Keeping on your weight loss path when things get “boring”

WR50 009Inspired, excited, enthusiastic, driven, unstoppable, fearful, anxious ………..all of these things are commonly felt by people at the beginning of their weight loss journey.  Sometimes these feelings resonate strongly within us but only for a moment, sometimes they last a few months.  But what are we to do when the emotions subside and we find out it is just plain work???  Now that is a very important question to ask yourself.  Often times inspiration and motivation are not long-lasting, sustainable, or constantly with us.  It’s ok, this is normal and should be expected.  If you are experiencing a dip in your excitement about your journey (regardless of what your journey may be) you are not alone.  In the previous post I talked about having routine to get you through to the finish line but even routines/habits get boring.  Here are some simples action items that will help you when you feel that your path is old and boring:

  • Remember that it is normal to lose some excitement and motivation.  Don’t give up because you are not extremely pumped about your journey.  Even those you know who have gotten their goals have experienced similar feelings.
  • Celebrate what you have already achieved even if you perceive that you are SO far away from your ultimate goal
  • Constantly set new “baby step” goals.  It is exciting to achieve our goals and that is why it is so important to set smaller goals that you can achieve and celebrate on your way to your main goal
  • Write down your own personal reasons for having your goal in the first place.  Your reasons are your deep down gut feelings of why it is so important to you to get what you want.  Read these reasons to remind you of why you are doing what you are doing as often as possible
  •  Finally, realize that it is not excitement or inspiration that gets you to the top.  It is persistent and consistent action.

2 Responses to “Keeping on your weight loss path when things get “boring””

  1. July 13, 2014 at 2:39 pm

    Where is this pic from? It’s gorgeous!

    • 2 run4change
      July 13, 2014 at 2:46 pm

      that pic is from the trails that the White River 50 miler is run on. It is a beautiful race course up in mountains of Washington. Very tough race but the scenery makes it a TINY bit easier lol.

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