Long runs teach you about life!

The is a picture from the last mile of my weekends long run

The is a picture from the last mile of my weekends long run

One of the things that I love about my weekend long runs is that I always learn something about life.  I have said it so many times……running, especially longer runs that really push you mentally, mimic life.  Each long run is unique and each one tests you in a new and different way.  There are ups, and downs, and ups, and downs.  So this weekend while putting in my 46 miles of training, I learned/remembered these two secrets.

  •  There comes a time where you eventually have to give up all hope that your negative thinking is going to get you to where you are going faster, get you home easier, and  that thinking like this will make it better. (That’s a link to better thinking!) 
  • During these long runs AND life, you finally get to a place where you humbly bow down to the fact that everything you want in life (and getting home from a run) is gained one step at a time.
  • Ultrarunning ain’t no microwave and neither is life.  It doesn’t happen easily or fast!

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