Back in action so it seems

I feel like I am back in action after finishing the Portland Marathon.  I am a bit heavier than normal but who cares.  I’m growing, I’m reaching, and I am becoming.  And that my friends is super exciting.  I have taken two days off completely from exercising but I am feeling good so I will get back to it tomorrow and start striving towards my next goal which is the Across The Years race in December.  That one will be a bit tougher and a little longer though, yet I still look forward to it.

Weight Watchers is still in effect too.  I have not done all I can do the last few weeks so my weight hasn’t changed much and that is about to change LOL.

Here is a great quote to remember today as you go through your activities: “SOMETIMES THE ONLY GOOD THINGS YOU WILL HEAR ABOUT YOU ARE THE THINGS YOU SO TO YOU!”  It comes from this video regarding fear by Les Brown.

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