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What happened yesterday

SteakAs most of you know I was a little down in my mood yesterday.  I was worried that it would throw me off of my good string of WW days and kill the positive momentum that I was having.  Well, I did not do perfect but I think I still have a good chance of losing at the next WW weigh-in.  Here is everything I put into my mouth yesterday from morning until night.







Cottage cheese

2 WW frozen dinners



Alternative bagel

WW cream cheese



Fruit cup

Oatmeal Carrots

Hot dog

3 Tootsie pops (bad choice)

12 ounces of LEAN tenderloin (should have had less)


2 hot dog buns

1 herbalife shake

All of this food added up to 51 points for the entire day.  I am not too entirely happy about the amount of points but it could have been FAR worse.  I dipped into my 35 weeklies and that is just fine.  So far since my weigh-in I have eaten

All my daily points

16 of my weekly flex points

I have earned 16 activity points

I plan to eat all of my weekly flex points and leave most of my activity points alone.  I will get a lot of AP’s this weekend as I will be running 46 miles.  This should give me around 50 AP’s.  I will eat some but certainly not most of them.  I would like to have around 30 AP’s left by next Wednesday’s weigh-in so that I can have at least one pounds worth of calorie deficit.

I am having serious doubts that I can lose the 15 pounds that I want to.  I don’t know why the switch in my mind got tripped and now I think it is hard to lose.  I have always thought it was hard to maintain but have also felt that losing was easy.  I hope all goes as planned.  I may not weigh-in on Wednesday since it will be after a marathon but I will definitely go to the meeting.


So far so good on WW weight loss.

Life is getting better

Weight Watchers

I have been doing WW the way it is supposed to be done now for three full days.  I can feel the positive momentum building up and the negative habits slowly but surely losing ground to a healthy life.  I have not really went off the tracks to bad but I have definitely allowed some bad eating habits to emerge once again.  I am so thankful for all the encouragement and help that I receive from the readers.  I weighed the same at my weight watchers meeting last night basically and the momentum has not had a chance to really take “weight loss effect” yet.  In another week or so things should be rolling pretty good.


My running is progressing along just fine.  I did my speed-work last night and although it was difficult it was manageable even only two weeks after the 50 miler.  I have another hard run tonight and then a day off.  After that I am thrust into a HUGE running weekend.  I feel like my weight is impacting my running negatively.  I don’t weigh much more than I have in the past but even 8-10 lbs is a lot to carry for 26+ miles.  I can’t wait until I lose this weight again.


I feel like I am on an upswing in the emotional area.  I am starting to be more positive again.  I have my doubts about being able to lose my 10-15 pounds, but I am trying not to dwell on those.  Rather, I am trying very hard to stay positive and believe that all things are possible through Him who strengthens me.  I have a major tendency to get depressed and when I do things tend to fall apart for WW.  I get a bit hopeless without logical reason.  I am working through this.


WW update: I am feeling much better for now.

001Since Monday, I have been doing very well on WW.  I have been feeling much better physically and emotionally.  I am feeling so depressed as I was and my eating seems to be WAY more under control now.  I will still need to go to the grocery store tonight in order to keep prepared and organized, but so far I have done well.  I am currently in a points deficit for the week.  I have not really messed up at all and I have actually counted and eaten my points properly.  I have been taking notes and counting my points  in an actually notebook since Monday too.  I decided upon the suggestion of others on the journey to give it a shot.  It is a little more real than just enterting the info. into the computer at the WW site.  I like it and hope to be able to keep at it like this.  My food choices have been good ones too.  I have not stopped at the gas station for pepperoni or chips or donuts for a little bit now, this feels tremendously good.  I think I might be on my way to developing the good habits again and doing away with the old bad ones that crept up again.


More Golf!!

I played 18 hoes of golf yesterday after work.  I really enjoy playing golf mostly because it gets me out into some awesome natural beauty while challenging me as a person and athlete.  It is by far the hardest sport that I have ever undertaken.  Lately, this peculiar game has also challenged me as a person to be honest with myself so that I can grow and improve.  I have learned of late that if you lie to yourself and fudge your way through things, you just can’t really grow or improve at your potential.  You have to know the base line before you can improve it.  This goes the same for weight loss and health.  Maybe you are afraid to go to the doctors because you would rather lie to yourself that you are healthier than you are.  Maybe you don’t weigh or look in the mirror because you prefer to just believe some inaccurate construct that you have in your mind.  This is how I work sometimes at least and because of the crazy game of golf I am trying to change these things in me.  I am trying to get REAL HONEST so that I can know the truth and then work from there.  So although I did not play well yesterday, I kept score precisely according to the rules and shot a 103.  This is a far cry from my “FUDGED” high 80’s scores that I have been getting lately.  Now it was an off day, but it was a real day.  It also took so much pressure off of me to perform beyond what is realistic because I was just letting it be real.  Here are some pics that I took of the beauty.  And oh yeah, I burned around 700 calories because I walked the course this time.  Riding the course burns only around 400 calories per round.  Walking is much better for me.

Lewis River Golf Course 006

Lewis River Golf Course 001 (2)

Lewis River Golf Course 002

Lewis River Golf Course 003

Lewis River Golf Course 004

Lewis River Golf Course 005


WW is going alright.

Well, this morning I am just checking in to let you all know that my WW journey over the last couple of days has been going well.  Not perfect, but good.  Mainly, I have not been eating donuts and pepperoni after work.  THis is a major downfall of mine and it is the basic root cause of my slowly inclining weight.  I still weigh within my WW range but I am going to go at least 8 more pounds down.  I don’t feel that good at this weight.  I am not as defined muscularly, I don’t feel as “light” on my feet, and it just plain makes me paranoid. 

All of this is good motivation though and unfortunately on maintenance you have to gain to stay the same.  I am still getting used to this strategy as it is much easier for me to “just lose”.s


Being honest about yourself.

honest-beggarI need to be honest about who I am.  This is basic stuff that is easily forgotten.  I can try and convince myself that I am like someone else or that I have more “will power” than I actually do or that I am in perfect control but this gets me nowhere.  Being honest with myself will get me “somewhere” much closer to where I am trying to go.  This post is a spin off of yesterdays post. 

Let me give you a “word picture” of what it looks like when I am NOT honest with myself.  In my mind I start to think that I can do what I want with minimal consequences.  I mean shoot, lots of other people do it.  I say people eat whatever they want and stay think all the time and since I am NOW thin I can do the same.  I run a lot too so I have even more fudge room.  Anyway, so I start doing this and it works out for a little bit.  I start to become confident in my bodies ability fight off fat and not gain.  A week or two goes by and I have a gain but I blame it on a marathon or a long run.  This allows me to remain dishonest with my true personality.

Now let me give you what it looks like when I AM honest with myself.  I count what I eat because I know that weight loss, maintenance, and gain are all just dictated by a basic formula.  I even count the points that I eat during long runs and keep counting my points for the rest of the day after a maraton.  I may go a little hog wild but the next meal is right on track.  I never weigh myself because I can look at my numbers and know how I am doing because I have been honest with what I have consumed and burned.  I realize that it is not complicated to keep it off as long as I stay away from the junk that send me into the deep end.  To this end, I stay away from those things regardless of what I want or how much activity I have done.

Are you honest with yourself or do you believe your own little deceptions.  I believe the heck out of myself I tell ya.  Here are some basic statements that bring me back to reality.

  • I am pre-disposed to being addictive with food that have a high abuse potential.
  • I try and feel better by eating these foods but don’t end up accomplishing it.
  • I am a happier person when I am more rigid and experience success.
  • Junk food develops an addictive cycle in my life.
  • I need scheduled and organized grocery shopping outings.
  • I love to eat large quantities so I need to eat really healthy stuff so that I can.  Junky food or not, I am going to eat larger amounts.  I like bulk.
  • I never really missed the junk food that I am eating now when I was not eating it.  I wanted it in the “bad” moments but 15 minutes later the temptation was gone.

What about you guys?  Do you know yourself as a person and develop your eating and healthy living routine around the truth?


Running alone doesn’t keep the weight off!!

lisa_english_bulldog_running_123rfI know this might sound impossible but it is sooooo accurate.  Running/exercise will not keep you from gaining weight.  It can help you out a lot in the good fight for healthy but standing by itself it will not do it.  EATING! is the determining factor.  I mean you can gain, lose, or stay the same without exercise.  You might not be as healthy overall but your weight can be stablized or moved in the direction you desire.  Of course the best combination is using both exercise and proper eating to lose or maintain weight.  This is a hard lesson for me as a runner.  I dreamed of the possibility that running could offer me a carefree life regarding food and treats.  How far from reality my thinking was.

It is very easy to eat more than you burn while exercising.  Even after running 50 miles you can eat more calories than you burned even before you go to bed that night.  Here are some examples from real life calorie expenditures that I have experienced and what I could (and have) eat to still be able to gain.

  • 6 miles @ 7:28 pace= 857 calories.  My normal is to eat 3 maple bars.  This adds up to 1,380 calories.  I actually do this too!!!
  • Marathon @ 10:19 pace= 3,617 calories.  After this last marathon I ate: 32 oz of Mt. Dew @ 440 calories.  I then ate two sausages with buns: 1,100 calories.  I also had a two scoop ice cream cone at B&B: 565 calories.  So that is 2105 calories within about 2 hours of the marathon.  This does not include the 1,400 calories I ate during the marathon nor does it include my dinner and snacks later in the day.  So adding what I wrote up I have already consumed as many calories as I have burned just 2 hours after the race.

This are real life examples and it is here to prove to myself that eating is far more important in weight issues than is exercise for me.  I can do the exercise but I need to focus on proper eating again.  It is a myth that endurance  and vigorous exercise makes you hungry.  Good exercise actually supresses hunger.  It does not however supress the thoughts of entitlement to food though.  Hopefully you enjoyed a small journey into the depths of my life. HAHAHAHAHAHA


You better watch out.


This is just a simple fact.  There is a somewhat common phenomenon where I work.  There are a couple of positions at the company that utilize a large band-saw.  These employees are experts at using this saw.  They have used it in the same fashion thousands of times.  They can use this saw with there eyes closed.  But one thing is for sure.  THE MINUTE THAT THEY STOP RESPECTING THE SAW THEY LOSE A FINGER.   That is right.  They might not lose the entire finger but they will lose a good portion of it.  Why?  Because they stopped humbly respecting the fact that the saw does not care how good you are at using it.  It is going to cut what ever touches the blade.  So it goes with the health journey.  Eating bad and not exercising will take its toll regardless of how good you are at the journey itself.  You can’t change the rules.  Eating more than you burn will cause you to gain.  Eating crap will make you feel like crap.  Binges, donuts, large quantities of food will all make you move just a little further from health.  It might be slowly, but it will happen if you stop humbly respecting the fact that you need to use caution at all times.  Like with the saw.  New people never get hurt on the saw because they are scared to death of getting cut but the longer they use the saw without getting cut the more comfortable they get in their own abilities. 

Never stop being careful for your own health.


Gaining weight, WW, and …………

Enjoying the first fire in our new fire pit.  Chowing some watermelon.

Enjoying the first fire in our new fire pit. Chowing some watermelon.

I am doing great and I am doing bad and I am doing ok.  In general I have been doing great.  I have been having a great time with my wife over the past month doing fun things.  I had a horrible time at work for awhile as I crept up onto a huge audit that I was going to have at the end of may.  Now it’s over and I ACED the audit without any problems and got a very very high score.    I have been doing really well at my running too until this weekend that is.  My training is going on as intended and I have been improving nicely.  I have been enjoying it a lot too.


I don’t want to be honest. 🙂  I don’t want to tell it like it is. 🙂  I have to thought because you guys are cool.  I have to because I am going to weigh-in tomorrow regardless of what I want.

I swear I have probably had the hardest stretch of time on Weight Watchers in the last month.  It has been more difficult than any other stretch of time since I started program on December 13th, 2007.  I am not lying either.  Not even one day has been as hard or bad as the last month.  I just have not been doing that well with my eating and planning.  THE PROBLEM IS THAT I HAVE STILL BEEN LOSING WEIGHT AT EVERY WEIGH-IN THAT I GO TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  At first I thought that this was great but in reality it is not.  Not in my opinion at least.  Why?  Because to be doing not so good on program and still be losing weight is a sub-conscious license to keep doing not so good.  Permission to eat junk.  Permission to not count because “it’s working”!  I know for a fact that it is going to catch up with me.  I know for a fact that it is going to bring a significant gain at the scale.  It might even be this week I don’t know.


I don’t like how not doing so good on Weight Watchers makes me feel.  I feel more tired.  I feel more guilty.  I feel more nervous about failing in the journey.  I feel more helpless against the fat mind.  I feel like I am not healthy anymore.  I am still very healthy of course but I am walking the line.  I need to step away from the line.  I don’t even want to see the line in fact.  I want the line to be so far away that it and it’s danger non-existent to me.

I never weigh at home but this morning I did.  I weighed 190.  That was without clothes.  This was very discouraging.  This was very enlightening.  This was reality.  This was fact that disolved the deceptive power of my justifications to not do so well on program.

Basically I feel like pooooooooo about how I have been eating since the 40 miler.  I know I will get back on track (Starting today) but I still don’t like how it has been going.


My weight watchers weigh-in results. Who would have known!

SJ40 me running

Here I am around the 20 mile mark of the Strolling Jim 40 Miler

I had my weigh-in last night.  I was figuring that I would gain 5 pounds and I was actually ok with that.  I skipped last week because I have always gained after a big race but I normally don’t keep the post race eating spree going for another week.  This time I kept it going my friends.  I kept my bad eating going from Sunday May 3rd to Tuesday May12th.  I am not proud of this but I wanted to tell you all the bare bones truth.  For this reason, I was expecting a gain but I was just going to take it for what it was.

How did I do you may be asking yourself.  WELL, I WEIGHED IN AT 183.4 LBS.  That means I stayed exactly the same weight.  I did not lose an ounce nor gain an ounce.  What an amazing thing this is.  I am so happy about it but I am not allowing this to proof that I can eat whatever and not gain weight.  My body is stabilizing at it’s happy weight but I know that I can make that weight go up in no time if I don’t care about what I eat.  So the eating spree is over for now.  I am back on WW track today and feel really good about that.


One thing that I think might be the reason for why I did not gain is my perception of what an eating spree is.  Sure, these last two weeks have pretty much been off program but not in the same way as “off program” before WW.  Before WW, “off program” would have been a 3 foot log of summer sausage and half a pound of cheese each week.  It would have been a whole large pizza twice a week.  It would have been fried food after work but before dinner everyday.  It would have been a huge lunch out.  Now my “off program” is to eat pretty much on WW all day long and ate night I go off of program.  “Off program” now means that I might eat a small bag of chips on the way home from work before I work in the yard but I skip dinner because I am working.  It means that I go out to eat but don’t count my points but actually end up eating the salmon with veggies and might even have some of the bread.  It means that I snack on some crackers and eat several bites of my wife’s cake.  It means that I eat the more calorie packed subway sandwich instead of the loads of fried food.  I guess what I am trying to say but not justify, is that now when I go off program I am still eating a million times better as compared to when I was NEVER on program.

Does that make any sense.


Weight watchers tonight but no weigh-in for me!!

another afterTonight I am going to go to weight watchers but I am not going to weigh in.  I feel no need to see or know my weight after an ultra-marathon.  I have as a tradition always gained weight after such events so I am going to spare myself unneeded disappointment.  Even though I have always gained and things always even out later, I still know myself enough to know I will not like to “SEE” the gain.  I really don’t know exactly why I or anyone else would gain after running 40 miles but it is a reality.  Maybe it is swelling and water retention.  Maybe it is just plain stress reaction to the effort.  Who knows!!

After the meeting I of course am going to eat and watch the biggest loser with my sister.  Hopefully if time allows, I will post about my reaction to the final show before the finals in the morning.

Other than that, I am feeling much better muscle wise today.  My soreness will be completely gone by tomorrow and I am hoping that my stomach issues will be done by then too.  My wife says that my stomach always bothers me after ultr-marathons but I don’t recall it myself.  I guess that is why I keep doing them in the first place, I just don’t tend to remember the pain and suffering. HAHAHAHAHA


My weigh in results and weight loss program

Caped MaxWow!!  I forgot to tell you all about my weigh-in.  Before I get into the results.  I want to tell you about the overall week of weight watchers and my choice of goal weight.  As most of you know by now, I have changed my personal goal weight from 178 to 180-185.  I feel that this new “range” will be far easier to stay in than my previous goal.  I have tried and tried again to be lower than 180 and I just have not been able to get there for over a year.  I have given up on that now since I have been able to maintain 180-185 relatively easy for 1.5 years.

Now, last week on WW I counted my points very well during the work day (which happens to be most of my waking hours).  I am a very busy person here in my home state when the weather gets nice because I love to create and work in my yard.  Since it is nice out and day light longer, I have the light to work in the yard after work and even after running.  So I have been coming home and working in the yard but also been neglecting my eating.  I just don’t eat until late and then I tend not to count my points at that time.  I have been eating pretty good but just not counting at night.  Just kind of estimating.  Chicken, Tilapia, stuff my wife makes, veggies, sometimes a dessert, etc.  It has been kind of nice.  I was very curious to see what this would do to my body on the scale.

I also had a major mental victory on Tuesday because I just gave in a went off of my normal weigh-in day eating schedule.  I ate and drank right up to my weigh-in which I have not done since I started WW.  Usually I stop eating and drinking around 12:30 and then go to weigh-in around 5:30.  I just feel emptier I guess and that makes me feel more confident.  This time I did not do that so I expected a gain.  I did not gain though.   Well, I did a little.  I have stayed the exact same weight for three weeks now.  Week one= 183.4.  Week two= 183.2.  Week three= 183.4.  I am happy with these results.  Especially since I have been able to eat and live more comfortably now that I am not trying to get under the 180’s.

That is all for now.  I think I rambled a lot so hopefully you all understand what the heck I am talking about. HAHAHAHA


My weight loss and weight maintenance journey in a picture

This about sums it up.  Lots of ups and downs but full of adventure all at the same time.

This about sums it up. Lots of ups and downs but full of adventure all at the same time.


Having an up hill battle!!

stolling-jim-roadI feel like my eating is a constant up hill climb lately.  Not that I have been eating horribly but I have just had such a hard time getting going with my WW counting.  Since I am a bit gung ho about the things I do, I have been more focused on the landscaping than the eating.  This is not such a bad thing though, it is good to get the obsession of my mind off of food and dieting for a while.  I think it is part of a healthy balance in life but it is also scary at the same time.  I don’t like it I guess. 

So I eat great at work and I go home on Mondays to work in the yard.  It get a lot done but by the time I go in it is to late to really do a full dinner so I have to eat something quick.  Then I go to bed.  Maybe it is because I am not doing my normal little routine I don’t know.  All I do know is that I hope I do ok at my weigh in this week by staying within my 180-185 range.    I would be happy with that.  I know that I have not been eating that great when I come to weigh-in not knowing what the results will be.  It is just a guess which my means I have been guessing with my points to much also. HAHAH

I am sooo sore!

My neck, back, arms, legs, everything is just sore.  Since Saturday I have been sore.  I moved all of the flagstone and put it in place.  I have not “planted” it but I had a friend there to help me lift them on to a wheel barrow.  These were some very heavy pieces.  That was on Saturday.  On Friday I had a speed work out that when great but left me a bit sore on Saturday morning before I moved the stone.  I worked my legs a lot pushing the stone in the cart.  Then on Sunday I had a long run of 15 miles at race pace which furthered my soreness.  Now Monday and Tuesday come and I am still sore. HAHA  Guess I have been working hard.


Surprise dinner attack

farrars-bistroThursday night presented me with a lovely yet challenging dinner out with my wife Audrey.  How could I say no to my beautiful wife just because I didn’t have that many points left.  I had to make it work and I think I did a pretty good job.  We went to a special little bistro in our town that my wife just loves.  I wanted it to be special for her so I “tried” not to grumble about my points to much.  The menu was limited but I took control of the situation by requesting my dinner to be prepared the way I need it to be prepared.

Normally this is very uncomfortable but I only had 8 points left for the day.  I also ran 6 miles which gave me 6 activity points for the day.  That moved me up into the 14 points for dinner range.  That may seem like a lot of points but for eating dinner out it is not that many at all.  Here is what I ordered:

  • 8 oz portion of salmon (9 points)
  • Small sweet potato (3 points)
  • Half of a roll (2 points)

So there you have it.  I did not eat the veggies because I knew they were prepared with butter and cheese.  I had forgotten to tell them not to put that stuff on the veggies.  I did tell them no butter or oil for the salmon and the potato.  Always remember if you order salmon at a restaurant.  They cook it and then put a pile of butter on top of it to keep it nice and moist until you get it.  The butter is completely melted by the time you see it so you may not have known this.

All in all I did very well and was pleased that I got to be with my wife at one of her favorite places.  I stayed within my points perfectly by using my activity points.  This is WW in a real life situation.  I had no time to plan but I had the courage to ask for my meal the way I needed it.


Tonights the night.

scared-face-002My weigh-in is tonight.  If I can keep my gain to 3 pounds or less I will be happy.  Of course I don’t want to gain but I have to pay the price of how I treated myself food wise.  I have not done that good in the past two weeks.  I lost my focus a bit but I am back in the game now.  I am worried about the weigh-in as I am every week pretty much but I really have no reason to be. You see, a gain or a loss or a stay the same is basically just a feedback.  Whatever happens on the scale, if I just match it up with my WW behaviors over the week, I will have just a little more knowledge of what I can or can’t do on this journey.  A gain is always hard to see but it is a good thing in a way because I can learn from it.  My wisdom of my body and my journey can became more sound.

I did pretty good last night but at this point I don’t care because I just have 12 hours to go and tomorrow is a fresh and new day.  I look forward to that very much.  I am not going to gain any fat between last night and tonight.  It is what it is and I will learn from it.  Gain or Loss.


I did it again! No bueno on the weight watchers program

weight_watchers1I did good during the day but blew up at night again.  I did not eat totally horrible or binge on junk, but I did not count my points.  For dinner I ate a large handful of peanuts, three pieces of 1 point turkey sticks, and some Calzone.  It was a yummy dinner but I have no idea how many points I ate and if you don’t know how many points you have eaten then you are not on program.  I was not on program.  The guilt hit me pretty good for a while.  I was feeling pretty bad because I could have just counted my points and all would have been well.  This means I have not been doing great on weight watchers now for about 5 days.

I did have a great hill workout last night though.  Things went well but it was just as hard as the last time I dabbled in the hills.  I did a lot better this time and was able to keep up my pace at around 6:30-40 miles for about .35 miles each rep.  This was a big improvement over the last episode of hills.  Man was it hard though.  My legs just burned like mad and I was breathing up a storm.  HAHAHA

Good on one aspect of health and not so good on the other.  So goes the journey for jason.


I was a baaaaad boy!

fat-dog1Why was I a baaaad boy?  I skipped my WW meeting last night.  Yeah, I know I should have went, but all of you keep telling me to stop being so hard on myself I though I would just take it easy. 🙂  HAHAHA  Just kidding about that part.  I just skipped because I wanted to.  I ran 35 miles on Sunday and I never have a good weigh-in after long runs like that.  Also, my mom and sister could not make it so I just went home and built another flagstone pathway that goes from the side of my deck to the lawn.  I have wanted to do that for a long long time.  I did not feel guilty for skipping at all.  My requirement to be considered “on program” as a maintainer is to go once per month.  I have skipped about one meeting every three months or so in my minds estimation.

Anyways, I am doing well on WW today and feel good about have a big running week while eating healthy.  I have not been doing to good with my eating lately but I will get it all back under control today and move on.

How about you guys who have kind of been “off” lately.  Are you getting back on track?


Bit of a struggle on WW.

Caped MaxI have been having a hard time with my eating since Saturday.  I know it is because in my mind I have given myself permission in a way because of the 35 mile long run that I did.  However, this is no excuse for not counting or eating healthy.  I count really good all day until I get home.  When I get home I jump right into working and don’t eat anything.  Then, around 8 o’clock I eat.  I have been eating my kind of regular dinner stuff but also snacking on junky stuff too.  I have my weigh-in tonight and am not thinking that it is going to go very well. 

I am also going to where jeans at my weigh-in for the first time since I started Weight Watchers.  This freaks me out but I figure it is about time I stop worrying about what clothes I wear to my meeting.  Anyways, chocolate coverd peanuts have been the evil predetor to my healthy efforts these last couple of days.


Weight watchers and running weekend recap.

Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

I did not eat on program this weekend at all.  I did do my run though.  I am hoping that my run cancels out my bad eating for the last two days.  The past week at work has been stressful to the max and it really took a tool on me.  I was also stressed out about things I wanted to get done at home but felt that I did not have enough time to do them.

Now to the long run.  I had to go into work on Sunday which sucked but at least I just had to show up and open the building.  Then I got to take off on my run while stuff was getting done.  I ran 35 miles on Sunday.  It was not easy to do this run.  I woke up Sunday morning with sore legs and back from working in the fire pit for the last couple of days.  My legs were tired from the very start of the run.  I never gave up though and the run took me around 5 hrs and 45 minutes to finish.  I was happy with that.  Since I was running in the town were my work is I had to do a lot of repetitive loops and that made the run pretty difficult mentally.  It was not easy to keep passing up my truck and not just call it a day.  My foot gave me no problems either.  Overall it was a true ultra-running experience laden with lots of physical and mental challenges.

The day before I ate bad with the excuse that I was going to burn it all off in my long run the next day.  So what did I eat?  I went to my old evil stand by of some donuts and I also ate a fast food bacon cheeseburger.  I have not had one of those for about 2 years.  It hurt my stomach a lot once I was finish and it was kind of disappointing in the end.  Before my long run I ate 1 banana and some coffee.  That is all I ate until about 3:30 Sunday afternoon.  As soon as the run was over I went home and mowed the lawn and sprayed for weeds so I never really wanted to eat anything because I was focused on getting a job done that really really needed to be done.  When I finally did eat, I had Caesar salad, two bread sticks, a small cup of chili, one cornbread muffin, macaroni and cheese, and a bowl of ice cream with nuts on it.  Later Sunday night I had pizza and chocolate covered peanuts for dinner.  That was it for the day as far as eating went.

I slept like a baby.  I am a little sore today but not really to bad at all.  Hopefully I won’t be more sore tomorrow.  I am usually the most sore on day two after a hard workout.