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Biggest Loser Finale. The good, the bad, and the sad.

the-biggest-loserOhhhhhh Boy!!!!  This wild and crazy season of biggest loser is officially over.  I really enjoyed this season although the finale was anti-climatic for more.  I was not quite moved as I have been in the past.  I am not sure why that is exactly but it is what it is.  There were many things that I loved about the finale though and many things that I very much didn’t like.  I am sure that many of the things I did not like you also did not like.  So here is my review of the outcome of 6 months of hard work by the contestants.



There were multiple things that were good!  How about Mike.  HAHAHA  He looked like a movie star basically.  Very handsome, more humble, and as genuine as ever.  He just looked great and he glowed with joy about his new life.  It was great to see it.  I was also extremely happy with the results that Jerry and Kristenhad achieved while at home.  I did not care for Kristen’s hair cut much and I had a tiny suspicion that Jerry had been drinking before coming onto the finale, but boy did they do fantastic.  Their transformed bodies proved that it can be done.  Jerry not only changed dramatically on the outside but inside too. What new and vigorous confidence he had.

Tara is back in model form and she displayed much gratitude for her transformation.  Demonstrating that she is a winner at heart, she blamed much of her success on those who helped her.  That is truly a winner’s attitude.  I was also so happy to see that Danielactually kept at it.  He rate of loss was not what it could have been but it was phenomenal to say the least.  He stuck with it and I think he we keep sticking with it.


I think we all know what the bad is.  At least the major bad. HAHAHA  The only mom on earth that would vote her own daughter off the show only to leave her in the dust and embarrassment of not doing that great at home.  The mom who could not stop talking about herself and manipulated craftily throughout the season.  The mom whose tears were only regarding her own success rather than her daughter’s or others.  That’s right, Helenwon the grand prize of being the biggest loser.  I did not like this outcome much.  She did drastically cut the weight.  She was a bit too skinny looking but I am sure she will even out as far as her weight.  It is a given that the contestants dehydrate themselves the best they can prior to the finale weigh-in and Helen was a supreme case for this.  She was very dehydrated but it got her $250,000 dollars.  I could just see the sadness in her daugther’s face while she pleaded with us to believe that what they chose was the best thing for both of them.  Hog fooey and donkey dung.


I got sad for a few of the contestants.  I was sad for the two African American ladies who I cannot recall their names at the moment.  I really thought that the one would do great at home.  I was also sad for Daniels partner who seemed embarrassed by the fact that he really never cared about losing weight in the first place.  Finally, as you already know, I was sad about Helen’s daughter not having a great loss.


Now don’t get me wrong, every contestant did great.  Even those who appeared not to lose much weight lost enough weight to make most of us believe that we can lose the pounds at a healthy rate while living out our normal lives.  Even the ones that made me sad lost weight like normal people.  I just think that if I had to go on TV in front of every in six months that I could make sure I lost weight like a crazy man just to avoid the fear and embarrassment that would  be there if I did not do that great.

All in all it was a great season and I was proud of each of them for starting out on the life long journey of health.


“Why I felt amazing here” Contest results

Well, it finally came to an end.  All 24 submissions were absolutely breath taking and inspirational.  It was so fun to have this contest for me.  I hope that you all enjoyed it too.  I just loved going and checking out the pics that people put up.  I often checked them out many times just to get energized for my own journey. So I went to to get the winner through random numbers generation.  I have to use this site for work all the time so I just used it for the contest too.  It is really easy if you ever need a set of random numbers. I asked the generator to randomly pick three numbers out of 1-24.  Here is what came up.

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

24 Mommymeepa is the winner!!!

Timestamp: 2009-03-16 02:09:43 UTC


Contest submission extravaganza. New content today!

The “why I felt amazing here” T-shirt contest is going to be extended again to at least March 14th.  Some people are still coming in and asking about it.  So if you haven’t submitted your pics you have two more week to do it.

The latest great submission can be seen here as well as all the rest of the submission.

This is a wonderful post with and awesome message.  I hope you all like it.

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Fitness Challenge Opportunity!!

Our friends over at Butterflies and Running Shoes are having a fitness challenge.  I thought I would take this opportunity to let you guys know about it just in case you are looking for such a thing.  It is always good to have goals that will challenge us and move us towards health.  It is a great blog and they participated in our “Why I felt amazing here” contest also.  To take part in the fitness challenge, check out the link below.


Two fantastic “Why I felt amazing here” contest submissions and contest extension. Again :)

The “why I felt amazing here” T-shirt contest is going to be extended again to at least March 14th.  Some people are still coming in and asking about it.  So if you haven’t submitted your pics you have two more week to do it.

The latest submissions from fellow bloggers who run can be seen here as well as all the rest of the submission.

These are both great submissions by runners who are along on the health journey with us all.  Fantasticly motivating stuff.  Don’t miss out.

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A wonderful submission to the “Why I felt great here” contest

You can see the 21st submissions and all of the rest by going here.

This new submission is a wonderful addition.  It truly depicts the courage to experience life regardless of weight.  Check it out


2 new “why I felt great here” contest submissions in today!!!

You can see the 19th and 20th submissions and all of the rest by going here.

This contest has been amazingly fun.  I love this.  All the pics are just so awesome


Another cool contest submission just in! Make sure to check it out.

You can see the 18th submission and all of the rest by going here.

This contest has been amazingly fun.  Now I just have to get to work on getting that shirt made. HAHAHA


Two new “Why I felt great here” contest submission.

Linda sent in her submission and it is very touching and inspirational.  I really enjoyed reading the post and so will you.

 Angela sent in a pic of an awesome weight loss and her write up is great.

Visit all 17 contest submission by going here.


Awesome new contest submissions: Two new ones today

We now have two new submission to the contest for today.  I hope you all enjoy them.  They will inspire you and bring warm fuzzies to your day. HAHAHAHA

See Tigerlilly’s and Rebecca’s new submissions  here as well as all the others too.


A new contest submission came in this morning!

Check out the new contest submission as well as all the others here.  There are now 13 submissions total.


Why I felt great here contest!! New submission just in. 24 total


eye-001Contest Time

 This contest is open to ALL people.  Even the ones that don’t live in the USA.  The contest has also been extended to go through 2/27/2009.  There are now 24 wonderful contestants who have submitted their pictures.

See the original post for instructions on participating here

The popular post that inspired it all here. 

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Here are the entries:

  1. Robfitness
  2. LTer4ever
  3. Sarah/Back in step
  4. Athleticme
  5. Holy and Living Sacrifice
  6. My submission (don’t worry, I won’t be the winner.)
  7. Cecile 
  8. Smiles by Sam
  9. Shannon
  10. Matt
  11. Andrew
  12. Carrie
  13. Amy
  14. Tigerlily
  15. Rebecca
  16. Linda
  17. Angela
  18. Hanlie
  19. Kim
  20. Krissie
  21. Tess
  22. Moran the running addict
  23. Brandon at Fithacks
  24. Melissa 

Non-blogger contest entry. Why I felt great here! It’s a good one.

Shannon's contest submission 
Another great reader who does not have a blog (yet, hahaha) wanted to take part in all this inspiration.  Her name is Shannon and she accomplished a very awesome display of endurance.  Check this non-blogger’s contest submission out.  As you can see, the pic is great.
This picture was taken in Sept. 08, at the time I had only lost 40 pounds.  I had always wanted to climb Mt. St. Helens and knew that I was not fit enough.  I told myself that this was the year, so when the opportunity came around I said, “YES!”  When we reached the rim of the mountain I was overcome with emotion!  Every time I look at this picture it makes me feel so good about myself.  It gives me a feeling of accomplishment.  A feeling of “I can do this!”  Don’t get me wrong, there were times during this climb when I thought “I can’t make it”.  Yet, in the end, I did; and surprised myself with the endurance I had.

Why I felt great here contest!! 12 submissions, extended, and international people

eye-001Contest Time

 This contest is open to ALL people.  Even the ones that don’t live in the USA.  The contest has also been extended to go through 2/27/2009.  There are now 12 wonderful contestants who have submitted their pictures.

See the original post for instructions on participating here

The popular post that inspired it all here. 

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All entries can be seen here


Non-blogger contest entry. Why I felt amazing here.

As you all know, not everyone who reads blogs has their own blog.  So I have allowed non-bloggers to participate in the contest as well.  Just as a reminder, international people can partake in this too.  I know I have received several comments regarding this and I have left the contest open for non-US people too.   So here you go, the first non-blogger submission.

Here is a contest submission by Cecile


I have lost 47 lbs.  It has really made a difference too.  I can walk better and enjoy life that little bit more now.  But for the contest I wanted to show a picture of my family.  They are my true joy in life.  I’m fortunate enough to have an amazing family that loves me very much and shows me that they do.  I have lots of good moments I could enter but I really liked this one for the contest.
My daughter invited me to their  new cabin for a little vacation. I took the train and she picked me up at the station.  We went to her cabin.  It was such a wonderful time.  We did some walking (she jog’s  and I walk), toured a few wineries, and visited the town of Leavenworth; but the best part was I got to see my two awesome grandsons.  One came from college and the other from Louisiana.  They brought a couple of friends with them.  They were so good to their grandma and it was great seeing them.  So this picture is me with my two grandsons (center) and their buddies. Now don’t you think that’s an amazing moment when a gray haired grandma is surrounded by 4 STUDS. I sure enjoyed their youthful energy and humor.


My contest submission: Why I felt amazing here!

Red mountain

Don’t worry!  I won’t steal anyone’s shirt from them.  I just thought I would do a submission so that I could share my little picture in time.  Here I am on a hike during a vacation that my wife and I took to Red Mountain Spa in St. George Utah.  Every morning they had hikes that the people could go on.  There were three levels of difficulty.  I could only do level one. 

Although at this point in my life I was not feeling the best about myself, those feelings all drifted away at the moment of this picture.  I was feeling so blessed to be able to walk in the warm air of the morning as we climbed the hills of red sand rock.  The vast expanse of sky and terrain just made you feel a part of something bigger.  I was with my wife whom I am hopelessly in love with and who was nice enough to do a level on hike with me even though she could have been on a my fun and challenging hike.  I am red faced, but I look happy.  HAHAHAHA


Win a run4change T-shirt. Why I felt amazing here, contest!!!

eye-001Contest Time




So many of you mentioned that you loved one of the most popular posts here at run4change.  Some of you thought that the post theme would make a great T-shirt.  Then, one of you mentioned that the cool T-shirt should be the prize for the winner of a contest held here at the blog.  So I did a contest to see who could come up with a great contest idea and you all voted on the one that you thought I should use for this contest.  Here is the idea that you voted for me to use for this T-shirt contest:

How about submitting a pic with a short description: “Why I felt amazing here.” It could be a way to focus on times when we FELT great regardless of size/appearance.

You loved the idea and so did I.  So now it is time for the contest.  Read on to find out how you can participate and win a run4change T-shirt (I will be getting the shirt made after the contest is over so I know what sizes to get).

Continue reading ‘Win a run4change T-shirt. Why I felt amazing here, contest!!!’


And the winner is! Contest #1 Results

Contest TimeThe votes are in and the first contest is over.  Ideas came from everywhere and they were fun and enjoyable to read.  I am so appreciative of all your participation in the contest.  I will be announcing the winner in this post.  This contest idea will be used for contest #2.  I will talk about contest #2 in another post.  The winner of this contest is an awesome, fun, and smart woman.  She makes me laugh and I really enjoy reading her blog.  Her name is Vani and she’s a beautiful person who wants to get fit for free. HAHAH 🙂  

Here are the top 4 ideas: Continue reading ‘And the winner is! Contest #1 Results’


Contest #1: Best idea wins. Idea submission now closed: Don’t forget to vote on the contest vote post on 2/7-2/9

Contest Time

Ok, it is contest time.  This will be the first contest of hopefully many fun and lively times here at run4change.  The competition will be about WHO CAN COME UP WITH THE BEST CONTEST IDEA.  How are we going to decide who the winner is you ask?  You are going to decided.  Here is how we are going to do it.  I think this will be good because you will constantly be able to see who is ahead and what ideas are comming in.  The winner will get a free writing journal to keep a log of food, exercise, blogging ideas, etc.  (That is a link to the journal info.) We are going to save the T-shirt for the next contest.  So here is the way we will do it step by step:

  1. The contest is on who can come up with the best contest idea!  You can submit more than one idea if you want to.
  2. Leave a comment on this post with you idea in your comment!
  3. After one week of people leaving their ideas in the comment section of the post, I will do a new post with all the ideas in it.  For the next 2-3 days you will leave your vote in your comment on that post.
  4. At the end of the contest I will tally up the votes and anounce the winner who will get the prize.  The winner will email me their address and I will mail off the prize to them.

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Recap- Who has the best contest idea according to you guys.  Leave your idea in your comment.  Vote for your favorite idea in your comment on the contest vote post.  Winner takes all.  The contest will last for 8 days.  Today-Friday are idea submission days.  Next Saturday-Monday are vote days.  I will announce the winner on Tuesday early morning.


Definitely going to do a contest.

Hello everyone.  I am definitely going to do a contest now.  It was obvious by the responses that a contest is something you would like to do and that you think that it would be fun.  So I have at least 2 contests planned.  The first one (the contest post will be up tomorrow night) will be about coming up with a contest idea.  The prize will be a writing journal.  The second contest will use the most highly voted contest idea and the prize will be a priceless run4change T-shirt that says something based off of the world famous post: I can see it in your eyes-do you see it in mine?  It should be a lot of fun and I hope that you all participate.  See you later and keep your eye out for the contest post on Friday night.

Note:  Do you think that random selection of the winner of the first contest would be better than the winner being the person who’s idea was voted by the readers as the best contest idea?