Injuries and the rest of it

It’s been a while since I posted.  I have written some posts but I am keeping those set to private.  The health journey has been a long one for a while now.  It has been pretty easy logistically since I have not really been too strict on staying at it.  Where it has been hard is emotionally and mentally.  I am used to winning.  I am used to succeeding.  Haven’t been experiencing either one for a while now but then again this could just be a matter of perception.  Perhaps if I changed my perspective I would feel that in actuality I have been winning this whole time.  I guess I will make that change right now so that I can “reframe” it in a more positive way. LOL.

The pic above is my old dog that I had to put to sleep.  He was in pain, injured in some ways, and just tired.  I picked this pic because I FELT that way for a bit.  A while back I broke my foot which as you would think hindered my running which in turn hindered my eating which in turn hindered my weight journey.  Not that this injury HAD to effect the other things but I sure allowed it too.  It took around three months for it to not ever hurt while walking or running.  My foot is good now.  Three weeks ago I hurt my Achilles and actually went to the doctors which is something that I never did for my foot.  I also injured my back doing who-knows-what.  It all hurt my running which was on a a really good path up to that point.  But hey, at least nobody put me to “sleep” like I had to do with my dog.  HA.

Things are looking up in the health department though.  I got back into an older habit of buying ALL my food for the week on sunday, planning my meals, and cooking what I can so it will be readily available for me.  I look forward to this week as I know it will be a good success.  I haven’t felt successful a whole lot regarding my health journey but it doesn’t have to stay that way to be sure.  I went out and bought some clothes today that fit my nicely and that felt good.  This alone boosted my confidence and good feeling significantly.  I have a great group of family and friends to help me along the way which is also really nice and encouraging. 

Seems like the normal post title might be “Starting out a new………” or something like that but that just isn’t the case today.  I have never stopped.  I have never given up.  The journey changes all the time.  Goals are re-assessed.  Timelines are moved forward.  Lots of things change but just because things change or things don’t go OPTIMALLY doesn’t mean that I have stopped being on my wonderful journey.

Fat guy with the "fat" mind. My inspirational before pic. I guess I AM WINNING!

1 Response to “Injuries and the rest of it”

  1. October 10, 2011 at 8:36 am

    Hey Jason.. Long time no hear! So good to see you posting… Read Meepa’s email and tell us what you think. We are on it… Loved your post and have missed reading your blog!

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