Can you do this?

calf injuryI had a 10 mile variable speed run the other day.  Four minutes at 9 minute pace, 1 minute at FASTER pace, then two minutes walking.  When you are training for your big race it is ALWAYS important to read your body.  Some people cant’ do it and some can I guess.  That’s what I have heard but I am pretty good at it.  I think the ONLY reason I am good at it other than being an introspective person is that I keep the long term perspective in mind.

Back to that hard run.  It was pretty long and had a lot of hills.  By five miles my legs had a “pump” like when you are lifting weights, they were burning, and my Achilles were a bit painful.  I could have keep on, I could have overpowered my body with my mind, but instead I went the wise route.  I READ MY BODY.  WHY????  Because I know not getting injured and keeping on the road is far better for my progress than making it 10 miles with an injury that potential could put me out for awhile.  It is so easy to get impatient with ourselves or our progress.  Just remember, if you lose 20 pounds this year it is really like 30 because you would’ve gained 10 if you didn’t do anything.  Long term baby, long term.

Do you feel you are good at reading your body???

2 Responses to “Can you do this?”

  1. November 8, 2014 at 4:40 pm

    good for you. As a midwife, i have to be good at reading a body! We need to get you using cypress and white fir essential oils to help your muscles, tendons and ligaments stay strong, recover faster and heal if they get over used. you are amazing.

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