Two months until Across the Years 24 hour race

This is the story of the original Strolling Jim Horse

This is the story of the original Strolling Jim Horse

Well I have been running, doing weight watchers, and really striving towards new heights this past month.  So far this month I have been able to train my mind and body pretty well with two runs in the 35-40 mile range over the weekend.  Man these runs are tough but so satisfying at the same time especially when I KNOW that they are preparing me for a much more challenging race………..Across The Years.  This is a 24 hour race and my goal is to break my previous distance record of 63 miles.  I did that in 16 hours I think so I don’t think I will be there at the moment with my conditioning but the funny thing is, this isn’t the BIG goal race for me.  This race is going to really prepare my mind and body for my favorite race of all time which is the Strolling Jim 40 miler held in Wartrace, Tennessee.  This race holds a special place in my heart.  Oh, getting off track lol.

I have a few months to prepare for the 24 hour race.  Just in case you are interested in knowing what preparing for a race like this means here is a little bullet point outline

  • Visualize the race in a quiet place AND while running
  • Losing more weight and eating healthier
  • Doing some resistance training as these long ultras take their toll on many different parts of your body especially your back and shoulders
  • Running 4-5 times per week
  • Super long run every 2 or 3 week that is from 10 hours to maybe 15 once I get closer
  • Staying positive and not letting the naysayers make me believe I am crazy for striving to be my best
  • Talking it all over with a coach once per week

And finally, just keeping on keeping on with the good habits that always create a new us!

3 Responses to “Two months until Across the Years 24 hour race”

  1. October 31, 2014 at 6:55 pm

    Wow! At first when I read the mileage, I thought it was a typo and it was supposed to say minutes… Then I read on and realize it wasn’t a typo. YOU ROCK!

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