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Never Freakin Mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never mind about me getting the dang fire pit and patio done.  I was just told right now that we have to work tomorrow.  I know I should never get my hopes up that we will get it off even though I am told we will have it off, but I still tend to do it.  I always say everytime I am disappointed like this that I will never have hope again for Saturday off and then the next week there I go again with the hope.  Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I will be gone this weekend, here is what is coming up for Sat. and Sun.

I won’t be around for the weekend but I have two days worth of great posts for you all. Here is what is going to knock your socks off!!!

Saturday: Awesome video of the Boston Marathon (A future goal of mine)

Sunday: This day will be dedicated to all of you who dream big and aspire to finish an Ironman. Even if you don’t want to do one, these two videos are still extraordinarily inspiring. The first one is a pictorial video that is totally awesome with words of encouragement about training and comepeting and the family changing power of doing an Ironman. The second video is real life footage of the event put together in a wonderfully motivating way.

Enjoy. Oh yeah, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.


Great posts to look foward to next week!

Many posts to look forward to

Many posts to look forward to

Morning everyone.  I just wanted to get a post up today to fill you in on what is to come next week.  It should be interesting.  There are some great guest bloggers coming up and a few awesome questions answered through our most recent Q&A session. 

Things might change, but I really try not change anything after I tell you guys what is coming.  It is just that sometimes something great comes along that I want to share.  Here is the tentative schedule.




  • Food and it’s emotional side
  • Expert coaching advice from Coach Dean on how to not give up in the middle of your work out.
  • A personal trainers tips on how to get started with an exercise program
  • Swimming vs. running  Q&A
  • How to buy the right running/walking shoes for your feet

Hopefully that sounds good to you all.  And of course, there will be my daily updates of the wonderful and wacky weight loss journey 🙂


Healthy eats & Good treats: Chung’s spring rolls

chungs-spring-rollsWhen I first started Weight Watchers, my sister and I found these gems.  Some friend of my sisters’ recommended them.  I loved them so much and they really helped me stay on the program and feel like I was able to eat anything I wanted.  They taste great and they are pretty low in points.  I used to eat the whole box at once.  It was really filling.  There are 5 rolls per box and it takes 2 minutes to cook them in the microwave.  I think the whole box is around 7.5-8 points.

This information also includes eating the sweet sauce that comes with the rolls.  At first I did not like the sauce but it grew on me.  Now I always use the sauce.  You can buy Chung’s veggie spring rolls at these stores.  They also have a websitethat you can look at if you want to.  Hopefully this is helpful for ya.  It sure was fun talking to you.


BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Will run4change resist the pie in the sky?


You won’t believe what just happened to me.  Was it an answer to prayer or was it a dark dark scheme of the evil one 🙂  One of my wonderful employees just presented me with this absolutely beautiful temptation.  She baked a special pie for me.  Pumpkin caramel with a mother load of heavy whipped cream on top.  Estimated at a minimum of 16 points per meager slice.  I love pumpkin pie.  I love the thoughtfulness of this employee too.  Will I be able to handle it? TAKE THE POLL, IT WILL BE FUN!  Check this out for a healthy alternative to my pie.


A wonderful woman on the journey

I got encouraged by a reader today.  She gave some great comments.  I feel blessed to have so many people lifting each other up in this crazy thing.  We all move on, losing the weight, realizing our dreams.  Check out her blog.


I was blessed enough to do a guest post

Good evening everyone.  I was asked to do a guest post by a fellow journeyer.  Here is the link:

Have a weight loss week you can be proud of!

Caped MaxYou can have a good weight loss week and be proud once Sunday rolls around.  It is actually possible to make the whole week and have a success story at the end of it.  I wasn’t perfect this week, but I did good and didn’t quit.  Yesterday was an alright day.  Not the best and definitely not the worst.  I stayed right within my points and ate pretty darn healthy even though I went out with my wife to a really neat deli type place for lunch.  They had all kinds of horrible choices but I made good ones.  I was happy with that.  All in all, I made it to the end of my week having 1 WW point left.  I ate all my daily points, all my extra points, and all but one activity points.  Hopefully that will result in a tiny weight loss or a “stayed the same” weigh-in.  I am feeling pretty good.  Now I just have to ramp up the running because I plan to participate in the Strolling Jim 40 miler again in May.  I better get moving eh?


Q&A post 9: How long did it take me to lose 130lbs?

100 lbs of fat Image credit:

I know that this Q&A answer is out of order, but it was a nice and concise question that called for a nice and concise answer.  The answer is simple statistics.  Here is the question:

“….so how long have you been on the fitness journey to get you from 307 to were you are now? Is there anything you would have done differently?”

Ok, I want to start off by saying that what happened to my body won’t happen to every “body”.  At least not as fast.  I lost a lot of weight pretty quick, but don’t give up or get discouraged if you don’t lose like I lose.  We are all different, walking in the same journey.

  • Journey start date and weight:  December 13th, 2006.  I weighed in at weight watchers for the first time at 307.6 lbs.  Afterwards I went and ate a half-pound bacon burger, large fry, and a large coffee/chocolate milk shake.  That is not to mention the snacks I ate once I got home.
  • Started running on: April 5th, 2007.  I had lost around 60 something pounds at this point and could just barely run/walk 2 miles on the treadmill.
  • Reached doctors goal: around September I think.  My doctors goal was 210 lbs.  He actually wanted me to weigh 155.  I told him he was insane and left to do a lot of research and take my body fat.  I went back and told him what I found and he made my goal 210. 
  • First marathon:  October 5th, 2007.  Finished the Portland Marathon in about 5 1/2 hrs.  I weighed 194 going in.
  • My goal: was to weigh 179 like I did when I was a sophomore in high school.  I reached this goal 1 yr later on December 13th, 2007.  My body fat went from 51% to 11%.  My cholesterol went from 307 to 151.  Pants went from 46 to 32.  Shirt went from xxx to medium.
  • 2 years later:  Was able to maintain my weight within 10 lbs on Dec. 13th 2008.  I currently weigh 185.
  • Would I change anything:  I don’t think so.  The only thing I wish I could have done was finish my 12th marathon in one calendar year.  I was not able to make it to my 12th because of work.  I attained 7 marathon finishes and 4 ultramarathon finishes in 1 calendar year.. Other than that, the journey to now was more than I could have ever asked or imagined. 

Thanks for asking this question.  Answering it has inspired me a lot.  I will keep on my brother.  Thanks.




LOOKS GOOD DOESN’T IT!?  No, I didn’t eat the first half.  Actually, the company (my job) bought it for us to eat.  It happens just about every week.  I was having a very fragile moment (I wanted to eat the first half) so I picked up the camera and took a picture instead of a piece.  I figured if I blogged about it I wouldn’t fall into the temptation.  I am mad though.  I want to be able to eat whatever the heck I want, but I know it is not best.  I don’t have the points to even have one piece.  Even if I did, I would still try not to since the way it has been lately I don’t think I’d stop at one piece:)  Anyways, I won this little battle so far.