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BACON! Pics of my bacon explosion for tomorrows xmas party

Today I put together the nemesis of weight watchers.  The Bacon Explosion!   Two pounds of pork sausage, two pounds of bacon, BBQ sauce, and BBQ spices.  I am making it for our company xmas party which is tomorrow night.  Here are some pics.  I better save up ALOT of points for my WW eh???  I will have a great week of running next week luckily so should be no problem earning enough activity points.



My food until dinner time today

Here is my lunch for the day.  This is pretty much everything that I am going to eat from morning to evening.  I have already eaten my breakfast which was a protien shake with oatmeal in it.  It’s about 5 points on WW.  So I just threw this lunch together kind of because I woke up late and had no time to really make sure it was well balanced.  Here is what I got:

  • Two string cheeses-2 points
  • One nectarine- 1 point
  • One apple- 1 point
  • One yogurt- 2 points
  • One cup of spaghetti noodles- 4 points
  • 3 ounces of chicken in spaghetti sauce- 3 points
  • 3 ounces of potatoes with veggies- 1 point
  • Half a cup of lean ground beef- 4 points
  • Half a cup of rice-4 points
  • 100 calorie popcorn

That is 22 points total for my food I eat at work.  Counting my shake it would be 28 points.

I’m trying to get more organized with my food and exercise.  I hope to be able to be posting more now……………I have not been motivated to post much at all for a long time now.  It’s good for me to post as it helps me stay on track and give me motivation.


Great ways to lose and maintain.

colorful-vegetablesI wanted to make a list of things that we can do to take the weight off.  Basically, the same things that take the weight off also keep the weight off so the list goes for both phases of the journey to health.  This is a great reminder for me on what I need to keep doing to stay healthy and live happily.

Keep in mind that the list is geared towards people who tend towards an unhealthy relationship with food.  Some people don’t have this type of relationship and can lose weight just by trying to “eat less”.  I am not one of those people and many of you are not either.  So here goes my little list:

  • Count what you eat.  Whether this means counting calories, points, portions, carbs, etc.; there is no way to know how much you are eating and if you are in a calorie deficit or not without it.
  • Eat a variety of foods.  By this I mean eat a variety of HEALTHY foods.  I have at times told myself that by eating junk food I was adding variety but this simply not what I mean.  Obviously a variety of junk food put the pounds on, not off.
  • Eat more color.  Most healthy and fresh foods have lots of color.  This is a simple little test especially at a salad bar.
  • Exercise a lot.  A lot= different things for different people but doing mucho exercise for where you are in the journey is very helpful in weight loss and maintenance.
  • Plan your pants off.  Having a plan helps tremendously.  Plan for unexpected outing or dinners.  Have a plan to deal with these things ahead of time.  Plan for your grocery shopping.  Plan for your week.  Plan for your loss.
  • Be open.  Being open with yourself and a few trusted others is a fantastic way to live life in the truth of the moment.  Living in the dark is no way to lose weight.  Live large and live in the open.  A double life is what got many of us in trouble.  How often to you binge or eat junk food with your trusted others.  Usually it is alone and in the car. HAHAHAHAHA

Gotta love cheeks! My lunch treat for the day

I was extra hungry today since I woke up late and did not have a good lunch to bring.  I has pretty much eaten all of my days worth of food by 9:30 am.  What was I to do.  Well, I walk outside to a truck with a hand written sign that says:

Cachetes, Pollo, Azada, Chuleta, y Tripas.

Well, I got the cachetes.  That is, I got the beef cheek tacos, two of them in fact.  I love beef cheeks and it is not a normal food for most of us but I have always liked them.  They are very similar to a slow cooked pot roast that just falls apart with tenderness.  These tacos were very yummy.  I counted them as 4 points each.  Probably not accurate but I had to make a guess.  Here is the picture of the Cachete Taco

beef cheek taco


Surprise dinner attack

farrars-bistroThursday night presented me with a lovely yet challenging dinner out with my wife Audrey.  How could I say no to my beautiful wife just because I didn’t have that many points left.  I had to make it work and I think I did a pretty good job.  We went to a special little bistro in our town that my wife just loves.  I wanted it to be special for her so I “tried” not to grumble about my points to much.  The menu was limited but I took control of the situation by requesting my dinner to be prepared the way I need it to be prepared.

Normally this is very uncomfortable but I only had 8 points left for the day.  I also ran 6 miles which gave me 6 activity points for the day.  That moved me up into the 14 points for dinner range.  That may seem like a lot of points but for eating dinner out it is not that many at all.  Here is what I ordered:

  • 8 oz portion of salmon (9 points)
  • Small sweet potato (3 points)
  • Half of a roll (2 points)

So there you have it.  I did not eat the veggies because I knew they were prepared with butter and cheese.  I had forgotten to tell them not to put that stuff on the veggies.  I did tell them no butter or oil for the salmon and the potato.  Always remember if you order salmon at a restaurant.  They cook it and then put a pile of butter on top of it to keep it nice and moist until you get it.  The butter is completely melted by the time you see it so you may not have known this.

All in all I did very well and was pleased that I got to be with my wife at one of her favorite places.  I stayed within my points perfectly by using my activity points.  This is WW in a real life situation.  I had no time to plan but I had the courage to ask for my meal the way I needed it.


Jason’s food: My lunch for today

It has been a while since I posted what I was eating so I thought it was time again.  I have some different things than just my plain old normal lunch.  Many things are the same though if you remember any of my other lunch posts.  Lots of food, decent points, and all healthy choices.

My lunch

  • Two carrots
  • 10 pickles
  • Orange
  • Apple
  • 1/2 cup of F/F refried beans
  • 2oz chicken breast with salsa and a tiny bit of black beans
  • Two burritos (1/4 cup 97% lean ground beef, refried beans, salsa, and avocado)
  • 1 large bag of Jiffy Pop Kettle Korn 94% f/f
  • 1 banana
  • 2 bags of lower sugar oat meal
  • 1 Thick and Creamy yogurt
  • 1 light string cheese
  • There is also an un-pictured alternative bagel with WW cream cheese and turkey that I had eaten already. MMMMM yum yum!!
Fiesta chicken: Yummy low fat eats with salsa and black beans

Fiesta chicken: Yummy low fat eats with salsa and black beans


Mid-afternoon snack. Mmm good!

Chicken Tenderloins and Yams

Chicken Tenderloins and Yams

I get hungry a lot around 12:30 p.m.  This is mid to late day for me.  I start at the very latest at 5 am so hunger strikes.  I eat this snack all the time and what you see in the picture is 5 WW points.  It is chicken tenderloins and yams.  Some call them sweet potatoes but these are actually yams.  They are very yummy.  I am such a caveman that I actually just through it on some printer paper after I microwave it.  I eat it from there.  It fills me up and I don’t seem to ever get tired of it. 

give it a try.  If you have any ideas of your own, share it with all of us so we can be cool like you.


Real research to help you lose weight: Eating with others is good for you

family-dinnerHere is a little gem of information that is founded in real research on people and the way they eat.  We all know that we live in a fast and crazy paced life.  It seems that we don’t have time to do anything.  We scrape by and try and get done what we can each day.  At least for me, I feel like I don’t have enough time as I go through most of my days.  I found another good reason that we should take the time to eat with our loved ones.  Doing this actually helps eat healthier foods according to an ADA Scientific Journal publication called: Making time for meals: Meal structure and associations with dietary intakes of young adults.

I like scientific research because much of my education dealt with performing research regarding family and relationships.  Anyway, this journal article found that people actually tend to eat healthier when the eat with others.  The also found that when we eat on the run and are alone we tend to eat higher fat, more “POP”, more fast food, as well as leaving out other healthy options.  The research shows us that when we get together with others we are more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables.  This was surprising news to me.

I guess it could depend on who you like to eat with, but it really does make sense that when you eat with other people you do tend to eat a full meal that includes a variety of foods.  When I eat alone and on the run I most certainly do go for the fast food with lots of fat.  Here are some of the benifits that the research says you can get by eating with others more:

Benefits of eating with others

  • More intake of fruit
  • Higher intake of vegetables in general
  • Higer intake of dark green and orange vegetables
  • More social interaction and quality of life (my opinion)
  • When you talk you eat less (my opinion)
  • More enjoyment of food (my opinion)

What do you guys think about this research finding?  Does it match up with how your life is?  Do you eat worse on the run and by yourself?  Do you eat better when you are with others?


Grilled home-made pizza link. Check it out.

Here is a link to help you get started on home-made pizza.  It is a great post so don’t miss it.


Pizza is my friend. How to get your pizza in.

pizza-001Ok, you want to lose weight but you want your dang pizza too.   Can you have your pizza or not?  Yes you can! I thought that I might have to give up pizza forever when I started on my weight loss journey in Dec. 2006, but I was dead wrong thank God.  I have eaten pizza at least monthly since I started.  Sometimes more.  I could eat it weekly if I wanted to if I just planned for it with my points budget.

There are many ways to fake pizza at home.  Many of these ways are great substitutes but they are just not real enough for me to “feel” like I have eaten pizza.  They may be good alternatives but they are not the same.  Here are a couple of them.

Now these are all good options for MOST people.  Not good options for me.  If the pizza comes from stuff that is not normal in a pizza I don’t feel right.  Here is what I do for my pizza fix and it works like a charm every single time. Continue reading ‘Pizza is my friend. How to get your pizza in.’


Totally Rad (funny word eh?) Food Find: Tortillas

tortillaI love burritos. Before I lost my weight I always made stuff into burritos.  I made mac and cheese burritos, rice burritos, bean, cheese, ham, etc.  Everything can go into a burrito.  I stopped this because for the most part burrito shells are to high in points and even the ones that are lower in points are really not that filling.  That is until now.  I have found a God send for my love affair with burritos.

La Tortilla Factory Low Carb/Lowfat Large tortillas are the best find yet as far as my burrito savvy is concerned.  They have mucho fiber so they fill you up (some people can’t take this much fiber on their stomachs, it is not a problem for me though), they are low in fat and they pack the punch of ONLY ONE WW POINT EACH.  Now that is what I’m talking about. 

I have been using them all week to make burritos for my lunch.  The night I bought them I basically made the whole package into burritos that I could just grab from the fridge in the morning as part of my lunch.  Below is a picture of my burrito and it’s mammoth size.  I put my cell phone next to it for perspective.  It weighed about 3/4+ pounds.


Here is what I put into this burrito to make a filling snack that was ONLY 3 POINTS.

  1. 3oz chicken breast (2 points)
  2. One large tortilla (1 point)
  3. Four slices of red and green bell peppers
  4. Pico de gallo salsa

I am so happy to be in burrito land again.  Do you guys like burritos/wraps?  Have you had these tortillas?  What do you think about them?


Healthy fast food

eat-outI have asked this question of myself ahead of time so that I can be prepared, but I am not always able to go according to my plans 😦  For me, it is a must to have food in the house that I can just grab, throw into an old grocery bag, and call it lunch.
Here are the foods that I call the “healthy fast foods”.  These foods work if you use them.  They will bring the victory where you usually might get beat up by other fast food choices.
See the great food choices by reading on.

Salsa recipe that will hold you ’till dinner.

 One of the wonderful readers here at run4change is Mike.  He loves to hear about the different stuff I and others eat on the weight loss journey.  I told him that I loved to snack on salsa right when I get home to kind of hold me over until dinner time.  He told me that his wife makes the best salsa ever so I asked him for the recipe.  Kathy is the master mind behind this salsa. She tells me there that it is more than a recipe, it is a process that you make to your taste. Continue reading ‘Salsa recipe that will hold you ’till dinner.’


Enticing tamales and a good alternative. Food post


I love Mexican Food.  It is by far my favorite type of food.  A friend of mine gave me a couple of pounds of tamales the other day.  These are real and authentic tamales.  Nothing fake or anything, truly hand-made.  They were really tasty and they are the precise reason why I ended up eating to many of my points the other day.   In my weight watchers points book, two of these relatively small yummies pack 9 points.  Now that is a lot of points because for most people two tamales is not going to end up giving you that “satisfied” feeling in the tummy even though they are yummy.

I have been trying to post about some alternatives to the food we like.  Real life things that we can eat that will replace the stuff that we like that don’t help us stay healthy.  These tamales were great, but since I had several pounds of them I was tempted all day long to eat more than just two.  Is there a more healthy way to prepare these so that we can enjoy a few more?

Continue reading ‘Enticing tamales and a good alternative. Food post’


Want to feel full? Try this run4change food staple!

I have a food in my arsenal that will get me from hungry to satisfied in only 5 minutes.  It is nutritious and tasty.  It is the ugly and under-rated sweet potato.  This one food has produced more satisfaction than almost any other food that I eat (healthy food that is HAHA ).

There are many ways that you can cook it, but most people think of it as a holiday for only.  Oh the wonderful sweet potato.  It is so much more than a holiday dish.  I microwave them for 5 minutes, slice ’em up, spray some stuff on it that is so good that I can’t believe it’s not butter, add some salt and pepper, and I am good to go.  Filling, sweetish, carby, lovely.  It is only 3-4 points on WW too.  I also bake them with a very thin coating of olive oil (my favorite, but more time consuming method).  This renders the potato into a soft and delicate delight.  Another way I do it is the old microwave method but then I slice it long ways and thin.  Then I fry the slices in a pan with spray or olive oil and it turns into a fry of sorts.  Great change on the texture front.  Here are some other recipes to try out on the this run4change staple food: Continue reading ‘Want to feel full? Try this run4change food staple!’


This foodie post is for Mike. Dinner last night

This whole plate was 4 points

This whole plate was 4 points

Ok Mike, here is a post about some of the food that I eat.  This pic is of my dinner last night.  One cup of “Better ‘n Eggs”, 15 pieces of small potatoes wedges, veggies, and an Alternative Bagel.  It was a filling assortment of food and I really enjoyed it.  A very fast meal that took me about 10 minutes to prepare but got me full and satisfied.   At only 4 points, it is a good emergency “go to” if you don’t have many points left for the evening time.

Eggs beaters, bagles, greek seasoning

Here are the special ingredients by themselves.  The alternative bagels are 1 point each and are a great way to go for a carb.  The egg stuff is 2 point per cup.  I always use the Cavenders Greek Seasoning as my spice up for potatoes.  I love the Greek Seasoning.  I also use it for all meat that I cook whether it be chicken, beef, or pork.


One of the first things that I do when I get home is open the fridge and snack on the salsa that I have at the present time.  It is not always this kind, but I always try to have some on hand.  I eat it plain with a spoon right from the container.  This little gem helps get something in my stomach before so I don’t snack away during my dinner time preparations.  Salsa is an invaluable resource for my WW journey.  I eat it pretty much every day.  It does not last long in my house.  I also need to keep the chips out of the house or I will default to chips and salsa instead of just salsa thereby adding way more points than needed.

So coupled with these items that I ate last night, I also ate one banana, a giant shake that my sister invented that is only 4 points but extremely delicious and splurgy.  With these after dinner snacks my points eaten once I got home were 10.  Not to bad for having a huge amount of food.


I am running a marathon right now: Rain and around 40 degrees

As you read this, I am most likely stomping down the country roads of one of my most favorite marathons.  This time it is called the Valentines Marathon.  They have one of these marathons for every holiday of the year as a way for the Marathon Maniacs to accumulate marathon finishes.  It is a very low key atmosphere and there will probably only be around 40 or so people since it is not prime weather, but the marathon maniacs are a hardcore bunch of runners.  The assortment of food consists of the following:

  • Chips
  • Lots of regular bread
  • Sandwich meat
  • Donuts galore
  • Sugar and diet pop
  • Water
  • Bagels
  • Mayo, Mustard, etc.
  • No veggies
  • And an assortment of other marathoner/race food.

It is all laid out on the table and it is make it and help yourself.  I will try and get a picture of it for you guys.  Have a good day and I will report back tomorrow regarding how the race went.  Here is a little blurb from the marathon site

  • 8th annual holiday events with lots of postrace food and quality awards. There will be lots of hot chili or soup, along with ham, turkey, roast beef and cheese sandwiches. There will also be chips, nachos, cookies, pretzels, etc. Bottled water and other sport drinks will also be available is drink after the race, along with coffee and apple cider. HOT SHOWERS: Are available in the campgrounds, bring some quarters and a towel. RESULTS: Will be posted at, and

One more weight loss/health food not to pass up

Almond MilkA very awesome woman, I will call her wonder-woman :), gave me such a great food find.  Wonder-woman:) (just kidding HAHAHA).  I mean Pubsgal said that she used almond milk for her coffee.  I was taken by suprise.  Almond milk, what is almond milk.  I asked her, she kindly told me.  I got mine at Trader Joe’s last night and I have to tell you that I totally love it.  It is lower in calories than 1% milk and it tastes 100% better (I never really liked milk myself).  

I have decided to try and go to tea instead of coffee to see how that works.  This Vanilla Almond Milk will go perfectly with it.  Can’t wait to try it.

THANKS PUBSGAL, YOU ROCK BIG TIME FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dinner Time: Nobody starves at my house, especially ME!

Tilapia and potatoes 2Alright everybody, I have gotten mucho feed back when I post some of the food I eat on the blog.  So I decided to do a post on a meal that is sure to fill you up yet not steal away all of your points.  This meal is one that I often make whether I have a lot of point left over or just a few.  I love it, it tastes great, and IT WILL GET YOU FULL AND SATISFIED!!!  The pic to the left is a pic inspired by many of your pics that you take of food.  The pic below is to demonstrate the raw size and amount of the food that you get.  I like quantity and I emphasize it when I cook.  Here is what is in the meal.

  • Tilapia Fillet= 2 points  (Pan fried with cooling spray)
  • Asian style veggies= zero points (Steamed)
  • 9 oz potato= 3 points (Baked, thinly sliced, then pan fried with cooking spray)
  • Popcorn= 1 point (Microwave)
  • Sugar free/fat free jello and cool whip= 1 point

Total number of points for this huge amount of food= 7 POINTS

Bonus material:  I can wear a size 32 jean.  Before I wore a size 44.

Tilapia and potatoes


Stop cheating while losing weight once and for all!

cheaterGet rid of your cheating mindset once and for all.  You never have to cheat on your weight loss program again.  Let me explain to you how you can do it.  You might think I am crazy but this is a weight loss journey life saver and life changer.

So often we give up hope and feel guilty because we “cheat”.   In Webster’s dictionary, to cheat means to rob by deceit or to violate the rules dishonestly.  Stay with me here.  Lets say you are doing good on you weight loss program today, then you end up at the mini-mart and you just happen to buy and then eat a wonderful deep friend beef burrito.  Whoa, taboo food!  Not the best choice, but you walk out of the store, get in your car, open your weight watchers book to see how many points are in a deep fried beef burrito, and then you record it towards you daily allowance as you savour the last bite.  Was this “cheating”?  Did you deceive yourself, were you dishonest?  No you weren’t.

Here is one of the greatest secrets that I ever learned about the weight loss journey:  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CHEATING IF YOU COUNT IT!

The whole concept is just in our minds.  There is no way we can go forever not eating things we like.  We can’t tell ourselves that we don’t like these things.  We just have to practice moderation and count the points/calories when we do eat these “taboo foods”.  If our burrito takes almost all of our points for the day, we pay the price and eat veggies only for dinner or something.  We make the choice.  Here is a little bullet chart of what a “cheater” isn’t.  Hope you enjoy it.

You’re not cheating if:

  • You count it when you eat it, lick it, taste it, nibble it, etc.
  • Plan ahead to indulge.
  • If you realize that no foods are “illegal”.  When people ask you, “Can you have this/that?”  You tell them yes but that you are choosing not to today because……….
  • If you aren’t lying to yourself about how many points/calories it has.
  • You let yourself truly enjoy moderation in “ALL” foods.

I tell you guys, this truly changed my weight loss paradigm.  We never have to cheat again.  Doesn’t this just open up the whole world of weight loss and help us realize that this thing is livable, doable, attainable.  If we count it then we are not cheating.  If we don’t count it, we are only cheating ouselves.  Nobody around really cares that much so we don’t need to lie to ourselves(not that easy to do I don’t think).  Don’t let the “cheat” you did burden you down with guilt.  That will just start more unhealthy eating.