Another week down. Lossing and running and yard work

Another pretty successful week on Weight Watchers.  I ended up losing a pound and moved my long run up by 2 miles.  I was not super happy with the loss or the run but I took it as a great and fantastic victory.  Sometimes on the time when I feel I have only made tiny strides forward I have to inundate myself with positive talk about it.  Encouraging myslef that I did great.  I can’t remember if I told you guys but I did register for my favorite race in Tennessee.  It’s the first Saturday in May and it’s called the Strolling Jim 40 miler.  There is no time limit thank God and I am sure it will be my slowest and most painful one yet but I plan to finish that 41.2 miles. 

This week I focused big time on finding and perceiving those “cues” that send me off into unhealthy auto-pilot.  Lots of things do it but for the most part my cues are work related and dealt with relationships at work.  Those are my most difficult hang ups in my life.  I also tend to get an empty feeling about my work as I don’t feel that it is up to my potential or doing any good for anyone.  That’s hard and it is often why I get deeply involved in things like running and other stuff.  All of this is a constant work of art for me.

I am also starting up with a few projects in my yard.  This is always very stressful to me as it gets my yard in a mess for a bit but it is worth it in the long run. 

Thats all for now

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