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Funny habit: I’m still adjusting my shirt after losing the big belly:)

Over weight belly

I realized the other day that I carried with me a funny habit through the weight loss process into the present maintenance stage.  It is a familiar habit.  So familiar that I didn’t even realize that I still did it.  This habit is one that I think just about every over-weight or self-conscious person does.  What is it you ask?


The shirt adjustment is performed when you sit down, position yourself comfortably, and pull your shirt away from your stomach as to minimize the appearance of its size.  You know what I mean.  Men and women both do it.  It is what we do to feel better about our stomachs.

I still find myself performing this most important task.  Even after going from a jean size of 44 to a size 32, I still do it.  When I sit down, I pull my shirt away from my stomach so that it looks more loose.  I didn’t realize how ingrained my old habits were.  Just a silly post about something funny a discovered myself doing.


Secret cake and unlearning bad eating habits

Weight Maintenance after workLast night I did not, as my WW leader says, Stop-Rest-Assess.  I ate my dinner, walked briskly to the pantry, and helped myself to a large piece of left-over cake that my wife made for our family christmas gathering last weekend.  Not only did I eat the cake, but I ate it in the pantry secretly where my wife couldn’t see me from her vantage point in the living room.  I don’t necessarily even like cake.  In my mind, the lie of getting my weight maintenance program going correctly after the next weigh-in (Wednesday’s) was running rampant.  I should have “Stopped-Rested-and Assessed”.

I re-learned so many bad habits while I was training for the  Rocky Raccoon 100 mile endurance run.  I wish I never started running that much sometimes. I gave up the pursuit as to give my wife and my life more of me.  The thing is, the 15 hours of running that I did every week unknowingly gave my “fat” mind the license to not Stop-Rest-and Assess before I ate.  I knew that I could manage having extra points because I was getting like 100+ activity points a week.

I am having a tough time getting back to the good habits learned while I was losing the 130lbs.  I don’t run as much now (which is probably a good and balanced decision) so I need to keep better track of what I am putting in the “cake hole”.  One thing I know for sure though, and the blog is helping me with this, NO SECRET EATING ALLOWED.  This is a very unhealthy habit.

I am going to pop back up and get going the healthy way.  Thank God I have good support from my wife.  I told her about the cake and we threw it and some other tempting food away right then and there.  I get scared of gaining it back sometimes, but I can see very plainly that I am not where I used to be, but I still have so far to go.


I blundered my weight loss program, but I’m getting up now.


I botched it up, fell off the wagon, backslid, and blundered my plan.  Well, it wasn’t that horrible.  It was just a moment, a couple of hours.  I consumed a significant amount of junk, stuff I usually stay totally away from.  As you can see from the picture above, cookies were a big part of my blunder.  At work I got this enormous gift pack of candy, cookies, pretzels, etc.  It must have weighed like 20 lbs.  I kept SNACKING.  Overtime I had eaten a whole lotta nothin (Well, nothin that was good for me).

WEIGHT LOSS BLUNDER.  It happens to all of us.  It is a normal part of our growth process.  We can’t reach our goals without messing up so we might as well prepare ahead of time for them.  It is important to have a game plan in place for these instances.  What I really wanted to post about was what we do with the screw up.  Continue reading ‘I blundered my weight loss program, but I’m getting up now.’


Getting to the starting line! What a victory.


Getting to the starting line is the greatest victory of all.  It does not matter what the goal, just starting to move towards the attainment of that goal is the hugest step.  For me, I was always going to start my weight loss, exercise, quitting bad habits, etc. on Monday.  Well, Monday just never seemed to come around.  It is funny and sick to think that I went for YEARS waiting for that Monday to come around.

After I lost about 60lbs, I started to train for a marathon.  Since then, I have finished many marathons.  During this whole process of becoming healthy and fit, I learned that making it to the starting line of a marathon is so much bigger than people realize.  It takes a lot of preparation to get to the starting line.  It is the same for weight loss.  I needed to overcome many hurdles just to get started.  Nobody wants to start because that is where they have to face the demons that hold them back.  The things that they fear will prevent them from finishing or reaching their goal weight.  The things that they fear they won’t be able to change.  Thoughts like “Maybe I can lose the weight, but I probably won’t keep it off, so why start.”  In my 50 mile race that I finished in around 12 hours, I was scared to death at the starting line, but I was there.  I could never have finished running 50 miles if I hadn’t been at the starting line.  Now I understand that a 50 miler is extreme, but the lesson is the same.  You have to overcome to get to the starting line, and then you take one step after another until you reach the goal.  For Weight Watchers, my sister talked me into going for the first time.  I did not want to start on a Wednesday, I wanted to start on Monday.  We both knew that Monday would not come though, so we started on Wednesday.  Thank God for that.  I was afraid, I was embarrased to get my fat self on the scale in front of  people, I thought I was too fat to go, I had all kinds of hurdles that I had to get over.  I did make it to that first weigh in.  After that I just kept taking one step at a time until I lost 133lbs and totally changed my health and body.

I know it can be scary to start a new life when you have so many doubts about making it to the finish line.  I want to encourage everyone that is starting a new life of health that the place you are right now is such a big win for you.  You have overcome so much junk in order to finally start.  Hey, just deciding not to wait until Monday is huge. Keep it up, even if you doubt making it to goal, just keep it up.  Don’t think too far ahead.  Make the small choice today and put one foot in front of the other.  You are on the road to a new life.