Going short-sighted

It has been my normal “MO” to chart out my goals a year at a time or so.  I would have a big goal, then a set of biggish goals to get to that BIG goal, then monthly goals to reach the biggish, then weekly to reach the monthly, and daily to reach the weekly. LOL.  This has worked in the past VERY VERY well but the way things are right now and where I am at with myself, I don’t think that old way is going to work.  I am going short-sighted.

I have decided to SOMEWHAT do away with the intensive goal setting that I had previously practiced due to my perfectionistic nature.  Of course, I still have a few BIG GOALS for the future in the back recesses of my mind but my path to these goals is going to be organized differently.  You see, I can discourage myself pretty bad when I don’t feel I am doing perfectly.  Yet I know that things don’t need to be perfect to achieve my big goals.  So……………………………..I am sticking to daily goals that will bring me to a weekly achievement basically.  I figured why the hell should I get discouraged by a so called “failure” because I perceive it as making it impossible to reach the big goals when I can be happy for successfully achieving these smaller daily/weekly goals.  And by accomplishing these daily/weekly or easier goals I know for a fact that the big goal will come but with much MUCH less pressure.

So for now I am not going to worry too much about the fear of not reaching big goals and exchange that for the happy feeling of achieving the small goals.

1 Response to “Going short-sighted”

  1. 1 gadberry
    October 19, 2011 at 7:30 pm

    What is your recommendation on getting back in running shape. What would pace, distance, and time frame be. What is the best running diet.

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