good to us. 

Check out this video everyone.  I really shows well what happened and is still happening there.

I got to sleep in one of the coolest rooms ever in the whole wide world. I only got one pic of it but it is a cool pic at that. It was at the family’s home that I stayed at. It was one of the daughters rooms. There was the greatest paintings on the walls and I took a pic of this cool mouse.

This mouse was on the wall only three inches from my face while I was in bed. I had to take a pic of it cuz i loved it

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