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The hurt involved in being a failure. Friendly big people.

It hurts to be fat.  It hurts to fail at losing.  It hurts to not get what I am seeking for when I binge on food to feel better.  It just plain hurts to see thin people and hate my own body. 

What is all of this about you ask?  It is about a simple little thing that I have learned that life can do to you if you let it.  It can mold you into a compassionate and loving person.  Yes, it can make you into a bitter evil minded person who everyone hates if you let it, but life doesn’t want to make you that way.  I have found it most interesting that sometimes big people are nicer than the “beautiful people”.  I was thinking on this subject for weeks.  Pondering why this would be and I have come to my own little conclusion:  It hurts to be fat!!! Continue reading ‘The hurt involved in being a failure. Friendly big people.’