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Feet Before and After: Warning, not very attractive.

As you have already read, I DNF’d at 63 miles because my blisters on the balls of my feet was just to much for me.  I took pics before and after of my feet just to see.  The pics don’t do justice as far as the pain goes.  They really don’t look to bad in the pics.  I had deep blisters from my big toe to my little toe that completely covered the pad or ball of me foot.  On my left foot, the blistering was so bad that it was pushing my last three toes up.  I also had a bad blister underneath on of my toe nails so that my nail is actually still just sitting on the blister and not even attached to my foot really.  It will fall off soon and is just about to today.  Take a look if you want.

So you can see that my toe nails are already black from the training. They are just about to fall off even before the race.

Just another pre-race view of the feet

This is a pic of my feet at 40 miles. I was not having to many problems at that point. But the fine sandy dirt made its way into my shoes to cause a lot of irritation. i was cleaning my feet here and changing socks.

Just a little foot massage before I went to the medical tent for the blisters. You can see the bad ones under my last three toes as well as the one under my toe nail. This is at 60 miles

In the room after my DNF departure

You can see the medical tents handy work in this pic. They used second skin and duct tape. Much of the blister was deep so you can't really see it.