Simple ways to get out when you don’t really want too.

Starting-Up-Is-Hard-To-DoThere are times (I had them all week lol) that it feels hard or like you don’t want to get out and run, exercise, walk, etc.  So what do you do then.  How do you trick yourself into doing what you really do want to do but don’t feel like at the time.  Well, I think you have to build a habit around the thing you want to do.  Like get your running clothes on the same way and do things that create a routine around it.  So then, even when you don’t feel like doing it, if you can START the routine your mind will kick into gear and get you through the rest of the routine/habit.  So here is what I did this weekend when I didn’t want to get out there.




1.  I put on my running clothes even though I kind of intended to still skip the run.

2.  I put on my running shoes even though I was laying down on the bed.

3.  I told myself, NUMEROUS times that I could just go out and walk.  (Remember, I was supposed to run but to just go out and walk STARTS the routine ya know what I mean

4.  I stepped outside to feel what the weather was like and wake the hell up

5.  I put my watch on and got Ipod ready.

6.  I started my walk which eventually turned into a run because I was now IN my routine and it all felt pretty “right”.

That’s all folks

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