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My running workout today!

exhuasted-runnerSpeedwork is tough.  It is a great character builder if you ask me.  I have only had a couple of speedwork sessions that were kind of easy.  The rest are just plain hard.  Today I had 6×1000 meter reps with one minute breaks in between.  The laps are done as part of a 6 mile total for the run.  Here are my stats for today’s workout.

1st 1000 meters= 5:55 pace

2nd 1000 meters= 5:55 pace

3rd 1000 meters = 6:03 pace except I almost puked and had to stop at 600 meters and take a 4 minute break. HAHAHAHA

4th 1000 meters= 10k pace @ 6:28  minute miles

5th 1000 meters= 6:30 pace

6th 1000 meters= 6:30 pace

Overall pace counting running to the track and taking my one minutes walking breaks was about 8:04 average pace.

I was supposed to do the laps at 5k pace which is about 6:08 for me.  I went out to fast and this hurt me especially on these longer reps.  Usually I do 400 meters at this pace.  Needless to say, I could not keep that aggressive pace for all those reps.  Also needless to say though is that I built up mental strength (physical too I guess) because I did not quit and I just adjusted my paces so that I could finish.  My coach says that paces between 5k-10k are considered high quality paces for high quality workouts.  In two weeks,  have my last easy/slow marathon prior to my PR attempt at the Portland Marathon.  Hoping all will go well.

More on food, WW, life, etc. in the morning.  See you later.


15 miles @ 7:34 pace. My goal pace long run.

Goal paced runs are no mean to be easy.  In fact, they are in the running schedule to train the body to run at a particular pace and intensity.  They are “race specific” workouts that help your muscles, mind, and mechanics find that rythm.  I enjoy these runs yet I find them very challenging at the same time.  Yesterday was no different than normal, it was a tough workout.  I finished the run very well and felt pretty good for most of the miles.   The miles in the first hour seem to alway be my hardest and once I break the one hour mark it is as though things ease up and get better.  I fall into a state of being like a machine and it is more automatic rather than forced.

It amazes me that I can even run this fast for this many miles.  It is still foriegn to me that it is possible.  I feel like I am sprinting.  I learn that I can keep going regardless of breathing and body sensations.  It is amazing to me.  I am always so proud when I accomplish one of these runs.  It is funny that even the the first hour is harder, I tend to think that I can do a marathon at this pace no problem.  Then, as I near the end of the run, I start to think a little differently and that a marathon at this pace would be a big challenge.

Anyway, 15 miles at a 7:34 pace put me at a finishing time of less than 2 hours and I burned 2100 calories.  Pretty good for the days activity and it didn’t take me all day to do it so that is nice


Marathon #18 and more golf

tetherow7I had a good but slightly lonely marathon weekend.  I went to bend/sunriver, Oregon on Friday night so that I would be able to pick up my race packet on Saturday morning.  I went to bed as soon as I got there because I had to get up at 4 a.m. to do a 10 miler before I went golfing at a really special golf course in Bend.  My 10 miler went very smoothly with no hiccups.

Saturday I played two rounds of golf so I got in a lot of activity even after my 10 mile easy run.  I didn’t play well but I had a good time.  I got done golfing around 8 p.m. and again went to bed right away so that I could get up around 3 a.m. to do 10 miles before the marathon start.

Sunday came in a hurry as I struggled to get out of my warm bed.  I was able to fit in 8 miles and finished this run about 5 minute before the marathon start.  At 7 a.m. the race started and all 112 marathoners took off up the 14 mile hill.  At first the hill was not very bad at all and I was able to run most of it with no problem.  I did a 4:1 run/walk ratio for the entire marathon except from miles 11-14 where the hill was just to steep and I walked.  Once we got to the top is was smooth and fun sailing down to about mile 20 (my mile 28) where the course flattened out.  Over-all the marathon was not really hard and it was enjoyable too.  I finished in 4:50.  This pace has allowed me to have post-race days without much soreness at all.  That has been VERY nice.

It was a good weekend and although I played golf and ran with many great people, I was really lonely without my wife.  I love her so much and she is my best friend.  I don’t like going to bed at night without her.  I don’t like not being able to see her in the evenings.  The good things is that she was able to have fun with her visiting family while I was gone.  I was happy for her in this respect.  She loves her family and that is a great thing.

Bye bye now!




Marathon #18 and a heck of a running week coming right up!

IMG_2483This weekend I have my 18th marathon.  It is called the Haulin’ Aspen Full and Half  Trail Marathon.  I was supposed to or at least I was planning to run the Crater Lake Marathon this weekend but the drive is twice as long to get there and the logistics were just to complication for me.

This weekend will be the ending of a LARGE running week for me.  Normally I do not run to many miles.  My coach and I do not blindly adhere to the more miles equals faster running approach.  But this week is higher milage than normal.  I will do a little over 60 miles this week.  Here is a small and simplified break-down of them.

Monday: 3 miles

Tuesday: Golfing

Wednesday: 6 miles with speed work at the track

Thursday: 6 miles with middle three at tempo pace

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 10 miles easy

Sunday:  36 miles (10 miles prior to the marathon start)

It will be a bit of a chore to do those 36 miles but I am sure I will make through it just fine and in one piece.  I do a really big week about once a month.  I enjoy them.  This weekend I will be totally solo as my wife has family in town.  She will be having fun with them while I will be having “fun” on the trail in the 90 degree heat. HAHAHAHAHA  Here is a map of the marathon itself:



More Golf!!

I played 18 hoes of golf yesterday after work.  I really enjoy playing golf mostly because it gets me out into some awesome natural beauty while challenging me as a person and athlete.  It is by far the hardest sport that I have ever undertaken.  Lately, this peculiar game has also challenged me as a person to be honest with myself so that I can grow and improve.  I have learned of late that if you lie to yourself and fudge your way through things, you just can’t really grow or improve at your potential.  You have to know the base line before you can improve it.  This goes the same for weight loss and health.  Maybe you are afraid to go to the doctors because you would rather lie to yourself that you are healthier than you are.  Maybe you don’t weigh or look in the mirror because you prefer to just believe some inaccurate construct that you have in your mind.  This is how I work sometimes at least and because of the crazy game of golf I am trying to change these things in me.  I am trying to get REAL HONEST so that I can know the truth and then work from there.  So although I did not play well yesterday, I kept score precisely according to the rules and shot a 103.  This is a far cry from my “FUDGED” high 80’s scores that I have been getting lately.  Now it was an off day, but it was a real day.  It also took so much pressure off of me to perform beyond what is realistic because I was just letting it be real.  Here are some pics that I took of the beauty.  And oh yeah, I burned around 700 calories because I walked the course this time.  Riding the course burns only around 400 calories per round.  Walking is much better for me.

Lewis River Golf Course 006

Lewis River Golf Course 001 (2)

Lewis River Golf Course 002

Lewis River Golf Course 003

Lewis River Golf Course 004

Lewis River Golf Course 005


Active and fun weekend!

This weekend was a golf-o-rama!!  It was a fun, challenging, angering, elating experience.  I enjoy the game of golf but it is, in my opinion, the most difficult game that exists.  There is so much strategy, tiny adjustments to the mechanics of the swing, so many different variables to consider.  In the end, I think it is best to think of this stuff when you are practicing and then when it is time to play to just go out and have a good time.  Here are some pics of my weekend and the I am going to talk about some lessons that I learned over the weekend.

This is a very of the Oregon High Desert and Mt. Hood in the background.  It was very hot and beautiful.

This is a very of the Oregon High Desert and Mt. Hood in the background. It was very hot and beautiful.

Here is a very of the typical fairway at one of the golf courses in Sunriver, Oregon.  Sunriver is an active resort that is quite popular.

Here is a very of the typical fairway at one of the golf courses in Sunriver, Oregon. Sunriver is an active resort that is quite popular.

The greens at Sunriver a very well taken care of and fast.  They are ALL surrounded by sand traps and this makes for a fun challenge.

The greens at Sunriver a very well taken care of and fast. They are ALL surrounded by sand traps and this makes for a fun challenge.



  • Lying to yourself about your score is the best way to make sure that you never know how good you really are.  At times, it is sooooo hard not to just hit another ball and pretend that you didn’t hit your first “bad” shot.  This relates much to the weight loss journey.  If you lie to yourself about how much you eat and/or exercise, you will never really know where you stand or what is causing your gains or losses.
  • Golf, although a very fun and physical activity, is not strenuous enough to be the ONLY exercise ones does for fitness and weight loss.  I used to think it would be enough.  I guess it is enough for weight loss but to become nice and physically fit, golf needs to be an added activity to a more strenuous exercise routine.
  • I found that golf is much like real life in that staying calm makes for a better decision maker.  When I start doing bad, I get all upset which tends to further reduce my ability to do good.  The “mental game” in life and golf is a major factor to success and good results.
  • Taking the easy way out reduces the quality of what you can gain from playing.  When behind a tree, or after a bad shot, or being in tall ruff;  it is so easy to just kick the ball to a better place.  Or so easy to just hit another or to improve your position somehow.  After doing this a million times, I realize it robs me of learning how to deal with the “difficult” situation and perpetuates the need to keep doing this because you don’t know how to deal with it later.

That’s all folks.


Q&A Post: Weight gain after events, sore muscles, and hard efforts.

weight gain ratsI was asked this weekend about gaining weight after an intense effort or an event.  This is an extrememly common question to me and one that I also hear in my WW meetings all the time.  Here is the basic question that I recieved:

“I read that one can gain 2-4 pounds in water retention when muscles are sore ……….  Do you have any experiences with how some of your hard runs/races have affected your weigh-in’s?”

Here are some simple points directly from my own experiences.

  • I have gained weight after EVERY event that I have run in. 
  • I have gained weight most of the time after HARD EFFORT workouts.
  • I have gained weight EVERY time when I do my weigh-in with very sore muscles.

Now I don’t have a Doctoral degree in musculo-skeletal issues, but I do have some experience with the issue at hand.  I have found that hard efforts (that is whatever pushes YOU hard), your muscles get sore, and this translates (for me) into gaining weight on the very short term.  This NEVER ends up being permanent weight gain.  In fact, after a gain  at the school I will almost always post a loss the next week after the healing process of my muscles.  Hear is what I have heard as to the reasons a person can gain weight even after buring 4000+ calories:

  • After are hard workout, glycogen is depleted and when you eat sugar (from simple or complex carbs) your muscles will soak up a fair amount of it along with some water right away.
  • When you work out hard, you get tiny micro-tears in your muscles.  To repair, they retain some water to help the process along.
  • Once your muscles get better even though maybe not fully healed, your body starts to move the water, waste, blood, etc. through you muscles much more normally causing you to “lose” the weight.

In reality, the weight gain is false.  It is part of it.  It is possible to lose weight after events especially if you get dehydrated but once you begin to re-hydrate you will gain it back.  This little yo-yo in your weight should not be taken to seriously.  I do not weigh-in anymore after most of my hard events just so that I don’t feel bad for gaining because I am pretty positive I will and I also know that it is essentially meaningless.

So keep your head up and don’t worry to much.  In this type of circumstancial weight gain, the weight will come off just as easy as it seemed to come on.


A new life of activity and eating.

golferSome people have asked me what the difference is between my life now and my life prior to weight loss.  A very significant difference between the old and new life is also the same factor that is essential in keeping the weight off.  It also is a big factor in simple enjoyment of life.  The main difference is ACTIVITY!

Let me take you through a typical week day prior to my weight loss.  I wake up breathing heavily and roll myself out of bed.  I hurry up to get dressed and ready to go.  I don’t really make a lunch I just through some salami and cheese in a bag.  On the way to work I stop and get 2-3 donuts and have a giant coffee with full fat/sugar creamer.  Then right before I get to work I stop and get some bisquits and gravy to eat at work.   I go to work for twelve hours and eat out for lunch.  When I get off I go to the gas station and get fried foods to eat on the way home before dinner.  When I get home I talk to my wife, play video games and then we watch movie.  I eat some more, stay up late, and start the whole thing over again.  Now for a day on the weekend.  The only difference between a weekday and the weekend as far as activity goes is that I don’t go to work on Sunday.  I get up early because I can’t sleep in.  I go out to eat a huge breakfast.  I lay around all day and maybe go visit my family with my wife.  Then we all go out ot eat or something.  I never ever worked in the yard, I never exercised no matter how much my wife asked me, I just didn’t do much I did not live.

Now for day in the present time.  My typical weekday is like this.  I get up early without breathing hard.  I make my lunch and get ready to go.  I typically make this high protein shake with instant coffee in it.  It is 4 points but it is actually eating breakfast while getting my cafeine going on. HAHAHA .  I go to work and pass up the gas station with the donuts.  I get to work and eat every two hours and usually never go out to eat unless it is subway.  Sometimes I go for a walk at lunch and sometimes I go for a run.  I check out my running schedule at work to prepare my mind for the workout afterwards.  When work is over I change into the running clothes that I brought with me.  I head out for a run that will last at least 45 minutes.  Once that is done I document the run and drink some fluids.  When I get home if it is light out, I will go outside and work in the yard.  If not, I will eat a healthy dinner with my wife and we will either talk or watch a movie.  Sometimes she will read to me from the book she is reading.  I love that.  My typical sunday.  Wow, this is really different.  I wake up early to go running.  I run for anywhere between 2-6 hours.  Sunday is my long run day.  Sometimes I run before church sometime I run home from church.  When I get back I try and work in the yard for a couple of hours.  Then I am off to have a healthy lunch with my wife and we go for a walk, go walk around the mall, visit family, etc.  In addition to these activities, I will go hiking, golfing, go for walks with my sister, and many other things.

THis new way of life is much more active.  It is funny.  I burn much more calories and I eat much fewer calories.  I guess that is what is keeping the weight off.


Ultra-marathon and southern food!!


Well here I am a little more than 20 miles into the Strolling Jim 40 miler.  Relaxed, happy, and full of energy. HAHAHA  My wife took this picture as she drove away from giving me some of my Hammer Nutrition Perpetuem.  At this point in the race I was of course actually feeling a bit tired.  Five miles more though and I hit a serious second wind and took right off.  This is a good example of the scenery that I ran in too.


After the race I ate the traditional barbecued chicken lunch with coke, but a couple hours after that we went to the historic bell buckle cafe.  Bell Buckle is the birth place of the Moon Pie and RC Cola.  It is also home to a fantastic cafe with real southern cooking.  Southern is short hand for deep fried and tasty fatty yumminess. HAHAHA  I had pulled pork, fried corn bread, blue berry salad that was actually a cobbler thing, fries,  and something else that I can’t remember.  The picture is of my wife’s food.  It was great.


Tired! Tired! Tired!

exhuasted-runner1I am tired.  My legs are tired and a bit sore and they have remained that way since Saturday.  It is not a big deal but my body is definitely talking to me.  Last night I did 14×400’s at 5K pace.  What a great workout it was and I hit my pace very well for each rep, but I was tired.  I made the best out of a bad running day.  I accomplished much with the workout.  However, there were no good feelings, no runner’s high, no euphoric revelations, no sun, no scenery…………..

I still finished it up though and that is where character building comes into a persons running program.  You make the best out of a bad running day.

I have also woke up late for the last two days now.  I hate it when I wake up late.  I pack a crappy unplanned lunch, hurry out the door, and just tend to have an overall unorganized work day.  I think my tiredness is normal and it is coming from the cumulative effects of my training over the last four months.  I had a very good 4 months of running and now it is time to taper off until the big race.  I am glad to be in taper mode and I will be taking today off completely even though I have an easy 6 miler on the schedule.  It won’t hurt me and I need the rest.  I just need it.  I know I need it and my body knows I need it.  Taking today off I have 4 more runs before the race.  A 6 mile tempo run, two easy 3 mile runs, and a 1o miler at race pace.  Then I will have 3 or 4 days off completely from exercise.

Here’s to getting some rest.  See you later.


Calculating calories burned for running and walking.

image credit:

image credit:

So you go out for a run or a walk.  You enjoy the exercise and physical movement.  You feel better about yourself and the work you are doing to get healthy.  But when you get home you wonder, “I wonder how many calories I just burned.”  Well, I am putting this post up so that you can calculate this for yourself anywhere and anytime.  It is pretty easy to do and the formula is based on research performed on walkers and runners.  The link I am putting at the bottom of the post is from a Runner’s World article that a fellow WW attendee pointed me to.  The article is based on the assumption that walking a mile and running a mile burns the same amount of calories.  This is not true although they both do burn a good amount of calories.  And if you don’t or can’t run, then walking is far superior than doing nothing at all.  I personally enjoy walking very much.

During the research the scientists found the running burned 2 times more calories than walking.  They noted also that if you can run two miles in the same time it takes to walk one mile than running would burn 4 times more calories over the same time period.  They also found that walking would burn more calories than running once you reached a particular pace.  Any walking done at a 12:00 minute per mile or faster pace burned more calories than running because it was inefficient.  So speed walking is a very good calorie burning exercise.  Here are the equations for calculating your calorie burn and the link to the article.

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Running-  .63 x body weight= calories burned per mile running.  So when I run 5 miles I burn 582 calories.

Walking-    .30 x body weight= calories burned per mile walking.  So when I walk 5 miles I burn 277 calories.

Here is the original article from Runner’s World as well as the research bibliography.


Run4change review of V-moda headphones

V-moda headphones

From the time I can remember, I have always been a lover of music.  My first CD was Europe “The Final Countdown”.  I listened to that song over and over.  Then one day I got a portable CD player.  The only problem was that if you used it during any type of exercise it would skip like crazy.  Then on another day the Ipod came out.  Wow, what a revolutionary idea that was.  Now people could run and exercise while listening to music without this big heavy thing that skips.  The only problem is that the Ipod comes with these white yucky ear buds that just hurt the heck out of my ears and they don’t stay in very good while running.  Finally, one of my ear buds went bad so it was time to do some replacement shopping.  So off I went to find me some new headphones.

I ended up getting some pretty good “in the ear” headphones by V-Moda.  I got red “bass freq” ones.  These headphones are small just like the normal ear buds but they are far superior.  They have nice silicone covers in three different sizes to fit into your ear comfortably.  No pain, not much outside noise coming in, and the sound quality is great.  These tiny little things really do put out some bass along with some cleanly smooth mid’s and high’s.  I love them.  They were developed as an active lifestyle headphone so they made them specifically for those of use who listen to music on the run or bike or hike or weight lifting or even the evil stairmaster.  They are mid-level on the pricing.  Lots of others out there are cheaper and lots of them are more expensive.

V-moda headphones 2

I highly recommend these headphones.  Here is a short break down of the good things I have noticed while using them with some links to the competition so you can make your own choice.

  • Comfortable- No more ear rubbing when you take them out
  • Noise isolating technology
  • Good bass for a small phone
  • Secure in the ear
  • Attractive color choices so you don’t have to be like everyone else
  • Modawrap cable manager lets you keep the cables nice and tighty without the hassle of tangles.


JVC air cushion ear buds

Danon AH-c35

JVC HANCX77 In-ear canal buds (more expensive)

Future Sonics Atrio Series (VERY EXPENSIVE)

Otto V35


Marathon #13 Race Report. Bad weather, Secret #71, and Personal Record.

Race Headquaters

Race Headquaters

What a marathon experience this was.  To me, it was like the beast that brought the runners together.  With the weather being so horrible, it seemed to bring the runners to a place where we understood, “We are a unique bunch of crazy people”  Twelve of us toed the starting line for the early start as we laughed about the 2-3 inches of snow on the ground and the pouring down snow/rain mix.  Despite the weather we were an energetic group ready to take part in the rare adversity of this marathon.  At 9:33 a.m. we took off together not knowing how things would end up.

The Leprechaun Marathon was filled with what seemed like a lifetime of weather.  For the first ten miles the snow/mix was coming down hard.  Since the course was not closed to traffic, every car that passed was spraying me with slush that was on the road.  Now that was cold and dirty stuff.  After awhile I tried to jump over the spraying slush so instead of hitting me from the waist down is was just soaking my feet.  Took three potty breaks in the first ten miles. HAHA 

From the half marathon point to mile 18 it just plain rained.  The snow had pretty much melted away so no more car splashing.  My clothes were so heavy from the wetness that they we rubbing me raw in many places.  Just part of the fun I guess.  Nothing I could do about it so I ended up just laughing at the adversity.  I could not change anything so I just had to do my best and try and keep my pace in line.  I was also alone for the entire race.  I never for even one minute ran with someone.  Since there was so few people, we were all spread out.  Then the most amazing thing happened……….. Continue reading ‘Marathon #13 Race Report. Bad weather, Secret #71, and Personal Record.’


You CAN run an ultra-marathon!


image credit:

GOING BEYOND 26.2 MILES IS TOTALLY INSANE!!!!!!!!!!  The image above is a guy working on finishing the Badwater Ultramarathon.  It’s a 134 mile race from the lowest part in the United States to the Highest.  That’s hardcore, not to mention that the race goes through Death Valley in the summer when the average temperature is 120. An ultramarathon is any race longer than 26.2 miles. It can be done, but ultramarathons are not something you do to get or stay healthy.  They can really beat your body up.  I am not saying never try it, I did it, but it’s not for everyone.  Even before I wanted to do a marathon I desired the ultra.  I read about a guy who ran 50 miles and I just could not believe it.  That made me want to do what I couldn’t believe was possible.  It took me a long time to do it.  I did several marathons first and then I slowly worked my way up the ultra ladder by doing the shortest races first until I reached 50 miles.  I just don’t have the time to train for anything longer than that.  If you have running experience you can give it a shot.  I also talked to my doctor before I did an ultra.  He was not real excited about it, but he told me I was healthy.  You should do the same.  If you don’t have experience and want to do an ultra, keep it on the back burner until you have some, but don’t forget about your dreams.  Here are some resources to help you get started.


My Record Breaking Marathon Playlist


I am going to attempt to break the Marathon World Record Personal Record for my 13 th marathon this Sunday.  I am going to try and run a sub 4 hour marathon.  My previous best is 4:06 and I did that in my 12th marathon last month.  I will be running my 13th marathon in the Leprechaun Marathon.  My running coach has really helped me believe in my ability to run faster than I once thought would ever be possible for me.  I know I can do it.  I have to run an average pace of a 9:09 minute mile for 26.2 miles in order to break 4 hours.   I need to run a 9:22 pace to break my personal record but I am just to extreme for that.  I am going for the sub 4 hour. The main reason for this post is to show off my playlist for this record breaking attempt.  Now don’t make fun. HAHAHA.  It is mostly 80’s music with a couple of new alternative songs that my wife and I really like.  It is generally happy and energetic music.  Since this marathon allows Ipods, headphones, etc. I am going to take advantage of the peppy music.  So here it is.  Make sure you take the poll and watch the real Marathon World Record finish at the end of the post. Continue reading ‘My Record Breaking Marathon Playlist’


One of my favorite cardio exercises.

Before I started running and during the first stages of my running when it did not take up as much time, I used a rowing machine for cardio.  I love the rowing machine and would like to buy one.  I have not gotten around to getting one yet but I am pretty sure I will in the future.  It is such a good work out for the whole body.  Most people think that it is all back and upper body but that is not the case.  If you do it correctly you will use your legs to produce most of the power and that is a good thing because your legs and your butt are your biggest muscles.  They make up 50% of your body so they burn the calories.  Do you know of any activity that really burns the calories that does not use your legs?  Anyways, here is a video that shows you how to use a rowing machine the correct way so when you are at the gym you’ll look like a pro.


You CAN run a marathon.


Image credit: San Diego Rock&Roll Marathon

You can run a marathon.  Maybe you can’t even walk for 30 minutes, but if you keep up with your activity, you will eventually have the ability to finish 26.2 miles.  Is finishing a marathon one of your lifetime goals, one of your impossible dreams?  I believe that you can do it.  It is not easy to get to the starting line nor the finish line.  However, it is possible.  As you probably already know, I started out at 307 lbs and only able to ride a stationary bike for 12 minutes.  If I could do you it, you CAN do it.  You must take it slow and build up your fitness.  I talked to my doctor about it before I started to train for one, you should too.  Below are some resources to get started towards  your goal of finishing a race that only about 1% of people finish each year.


Running perfection but I went nuts with weight loss efforts


Last night I found these dirty little son’s-of-a-guns.  These dang nuts are from the devil I swear.  See how the can says heart healthy.  Well dang, I bet they aren’t good for your heart when you are practically laying down so you can pour them down your throat.  BAAAAA HAH AHA HA!! 🙂  I didn’t really do that but I kept going back to them gosh dangit.  I guess it is better than eating chips and candy but geesh.  Other that driving myself NUTS I did pretty good.  I had a big potato, some wonderful lean beef, avocado, a famous sister shake, and a giant WW fudge bar.  Yummy nummy for my tummy.

Before all the knock down fighting with the nuts, I had the blessed run.  An easy 4 miler was on the menu for yesterday.  I ran relaxed and easy. AHHHHH.  What a refreshing run.  It was running perfection.  I felt like I was effortless gliding along in the sunshine.  I ran along the river in the cool brisk air.  It was amazing.  I think I smiled for the whole first 5 minutes and then on and off.  

I also got some new ear bud head phones yesterday.  Boy did I need these.  I spent the extra money and got some really nice ones that fit into my ear but don’t cause me to have to go to the hospital for ear pain after every run.  I love these new things and I highly recommend them.


The Bane of Dane: Biggest loser, Marathoning, and History

the-biggest-loserOK, I am sure that most of you have heard that Dane on the biggest loser did/didn’t finish a marathon.  I cannot for the life of me find the blog that I first learned it from.  This blog actually had pics of the scandal because she was there running the marathon herself.

Anyway, I got an email today from a person who was pretty bothered by this scandal.  I can certainly understand why.  Finishing a marathon is a really big deal.  Although I generally feel that everyone can do it, not everyone wants to or wants to put out the mental effort to finish one.  My first thoughts while watching that part of the show were, “Woah!!  That dude is big and to get a sub 4hr time is serious running.”  I was happy for him of course but inside I just thought that it might be to good to be true.  Now I have been to some larger marathons and there are people of ALL shapes and sizes participating so don’t get me wrong.  Bigger people can run like crazy.  I just doubted the “Dane finish” from the start.  Here is a link to the actual results for the race that Dane was in.  He is not in the results because he was disqualified after several runners told on him. Continue reading ‘The Bane of Dane: Biggest loser, Marathoning, and History’


Endurance athlete fueling, hydration, and electolyte

For all of you that are doing or want to do endurance type events and activities, it is very important to understand fueling, hydration, and electrolyte intake.   As some of you may have heard, some physical states that endurance exercise can induce can be potentially very dangerous.  I wanted to just briefly talk about a couple of things and then point you to a world of knowledge regarding these topics by linking to an endurance library that you will find very helpful.  The link is at the end of the post.  Most of the information in this post comes from Hammer Nutrition’ website.


First off, I wanted to talk about caloric intake.  When you are going to be out there doing your thing for a long long time it will be much more manageable if you take calories in.  Now you don’t have to take calories in up to a point, but the longer you go, the more important it is.  I take calories in from the start of my runs if they are longer than 13 miles.  It helps my mind and body to do so.  I can run much further without calories, but it is far More difficult to do it.  I burn around 700-800 calories per hour while running but the human body will only digest around 350 plus or minus some each hour.  You still end up in a deficit but you increase your endurance by doing this.

Dehydration is bad

It is important to take fluids in during your endurance activity.  As with food, you body can only take a certain amount of fluid in.  You will not be able to replace all the fluid you lose without putting yourself in danger of “water intoxication”.   Below  is a chart from this link to demonstrate the importance of hydration and its effect on endurance.

Symptoms by percent body weight water loss:

  • 0% — none, optimal performance, normal heat regulation
  • 1% — thirst stimulated, heat regulation during exercise altered, performance declines
  • 2% — further decrease in heat regulation, hinders performance, increased thirst
  • 3% — more of the same (worsening performance)
  • 4% — exercise performance cut by 20 – 30%
  • 5% — headache, irritability, “spaced-out” feeling, fatigue
  • 6% — weakness, severe loss of thermoregulation
  • 7% — collapse likely unless exercise stops
  • 10% — comatose
  • 11% — death likely


One of the most dangerous conditions that can happen to us is hyponatremia.  This is the state where the sodium levels in your body have been “watered” down by to much hydration without proper electrolyte replacement.  It is a common occurrence with marathoner who will take 6 hours or longer to finish their race.  This condition can be and has been fatal at the marathon levels. Here is a little blurb about this condition from hammer nutrition.

Tragic consequences

Hyponatremia usually results from drinking too much, especially when one drinks fluids such as plain water or a sports drink lacking the proper electrolyte profile. Training and fitness levels, weather conditions, and, undoubtedly, biological predisposition, also contribute to developing this form of hyponatremia known as “water intoxication.”

Sadly, we must note that this condition has lead, directly or in part, to the deaths of otherwise healthy runners in major American marathons. It is hard for us to comprehend the grief of the families they left behind. These athletes went out to run a marathon, to achieve a personal victory. Improper hydration took away their day of glory and also their lives. They collapsed and went into an irreversible condition involving uncontrollable brain edema, coma, and death. We report this to help prevent any future such tragedies. Over-hydration represents a very serious problem. Unlike dehydration, which will generally only result in painful cramping, possibly a DNF, or at the worst, IV treatment, over-hydration can incite a chain of ultimately fatal physiological consequences.

So you cannot replace all fluids lost but you can drink to much.  The reason for writing this post is because I used to be very scared of this condition and also of generally hurting myself doing these long runs. I want to share with you the most important resource I have found for learning about endurance activity and it’s necessary caloric and fluid replacement.

The complete endurance library