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Stop cheating while losing weight once and for all!

cheaterGet rid of your cheating mindset once and for all.  You never have to cheat on your weight loss program again.  Let me explain to you how you can do it.  You might think I am crazy but this is a weight loss journey life saver and life changer.

So often we give up hope and feel guilty because we “cheat”.   In Webster’s dictionary, to cheat means to rob by deceit or to violate the rules dishonestly.  Stay with me here.  Lets say you are doing good on you weight loss program today, then you end up at the mini-mart and you just happen to buy and then eat a wonderful deep friend beef burrito.  Whoa, taboo food!  Not the best choice, but you walk out of the store, get in your car, open your weight watchers book to see how many points are in a deep fried beef burrito, and then you record it towards you daily allowance as you savour the last bite.  Was this “cheating”?  Did you deceive yourself, were you dishonest?  No you weren’t.

Here is one of the greatest secrets that I ever learned about the weight loss journey:  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CHEATING IF YOU COUNT IT!

The whole concept is just in our minds.  There is no way we can go forever not eating things we like.  We can’t tell ourselves that we don’t like these things.  We just have to practice moderation and count the points/calories when we do eat these “taboo foods”.  If our burrito takes almost all of our points for the day, we pay the price and eat veggies only for dinner or something.  We make the choice.  Here is a little bullet chart of what a “cheater” isn’t.  Hope you enjoy it.

You’re not cheating if:

  • You count it when you eat it, lick it, taste it, nibble it, etc.
  • Plan ahead to indulge.
  • If you realize that no foods are “illegal”.  When people ask you, “Can you have this/that?”  You tell them yes but that you are choosing not to today because……….
  • If you aren’t lying to yourself about how many points/calories it has.
  • You let yourself truly enjoy moderation in “ALL” foods.

I tell you guys, this truly changed my weight loss paradigm.  We never have to cheat again.  Doesn’t this just open up the whole world of weight loss and help us realize that this thing is livable, doable, attainable.  If we count it then we are not cheating.  If we don’t count it, we are only cheating ouselves.  Nobody around really cares that much so we don’t need to lie to ourselves(not that easy to do I don’t think).  Don’t let the “cheat” you did burden you down with guilt.  That will just start more unhealthy eating.