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What and the heck do you eat?

This is what I will be eating while at work today.

This is what I will be eating while at work today.

This is what I am eating at work today.  I ate 4 points for breakfast before I got to work and drank 2 points worth of coffee with creamer in it.  Here is the order in which I am going to eat this food.

7:00 am-  Popcorn and yogurt

9:00 am-  Two packets of low sugar oatmeal and banana

11:00 am- Lean Cuisine, one clementine, and one carrot

12:30 pm- Green beans, jello, clementine

2:30 pm- Soup and one carrot.

So that is how I eat on a normal day.  This is kind of my schedule of intake I guess.  Throw a couple of diet cokes into the mix and I am set until about 6:30 when I eat dinner.

See my lunch the last time I posted a picture of it here

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Best of both worlds. Got my chips but kept my points. Well, some of ’em

kettle chips baked

Last night I still wanted to eat those darn kettle chips.  A special person from the WW message boards recommended that I get the baked Kettle chips instead.  She posted the cals., fat, fiber.  Very helpful and encouraging person. So I got some last night and I think I made a big step towards health, at least in my own mind.  Instead of getting the fully fried kind that I really wanted in the full sized bag, I did something different.  I bought the baked ones in a personal sized bag.  This to me was a balanced effort to eat what I wanted yet stay on the healthier side of things too.  So here I am, eating my wonderful snack.  It amounted to 7 points.  Another amazing thing is that I only ate 3/4 of the bag and gave the rest to my wife.  By the way, these chips beat the pants off of baked lays because they are actual potato slices rather than compressed mashed potatoes.



kettle chips baked 2

I had a wonderful run last night too.  I did 6 miles at a 8:51 pace.  That is pretty good for me.  My new training program calls for more pace work to enhance my fitness instead of all loooooooooooooooooong slow running.  Long slow running got me in the shape that I am in and it is a great base, but as you know, I want more balance.  I don’t want to run for 14 hours a week anymore.  The program will get me in shape for my races in a little different fashion.

Other than the chips, my eating went well.  I used 11 of my extra 35 points after eating my dinner and some popsicles. Over all it was a good WW day and night.


Most recent evil foes to my health!!

Here is a picture of my most current evil foe.  I have been sooooooooo wanting to eat these it is not even funny.  Everyday I consider going to the store and getting a big bag of them.  My plan is always to eat the whole thing by myself.  I am not sure what it is about these, but I absolutely love them.  There is (I think) approximately 50 something points to the 14 oz bag.  I was leaving work to go buy some just now but I decided, reluctantly, to do a post instead. 

I thought it would be a good idea to uncover the temptation and let it out.  So here it is.  Now you know what tempts the living heck out of me on a regular basis.






maple-bar-1Here is the other thing that tempts me most.  The chips and these maple bars are the two items that I seem to want to go off program with.  Other stuff I don’t think on much, but these maple bars coupled with the above chips is a heavenly dream weight loss nightmare. HAHA  When I have gone for it and had maple bars, I usually will have 3 or 4 of them at a time.  It doesn’t matter where they come from either. 

Thank God I haven’t had one of these maple bars yet. I happen to love bacon too. UMMM, Yummy!!



So there you have it, some of my recent temptations.  Hope you enjoyed it.


A couple of foods that keep me faithful to my weight loss program

Everyone has those foods that take you off the path of weight loss victory.  We love them and we hate them.  Here are a few of the foods that keep me in the place of victory.  Except one, one of them is a very healthy treat that I just can’t handle in moderation.  Hope you enjoy checking out these foods and maybe they can help you too (maybe they already do) 🙂

FruitFruit- I used to hate it, but now I love it.  It is filling and usually pretty low in points for the quantity/weight of the food.  I try to eat more seasonal fruits if I can and I sometimes get crazy and splurge on more exotic types.  Check out the Fruit pages to learn all about fruit.


toraniTorani Sugar Free syrup– (Free)  I use this for my coffee but there are many ways you can use this stuff.  Just check out the website for neat recipes.  I like the hazelnut and vanilla.  It is a good “free” substitute for other coffee flavorings and creamers.



Jiffy PopJolly Time Healthy Pop 94% fat free  (big bag)-   (2.5 pts)I love this stuff.  It is pretty cheap as far as points go and you get a pretty good amount.  I can eat this and be satisfied for a good amount of time (30 seconds or so, just kidding).  If I want to spice it up a little, I spray the butter spray on it with salt and pepper.


Hebrew National FranksHebrew National 97% Fat Free Beef Franks-  (1 pts)I know some of you might think these are gross but they are a staple of mine.  I eat them almost everyday with a low cal. hotdog bun.  It is 3 points with the bun.  It may be weird but this is a normal breakfast for me at work coupled with a yogurt.  I love beef.


NutsPlanters NUTrition nuts- (4 pts) Ok, about these nuts, they drive me NUTS.  I love them but I just can’t keep my hands off of them.  They are really good for you and provide your WW oils and essential fats.  It is just to high a points value for me to have around as a snack.  I packs 4 points per serving (1 oz or approx. 27 nuts) and the serving of course is not that big.  I love ’em, I hate ’em.

YoplaitYoplait Light/ Thick and Creamy- (2 pts) This is my favorite yogurt, all of the flavors. There are other yogurts that have fewer points, but my wife got me hooked on these and I eat some everyday as part of my WW dairy/milk.  I also use it in different desserts as you can see from a previous post.


Buter sprayI can’t believe it’s not butter spray– (Pretty much free)  I use this spray religiously.  I put it on my dinner veggies every night.  I can definitely believe that it’s not butter, but it is something.  I have heard that a certain amount of sprays does end up being a point or two but I have never counted the sprays.  It works for me.


So these are some of my normal, everyday foods that keep me on track.  I will do another post at some point showing you some more of the others.  Have a great day everyone and thanks for coming by.


Thank God for steak!! Check out this protein buffet

Loads of lamb, beef, and pork

Loads of lamb, beef, and pork

Today we cooked over 100 lbs of beef, lamb, and pork for our employees.  We are having to work 7 days this week so we thought it would be nice to give them this little treat.  In the picture above you can see the delicious morsels of protein.  I ate my fare share of it too.  An employee had to use my truck and my lunch was inside of it.  I had no lunch so I splurged on the meat.  I ate 12 oz of beef tenderloin steak.  Boy was it good.  I love beef but eat mostly chicken and fish.  Unfortunately, I ate before I calculated the points.  The 12oz of beef tenderloin was 29 points.  I have the activity points to cover this for the week, but that is a lot of points.  No guilt though.  I will move on and eat accordingly for the rest of the day.

More still a cookin

More still a cookin

The best part of it all was that over a hundred people were blessed with free, high quality food.  They loved it too


Food for thought: My lunch and snacks at work

This is all my food for today not counting dinner. 26 points worth.

This is all my food for today not counting dinner. 26 points worth.

I just thought that you guys might be interested in actually see what a normal days worth of food might look like.  This is all the food that I bring to work and this is very typical of what I eat on a daily basis.  Leave a comment on what you think about it.  Any critique of it?  Any suggestions?


Healthy eats & Good treats: Chung’s spring rolls

chungs-spring-rollsWhen I first started Weight Watchers, my sister and I found these gems.  Some friend of my sisters’ recommended them.  I loved them so much and they really helped me stay on the program and feel like I was able to eat anything I wanted.  They taste great and they are pretty low in points.  I used to eat the whole box at once.  It was really filling.  There are 5 rolls per box and it takes 2 minutes to cook them in the microwave.  I think the whole box is around 7.5-8 points.

This information also includes eating the sweet sauce that comes with the rolls.  At first I did not like the sauce but it grew on me.  Now I always use the sauce.  You can buy Chung’s veggie spring rolls at these stores.  They also have a websitethat you can look at if you want to.  Hopefully this is helpful for ya.  It sure was fun talking to you.


You can eat more on your weight loss program

Caped MaxIf you want to eat more on your weight loss program, YOU  CAN!  Here is one key principle that will allow you more “wiggle room” when it comes to calories.  This last week I did pretty good on WW.  As you all know, I had my battles and my moments, but it went well over all.  Here is my activity and intake stats.

  • On average I ate 7 points more than my daily allowance per day.  My daily allowance is 31 points for weight loss.  I want to loss 7 more lbs before my race in May.
  • On average I did 10.8 points worth of activity a day
  • I consumed all of my extra 35 points
  • I had a calorie/points deficit of 56 points at the end of the week.
  • I did 7 hrs and 32 min. of running and walking.  My average pace during walking and running combined was 11:59 per mile. And I did a total of 39 miles with a long run on Sunday of 20.5. I ran for 4 days this week.

Activity gives you “wiggle room”.  Simply because of running and walking, I was able to eat some extra nuts, olive oil, and pie through out the week.  I was also able to go to Red Lobster for dinner last night.  I ate 3 bisquits, 6 oz salmon, a baked potato, broccoli, and salad.  I did pretty good on counting and I don’t think I lied to myself that much.  So whether you are losing or maintaining, activity will help you eat more.  That is all for now.  Bye bye.


believe it or not! I had some pie and it was good.

turtle_pumpkin_pieHello everyone.  So far there are 15 votes that I would eat some pie, 9 votes that I would have no pie, and 2 votes that I would eat the whole pie.  Well guess what, last night I went skiing again with my beautiful wife Audrey.  Guess what I took with me and left in the trunk.  Oh yeah, the pie.  It waited patiently for our return.  When I opened the trunk up I could smell the crust.  Anyway, my wife and I shared a piece.  We traded the pie for the going out to dinner.  So I had a very small amount of pie which I am pretty sure amounted to 8 points.  The dinner we had last weekend after skiing put me out 20 something points.  Although not as filling, the pie was very good and it was very satisfying.  Thanks for participating and voting.  That was really fun to me and I hope you enjoyed it too.  The great part is that I still managed to stay within all necessary points even though I ate the pie.  Not to bad I guess.  I also got 4 points for the skiing that I did, had a great time with my wife, and lived a little on the wild side flying down the mountain.  I guess, all in all the “PIE EVENT” went well.  The cool thing about this journey and this life is that we can live a little you know.  We can enjoy.  The real truth is that I would have eaten the whole thing or at least more than half just 2 years ago.  And that would have been after my dinner :).  So victory is in hand still.  Thanks for your support. You guys are great and I thank you for reading this blog.  You are a great comfort and inspiration to me.  Muchas Gracias.


BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Will run4change resist the pie in the sky?


You won’t believe what just happened to me.  Was it an answer to prayer or was it a dark dark scheme of the evil one 🙂  One of my wonderful employees just presented me with this absolutely beautiful temptation.  She baked a special pie for me.  Pumpkin caramel with a mother load of heavy whipped cream on top.  Estimated at a minimum of 16 points per meager slice.  I love pumpkin pie.  I love the thoughtfulness of this employee too.  Will I be able to handle it? TAKE THE POLL, IT WILL BE FUN!  Check this out for a healthy alternative to my pie.


Healthy eats & Good treats: Alternative Bagels

alternative-bagelI wanted to start trying to post about some of the tasty foods that help me stay on track.  You know, those foods that are substitutes for the more unhealthy choices we could make.  Here is a good example.  Bagels can be pretty high in points/calories.  I like bagels, my mom always gave them to me in my lunches back in the day.  These bagels produced by Western Bagel are a good substitute for the normal high cal. bagel.

Calories: 110

Fiber: 7 grams

Fat: Fat free

Flavors: Cinnamon spice, country white, roasted onion, sweet wheat, and very blueberry.

I like to get the cinnamon.  It is like eating a tasty little dessert.  Add some fat free or Weight Watchers cream cheese to make it a 2 point snack.  Sometimes healthier choices are small and not as yummy, but these bagels have the same texture, taste, and size of a normal bagel.  That is all a plus for me.  I don’t feel deprived eating these.  If you like bagels, you should give these a try.  It will be worth it.  You can buy them on their website or you can find them at Super Walmart