Last big one done, on the road to the race……

GetAttachment.aspx50 miles!  I did it!  I got my last long run in this weekend before my big 24 hour push on December 28th.  I was so excited to have gotten fit enough to do this long of a run and I feel once again that I am an Ultra-Runner.  That feels good and it took a lot of patience, training, wisdom, and passion.  I didn’t get through it unscathed though.  I hurt my knee a bit in the areas you see in that picture.  I don’t believe it’s an injury but it is talking to me and I always listen to my body to ensure the long term goal of fitness and health.  I mean who cares how far I can run if when I am done I can’t run anymore for 5 months or ever again potentially.

The run was pretty dramatic also.  It rained/snow/hailed three different times during the run and it was very cold, I lost my head band that kept my ears warm somehow (you’d be amazed at how hazy your brain works after so many hours), and my ipod died early so I couldn’t listen to my recordings for MKMMA.  Nonetheless, I finished this puppy and it took me about 10 months to get to this point again after a long vacation from running and being health conscious.  I feel back more than ever and am on my way to keeping on keeping on one step at a time.

Things for the readers to remember:

  • Stuff takes time.  I have been doing this stuff for years even though I took a big break in the middle of it all.  When I started this journey at my all time high weight years ago, I couldn’t even barely walk 2 miles.  I kept at it and it is worth it all the way.  Be patient with yourself, love yourself, and listen to yourself.
  • It’s painful at times.  It hurts to run 50 miles.  There is no getting around it.  And if you have never run or exercised, it is gonna hurt to walk 2 miles just like it did for me.  It hurts a bit to get on the scale to see you are bigger than ever, or see that after a year on the weight loss journey you gained 3 pounds one week. Take all of this pain and be objective about it.  Don’t judge yourself, just take it as info that can help you succeed down the road.
  • You can do it too.  I truly and honestly believe that just about anybody can run 50 miles, but most people would never want to and I get that.  Here’s the thing though, you can do FAR more than what you currently believe that you can do.  Begin to believe THAT and things will start to change.
  • Starting is the biggest challenge.  Getting to the starting line is the biggest thing you can do.  No reason to wait until xmas is over, or the holiday temptations are done.  “Do it now”.

4 Responses to “Last big one done, on the road to the race……”

  1. 1 Jennifersmasterkey.wordpress.com
    December 2, 2014 at 11:52 am

    You said it right… Do It Now! Congrats on the huge run!!

  2. December 2, 2014 at 7:44 pm

    Good on ya, Mate! I would offer putting Doterra (only because these are the oils I have the most experience with) Cypress and then White Fir. Cypress will relieve muscle pain and soreness, the white fir will heal and support tendons and ligaments. Apply often, every 2-4 hours and you’ll feel like your magnificent self in no time.

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