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Have fun with weight loss this week: What’s to come!

Hi guys, I just wanted to put up a post to give you a sneak peak at some of the posts that will be going up this next week.. I hope you can come by and enjoy.  Thanks for all of you support, conversation, inspiration, and information.  Here are some of the topic for next week.

  • Weight loss and exercise with your heart rate in mind
  • Super Skinny Super Models: Give me something beefier!  Another rant No heart rate monitor, use this method to stay in the “fat burning zone”
  • Healthy eats & Good treats
  • weight loss lies: I lie to myself about food
  • Simple ways I increased my activity for weight loss

That’s good for now.  Have a good rest of the weekend and I will see you soon.


More on body image, fat, and weight loss

Caped Max

Still feeling bad about you body.  Take a look at these two blogs for more post on body image.  I just wanted to put this tiny little post up so that you could have the opportunity to check out a couple more posts on body image.  They are great ladies, post a comment and give support.  Good blogging to you.


and also


Body Image: Will I ever accept mine?


Like the cartoon above, often times I see myself appearing bigger than I really am.  Obviously, looking at my before and after pics, I don’t look like I used to.  Regardless of that fact, I still feel fat sometimes and I struggle with accepting my body.  My wife can tell me I am a HOT! husband, my mom can tell me I’m handsome, people at work can tell me I look great, but I am stilling learning to say these things to myself.  I never want to accept being overweight and unhealthy, but I would like to improve the way I think about how my body looks. 

How do you deal with this issue?

Below is a short BODY IMAGE ACCEPTANCE TEST and then a good article on HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR BODY IMAGE. Continue reading ‘Body Image: Will I ever accept mine?’