New launching pad!

So I got the new scale.  I got some groceries.  I got some lunches made.  I did a one mile time trial.  I have a new weight, a new body fat %, and new lean body mass.  ETC ETC ETC!  None of this is where I wished it was or would have hoped to be when I was on my journey a year ago.  But so what!  We all have a choice to make regarding how we are going to look at things like this.  Are they “failures’?????????????  I don’t think so.  I can certianly look at them like they are but what good will that do me.  What good will the guilt be, what good will the negative thoughts be.  Will a tad bit more time on a downward spiral help me out to achieve my goals.  HAHAHHAA.  Nope.  This is a point in time.  This is my life.  This is just information.  It is feedback.  My weight, body fat, new mile time, etc. are not failures.  They are my new launching pad.  They are my base line.  In essence they are my “new” startling line and we all know that getting to the starting line is the most important victory a person can have just about.  Because without getting to the starting line NOTHING will happen the way we want.  So I am excited, humbled, driven, and at peace with all of it.  I feel refreshed to know my objectively my point on the map of my journey so that now I have a better feel for the direction in which I want to go. 

I learned something very important in this.  I have actually learned this many time but it’s always good to be reminded.  It does me no good to avoid the facts.  Avoiding the facts keeps me in the bondage of the rationalization and self-deception.  It is freeing to know the bottom line, the hard truth, even if it sucks to hear or see it.  There is no other way but to just take it all as feedback and then start making the better decision this morning, this hour, this minute.  We don’t have to let the past control us today.  We don’t have to let the past make us go backwards even further.  So today I look back with fondness and joy.  I also look forward with the same emotion.


2 Responses to “New launching pad!”

  1. 1 Sheila
    July 15, 2010 at 4:41 pm

    Great post!

    You know my story, it took 2 years to lose 105 lbs and in the process I returned to running. Got to goal and took some huge life-changing risks, started regaining weight, got injured and stopped running, kept asking you for inspiriation, continued to gain and wallow in misery unsure why your successes didn’t motivate me towards my own…As a runner I took GREAT joy in reading about YOUR running…meanwhile I sat at my computer/watching TV.

    In April I somehow gathered myself up (once I had regained 63 of the 105 lbs I lost)…I’ve been running injury free and have FINALLY been on-track with the food (at about a 90% success rate) for the past 15 weeks. I’m tracking and weighing myself daily, because the only time I don’t do these things is when I’m not trying. I’ve re-lost 29 lbs. and my head is really in a pretty good place…No matter how great you were doing it didn’t get ME on the right track at all. But what it DID do was keep me tethered to the IDEA of being on the right track.

    The message in all of this? To remind you again that as you know you have people far and wide living our lives “in fat times and in thin” who are somehow connected to you; I’m sure I speak for many when I say we’re behind you whatever stage you’re in.

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