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Winning the biggest loser. How does one pull it off?

the-biggest-loserThe biggest loser is more dramatic as far as game play goes than I have ever seen it.  I was either totally enmeshed in the emotion of the contestants losing weight in previous seasons that I did not notice the game play or this season is over the top on this aspect.  It is highly interesting to me being a psychology graduate to see people evolve and show their true colors as the pressure builds.  I still have to say that I totally love Kristen because she seems to have the best strategy in mind:  LOSE WEIGHT AND STAY ABOVE THE YELLOW LINE.  Maybe she has deceived me into thinking this but it appears that her attitude is right one.

Wow!!  That is all I have to say about Ron and the cousins.  What a firey battle they were in over the week.  And although I just don’t like Tara, she STILL is proving to be the contestant with the most “fight” in her.  It is great to watch her determination.  I did have to laugh though when Tara’s partner was so wanting to have the power  but when the power came she was just not able to handle it because she seemed to forget that with authority and power comes a lot of responsiblity.  You call the shots, you get the blame. HAHAHA 

I am interested to see how it all works out.  What do you all think?