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Surprise dinner attack

farrars-bistroThursday night presented me with a lovely yet challenging dinner out with my wife Audrey.  How could I say no to my beautiful wife just because I didn’t have that many points left.  I had to make it work and I think I did a pretty good job.  We went to a special little bistro in our town that my wife just loves.  I wanted it to be special for her so I “tried” not to grumble about my points to much.  The menu was limited but I took control of the situation by requesting my dinner to be prepared the way I need it to be prepared.

Normally this is very uncomfortable but I only had 8 points left for the day.  I also ran 6 miles which gave me 6 activity points for the day.  That moved me up into the 14 points for dinner range.  That may seem like a lot of points but for eating dinner out it is not that many at all.  Here is what I ordered:

  • 8 oz portion of salmon (9 points)
  • Small sweet potato (3 points)
  • Half of a roll (2 points)

So there you have it.  I did not eat the veggies because I knew they were prepared with butter and cheese.  I had forgotten to tell them not to put that stuff on the veggies.  I did tell them no butter or oil for the salmon and the potato.  Always remember if you order salmon at a restaurant.  They cook it and then put a pile of butter on top of it to keep it nice and moist until you get it.  The butter is completely melted by the time you see it so you may not have known this.

All in all I did very well and was pleased that I got to be with my wife at one of her favorite places.  I stayed within my points perfectly by using my activity points.  This is WW in a real life situation.  I had no time to plan but I had the courage to ask for my meal the way I needed it.