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Fast running, dinner preparation for my wife, and nii-nite.

Donuts with Audrey 2I just love my wife.  She is such a hard worker.  We both are really.  On Tuesday and Wednesday she gets home later than normal so I try to make her dinner.  I make boring food but it is ready when she gets there.  I made her Brussels sprouts, chicken, and special fried potatoes how she likes them.  She appreciated it and that made me feel soo good.

Before I got home I did a 7 mile race pace run.  As I have said before this is my 40 miler race pace that I will be shooting for between my walk breaks.  I ran 7 miles at an 8:47 pace.  It is getting easier now so I must be getting in better shape.  That is exciting and to think that I was able to do it only three days after a 25 mile long run just makes me ecstatic.   The run went very well but between miles 4 and 5 it was really hard.  Other than that is was smooth sailing.

When I got home I immediately jumped into making dinner.  I made myself eggs instead of chicken.  I man can only take so much chicken and I eat it everyday.  HAHAHA  While I was cooking I snacked on Salsa and carrots chips (Thanks mommymeepa).  That held me over until my food was done. 

After dinner I made popcorn and had a WW fudge bar.  I hit my points perfectly for the day.  Our air popper was broken so Audrey made popcorn the old fashioned way and did it in a pan.  It was fun.  We laughed because this is how everyone used to do it I guess but it was our first time.  The day was good in general and in terms of WW.