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Marathon 15 was a success.

map_marathon_lgThe marathon/training run went very well.  I got up at 3 a.m., ate my food, had my coffee and then headed out for my first 10 miles for the day.  Right after I finished my 10 miler I went over to the starting line to wait for the official start.  There were around 180 something people running the marathon and a multitude were participating in the half-marathon and half-ironman distance triathlon.

I paced very well throughout.  I did a 4:1 run/walk ratio with 10 minute miles for running portions and easy walking for the walking portions.  This was very manageable for the 36 mile distance.  I finished the marathon in 4:34 and my pace for the entire 36 miles was in the mid 10’s.  I was very pleased.  I ate about 300 calories per hour, took 3 electrolyte tablets per hour, and drank around 21 ounces of wate per hour.  This intake allowed me to do the last 2 miles at a 7:11 pace.

It was in the mid 80’s temperature wise when I finished.  THe heat did not bother me much although I could “feel” it. HAHAHAHAHA  After the marathon my sister and I went to the town of Bend and went shopping for a couple of hours before hitting the couch to watch movies and eat for the rest of the evening.  It was a wonderful weekend and the marathon organization and course were just perfect.  I would recommend this as a destination marathon for anyone interested.  Great race.

I will be skipping my WW meeting because my mom has had her hip replaced and I am going to go visit her in the hospital instead.


Gaining weight, WW, and …………

Enjoying the first fire in our new fire pit.  Chowing some watermelon.

Enjoying the first fire in our new fire pit. Chowing some watermelon.

I am doing great and I am doing bad and I am doing ok.  In general I have been doing great.  I have been having a great time with my wife over the past month doing fun things.  I had a horrible time at work for awhile as I crept up onto a huge audit that I was going to have at the end of may.  Now it’s over and I ACED the audit without any problems and got a very very high score.    I have been doing really well at my running too until this weekend that is.  My training is going on as intended and I have been improving nicely.  I have been enjoying it a lot too.


I don’t want to be honest. 🙂  I don’t want to tell it like it is. 🙂  I have to thought because you guys are cool.  I have to because I am going to weigh-in tomorrow regardless of what I want.

I swear I have probably had the hardest stretch of time on Weight Watchers in the last month.  It has been more difficult than any other stretch of time since I started program on December 13th, 2007.  I am not lying either.  Not even one day has been as hard or bad as the last month.  I just have not been doing that well with my eating and planning.  THE PROBLEM IS THAT I HAVE STILL BEEN LOSING WEIGHT AT EVERY WEIGH-IN THAT I GO TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  At first I thought that this was great but in reality it is not.  Not in my opinion at least.  Why?  Because to be doing not so good on program and still be losing weight is a sub-conscious license to keep doing not so good.  Permission to eat junk.  Permission to not count because “it’s working”!  I know for a fact that it is going to catch up with me.  I know for a fact that it is going to bring a significant gain at the scale.  It might even be this week I don’t know.


I don’t like how not doing so good on Weight Watchers makes me feel.  I feel more tired.  I feel more guilty.  I feel more nervous about failing in the journey.  I feel more helpless against the fat mind.  I feel like I am not healthy anymore.  I am still very healthy of course but I am walking the line.  I need to step away from the line.  I don’t even want to see the line in fact.  I want the line to be so far away that it and it’s danger non-existent to me.

I never weigh at home but this morning I did.  I weighed 190.  That was without clothes.  This was very discouraging.  This was very enlightening.  This was reality.  This was fact that disolved the deceptive power of my justifications to not do so well on program.

Basically I feel like pooooooooo about how I have been eating since the 40 miler.  I know I will get back on track (Starting today) but I still don’t like how it has been going.


Having an up hill battle!!

stolling-jim-roadI feel like my eating is a constant up hill climb lately.  Not that I have been eating horribly but I have just had such a hard time getting going with my WW counting.  Since I am a bit gung ho about the things I do, I have been more focused on the landscaping than the eating.  This is not such a bad thing though, it is good to get the obsession of my mind off of food and dieting for a while.  I think it is part of a healthy balance in life but it is also scary at the same time.  I don’t like it I guess. 

So I eat great at work and I go home on Mondays to work in the yard.  It get a lot done but by the time I go in it is to late to really do a full dinner so I have to eat something quick.  Then I go to bed.  Maybe it is because I am not doing my normal little routine I don’t know.  All I do know is that I hope I do ok at my weigh in this week by staying within my 180-185 range.    I would be happy with that.  I know that I have not been eating that great when I come to weigh-in not knowing what the results will be.  It is just a guess which my means I have been guessing with my points to much also. HAHAH

I am sooo sore!

My neck, back, arms, legs, everything is just sore.  Since Saturday I have been sore.  I moved all of the flagstone and put it in place.  I have not “planted” it but I had a friend there to help me lift them on to a wheel barrow.  These were some very heavy pieces.  That was on Saturday.  On Friday I had a speed work out that when great but left me a bit sore on Saturday morning before I moved the stone.  I worked my legs a lot pushing the stone in the cart.  Then on Sunday I had a long run of 15 miles at race pace which furthered my soreness.  Now Monday and Tuesday come and I am still sore. HAHA  Guess I have been working hard.


Weigh-in results and last night’s biggest loser

100 lbs of fat    Image credit:

100 lbs of fat Image credit:

One hundred and twenty four pounds.  That is my weight loss since I started weight watchers.  I gained 3 pounds since my last meeting two weeks ago.  I was hoping to not gain more than 3 pounds so I hit exactly where I thought I would on the scale.  Of course I hate to gain but when I am in maintenance I have to gain because you just never stay the same every week.  Still don’t like it though.  The meeting was about points values for certain things and what we can have that would be more filling.  Pretty good meeting overall.  I did not feel too guilty about the gain. 

As usual, I went to my sisters to watch the biggest loser.  I was disappointed in the make-over episode.  Usually it is very awesome and emotional but this time it just didn’t touch me like normal.  They did look wonderful.  Tara is going to be a skinny Minni at the finale.  I liked Ron without the beard.  I got all paranoid about hurting my leg bones after watching how Laura hurt her hip.  I got afraid that I would mess myself up running these ultra-marathons but I guess if I do I will just have to stop doing them.  As for now I will just train properly and wisely to ensure a reduction in injury risk. 

I stand firm on who I like still.  I want Kristen or Mike to win it. 

Come back later to read my post on my struggle and issue regarding my goal weight.  I need your advice I just don’t have time to do the post right now.  It will be up around 1 am pacific time.


My weigh-in results and a botched fire pit job!!

weigh-in-002As most of you know, yesterday was my day to weigh-in at weight watchers.  I didn’t want to go but I remembered what happened the last time I did not go to my meeting.  I compromised with myself and decided to go the meeting and just weigh-in but not stay.  I wanted to get home to work on my fire pit area really really bad.  I also did not watch the biggest loser this week.

Anyways, I went to my meeting hoping that I would at least stay the same since I have not been real great on program as far as counting goes but I have been eating healthy foods and exercising in significant amounts.  I stepped on the scale and it read 181.4 lbs.  I lost 3 pounds since my last weigh-in.  I was shocked, happy, and in a bit of disbelief.   Maybe I did good or maybe the scale was messed up.  HAHAHA.  Who knows!

After the weigh-in I went home to build the fire pit.  This was fun for me but somehow my 5 foot wide pit ended up only being 2 feet wide when I was finished.  Now I am going to dig it completely up and redo it all.  I wanted it to be 4 feet wide on the inside of the fire pit.  This made me extremely disappointed and overwhelmed with the amount of work I did and would have to do to redo it.  So I am pissed about my fire pit situation right now.  I am just glad that one day I will be sitting there enjoying the fruits of my labor without remembrance of putting it in and then digging it up.  Here are some pictures of the present fire pit before I dig it up.

Fire pit landscaping

This is the finished product and now I am digging it all up

This is the finished product and now I am digging it all up


Weigh-in results and Biggest loser talk. Biggest loser top pics.

weigh-in-002Bwaaaaa hahahahaha!!  OOOHh oh hohoh heheheheh!  I can’t believe it.  I stayed exactly the same.  184.4 pounds on the WW scale.  What a freakin relief.  Although I was ready for any type of result, I was so happy to see that no gain had occurred over this last two weeks of weight watchers mania.  Since last Tuesday, I have been very very naughty.  I did great for 4 days and did horribly for 3 days.  That usually does not add up to a good weigh-in. 

Last Tuesday my fat mind went on auto-pilot and I ate 4 donuts, 3 peperoni’s, and a bag of chips before dinner.  I skipped my meeting on that day.  Bad idea I guess.  So I got back on track but had to go to Sunriver, Oregon for my mom’s B-day over the weekend.  My stupid WW points calculator broke down and went kuput!!  I just gave up on counting points for the rest of the weekend.  I went skiing.  At the lodge I ate the “NACHOS GRANDE” and it probably weighed like 3 pounds.  It was huuuuuge.  I almost finished it all.  I got home from skiing and ran my booty off with a full stomach for 7.5 miles or so.  Then I ate dinner and topped it off with large amounts of chips, cookies and strawberry shortcake.  Now you can see why I feel that this is a miracle of God to stay the same.  I did good on Monday and Tuesday without my points calculator.  I just did core for those two days.  Not proud of my giving up.  I guess my running save me by the skin of my chinny chin chin.  At my meetings I bought a new points calculator and a points clicker.  I am back running smooth on program now.  Feels good to be home because on program now feels like home to me. 


the-biggest-loserLast night’s show was somewhat unemotional for me.  Just was not moved by it like I normally am.  I think it is Tara.  Although she is a fighter and a woman of strength, I just can’t stand her attitude sometimes.  She is so competitive that she tends to talk bad about other contestants and she has no respect for her teammate.  This disappoints me and I was upset that she won the challenge.  I just didn’t want the mean person to win and she is the mean person on the show right now in my opinion.  Everyone on the show is really starting to show results now.  It is funny how at some point in the show they just tend to have a vastly different physical appearance.  It all happens at once it seems like.

As far as who got voted off, I think I would have voted Philpe off.  I love that dude too but he is more of a threat but it appears that he has some “issues” at home that we don’t know about considering what his cousin said while he was begging to keep him on the ranch.  Aubrey has her work cut out for her to be sure but she will make it to her goal regardless.

Who do I want to win the show?

I have two favorites on the show.  I would love either of them to win.  They are Kristen (the girl who has now lost 105 lbs) and Mike.  These two display the utmost courage and compassion.  They seem to have their hearts in the right place and that is why I want them to win.

Who do you guys want to see win?


Another biggest loser episode and my weigh-in results

Caped MaxWell, well, well; today is a new day isn’t it.  Today I move on with the rest of my life.  I am going to be healthy today.  As you all know, I had my weight watchers weigh-in last night.  The meeting was great and we talked about being active and had a good old time laughing it up.  It really is a fun meeting to go to.  After looking over my stats for the week you all voted on whether I would lose weight or not.  You can see the pole here.  You can also see the results from previous weigh-ins here, here, and here. 

I lost exactly 1 pound this week.  I went from 185.4 to 184.4.  I was relieved and happy to see a loss.  It just goes to show me that how I feel does not necessarily accurately determine what my weigh-in results will be.  I have felt nice and thin and empty, but then gained.  And like last night, I felt bloated and fat but I lost.  Go figure eh?  So there you have it.

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The biggest loser last night was interesting to say the least.  With my new perspective of the show after the Bane of Dane has changed how I watch it.  I seem to see areas where they script it and it is not real.  Like when the cousins yelled at Jillian and then went to the gym alone.  OMG, Bob just happened to be standing in the gym by himself.  Now why would that be.  His blue team wasn’t there, he was in regular like clothes.  I don’t trust the show like I did before the marathon scandal.  I still love it though.  I was sorely disappointed that the blue team lost the weigh-in.  I am really tired of the boastful attitude of the black team when they win challenges.  There is just no need for that kind of celebration in front of the losing team.  There is no honor in that.  Also I did not like how the Philippe made the excuse for not losing much weight on Jillian.  He has been there for some time now and I don’t think he can make the excuse that he does not know what he needs to do to lose weight.  He also didn’t blame one thing on himself in regards to eating and drinking on their night of luxury.  It was a good show and I will be back next week for more.

Ya’ll have a great day now ya hear.  I’m fixin to get back to work. (For all Texas people. HHAHAHAHAA)