Foot Traffic Flat Marathon #26

Marathon #26 was accomplished without issue on July 4th.  It was perfect running weather just about with a starting line temp of 55 and a finish line temp of higher 60’s.  The course is also very flat thus it’s name. LOL.  I also had the opportunity to run with a fellow marathon maniac for the entire race which is something I have never done (run with someone for the whole race that is).  Topics of conversation ranged from kids to my job, from running injuries to the crazy antics of some of the marathon maniacs, from health food to junk food.  It was a very enjoyable race.  I had no problem finishing this race at all and my pace was comfortable from start to finish.  I didn’t really experience any mental or physical struggle in this one.  The whole race just flowed and the time went by very fast.  I will most certainly do this race again someday and this was my second time.  It is a great way to start a holiday morning.  The race starts at 6:30 which I like very much because it lets me have basically a whole day to do other things but still get a “short” little run in.  🙂  It’s really growing into a pretty large marathon.  The island that it’s on will not take much more auto traffic.  The starting line is only 2 miles or so from the entrance onto the island and it took FOREVER to get there because of the traffic.

Anyway, the race went well.  I have 4 weeks until my next race which will be a 50 mile trail run.  Looking forward to that one a tiny tiny bit.  You know trails aren’t my fav by a long shot.


1 Response to “Foot Traffic Flat Marathon #26”

  1. July 11, 2010 at 4:56 pm

    Keep up momentum and congrats to your weight loss achievment

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