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When you see a “big” person out there exercising think twice

IMG_20140927_103153678Today while I was out for my 6 hour jaunt to train for my 24 hour race coming up in December, I had to chuckle to myself.  One thing that I do now when I talk about my running is I usually only give the amount of time or the distance but not both.  It automatically causes a person to judge me or themselves.  Really it is all irrelevant.  The important part is that YOU or ME is out there.  That’s what counts. Anyway, so sometimes I will get passed by a “faster” runner, orrrrrrrrr……….I will pass a “slower” runner.  I have learned over time is that things are not always as they appear.  That fast person might be running a mile as fast as they can and I am on my 5th hour out there and feeling grumpy.  Or, that person I pass might be getting past the longest they have ever gone and I am on my faster weekly run.  My point is that it’s important to remember that everyone is in their own place on the fitness journey and us looking from the outside have no idea where that is.