Most of you would probably laugh if you could hear what song I was listening to.  I only know of one person who knows the song other than me. HAHAHAHA.

Anyway, I am in a place I never would have dreamed I would be.  Tonight, I have found comfort in that there are many of you who are at a place where you never thought you would be right now.  Life happens, things get all out of hand, and then the dust settles around you while you think, “Damn!!! What the heck happened”.  HAHAHAHA.  Sometimes we do this to ourselves and sometimes others do it to us.  As  I showered tonight I pondered on the similarity of experiencing an affair and obesity.  I found one common thread, they lead you to a moment in time where you are in a place you never thought you would be.  This is how it goes.  We eat and we grow and we eat and we grow.  We never dreamed of one day being BIG or FAT or CHUNKY!  That is not what we aspired to.  Nor did I dream or hope for what I went through.  I guess I am just trying to say that I had a tiny revelation that me, you, people, often times find themselves not being the person they wanted to be.  Or maybe just being the person they didn’t want to be.  Or one day we might just have this tiny moment where we see with such clearity that we know we aren’t where we are at but we also see that there is a way to where we are going.

Right now is right now.  We are here.  What can we do about then!  THere is so much hope.  There is so much promise for our futures.  There will still be many more valleys, and mountains, and hurts, and a pains.  But we don’t need to eat over them.  We don’t need to give up over them.  If you find yourself in the wrong painting or in a circumstance of life that is not anywhere near what you dreamed of, do not give up hope.  You may be big right now.  That is ok!!!  You are you!  And I know you don’t want to be big but it will take time.  It is going to be ok.  THis can be done.  You are in a place and now you are going to a place.  A new place.

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