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My secret to successful weight loss. It wasn’t all my fault!


I made it to goal alright.  It was a fascinating journey all the way there.  There were ups and downs and flat boring spots.  It only took about a year but at the same time it felt like a lifetime.  In this post I wanted to let you in on a secret to my weight loss success.  Are you ready?




I DIDN’T DO IT ALONE.  That’s right.  It wasn’t just my success.  Sure I had to choose, sure I had to eat the right stuff, sure I had to move more, but I couldn’t have done those things without others on  my side.  I had my sister who got me started, I had the rest of my family cheering me on (sometimes),  my wife helped me, the ladies at the WW meetings helped (lots of encouragement and positive reinforcement there), the WW leader helped a ton with her nice words.  One of the most important things she says is this, “If you could do it on your own, you would have done it a long time ago.”

Sure, some people do it on their own.  I did, like 10 times, and gained it back right away:)  Now, as I work my booty off to maintain, I still have people on my side.  My sisters, mom, and I still talk about our plan to do WW for the week.  My wife listens as I share my struggles.  The blog, the readers, the comments, the love, it all helps.  If you don’t have anyone on your side, I am sure the people that visit this blog will take you under their wings.  They are good people moving towards a good goal.

Help someone on their journey today.  And I thank you so much for helping me on mine.


Back in action. Doing good with my weight loss lifestyle

Mile 37Do I look tired?  Well, I was.  This is mile 37 of 50 at the White River 50 mile Championships.  I feel the same way right now, tired. Tired of not having my weight loss plan organized.  Tired of tasting this or that, nibble on those No-No’s, toeing the line and not counting the points.  That is a good thing though.  I feel refreshed and ready for action again.  I am moving on.  That was then and this is now.  I feel great today.  I did great yesterday during the war with the pizza.  I kept within my daily points perfectly.  My sister and I are going to a Tuesday meeting since ours is canceled “AGAIN” on Wednesday.  This is a big victory in itself.  I always make the excuse that other meetings are not “MY” meeting.  Who cares about that.  I have to go.  I want to go.

Also, I have read many blogs in the past couple of days.  Many of which are regular visitors here.  There is a common theme, which is normal this time of year, the theme is “Oh my gosh.  I have drifted away from the road to health a little bit.  I need/I want to get back on track. I don’t like how I look. I don’t like how I feel, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.”

YOU’RE NOT ALONE.  Hey, it’s the end of the year.  We are looking forward to a fresh start even if we are in the middle of our journey.  It’s OK.  We’re moving on towards our goals.  We are going to make great changes to our bodies this coming year.  DON’T GET TO NEGATIVE & DON’T GIVE UP.  We have a wonderful opportunity to get what we want.  We are positioned perfectly.  Good job everyone.  Oh ya, good job me too.




LOOKS GOOD DOESN’T IT!?  No, I didn’t eat the first half.  Actually, the company (my job) bought it for us to eat.  It happens just about every week.  I was having a very fragile moment (I wanted to eat the first half) so I picked up the camera and took a picture instead of a piece.  I figured if I blogged about it I wouldn’t fall into the temptation.  I am mad though.  I want to be able to eat whatever the heck I want, but I know it is not best.  I don’t have the points to even have one piece.  Even if I did, I would still try not to since the way it has been lately I don’t think I’d stop at one piece:)  Anyways, I won this little battle so far.


10 ways a skinny spouse can help their over weight partner lose.


My naturally thin wife

My naturally thin wife

A lot of us who are trying to lose weight or maintain our losses have spouses that are different than us.  I am sure that a few of those differences may have just popped into your mind right now.


One of those differences, as you can see from the picture, is sometimes our spouse is naturally thin.  Don’t get me wrong, my wife makes great food choices most of the time and she exercises, but she has never really had a problem like me.  Not sure if it is because she isn’t addict to the comfort of food or genetics or what.  The reality is that it is up to each person to make a decision to lose weight and keep it off.  But hey, a little help never hurt.  Anyways, here are a few things that my wife did during and after my weight loss that helped me reach  my goal. 

  1. She loved me and never made fun of me when I was fat
  2. She never tried to force me to lose weight.  She did tell me her concerns regarding my health, but never emphasized the fattness.
  3. She gave me lots of  positive encouragement about going to weight watchers.
  4. She stopped buying the foods that really, really tempted me
  5. She hid the foods that she loved that I was trying not to eat.
  6. She exercised with me at least a couple of times per week
  7. Until I gained enough experience and strength, she allowed me to pick resturants that were “safe”
  8. She participated in my journey by going to my 10%, goal, and lifetime meetings.
  9. She reminded me that I was attractive to her before and after.
  10. She never gave up on me.

Secret cake and unlearning bad eating habits

Weight Maintenance after workLast night I did not, as my WW leader says, Stop-Rest-Assess.  I ate my dinner, walked briskly to the pantry, and helped myself to a large piece of left-over cake that my wife made for our family christmas gathering last weekend.  Not only did I eat the cake, but I ate it in the pantry secretly where my wife couldn’t see me from her vantage point in the living room.  I don’t necessarily even like cake.  In my mind, the lie of getting my weight maintenance program going correctly after the next weigh-in (Wednesday’s) was running rampant.  I should have “Stopped-Rested-and Assessed”.

I re-learned so many bad habits while I was training for the  Rocky Raccoon 100 mile endurance run.  I wish I never started running that much sometimes. I gave up the pursuit as to give my wife and my life more of me.  The thing is, the 15 hours of running that I did every week unknowingly gave my “fat” mind the license to not Stop-Rest-and Assess before I ate.  I knew that I could manage having extra points because I was getting like 100+ activity points a week.

I am having a tough time getting back to the good habits learned while I was losing the 130lbs.  I don’t run as much now (which is probably a good and balanced decision) so I need to keep better track of what I am putting in the “cake hole”.  One thing I know for sure though, and the blog is helping me with this, NO SECRET EATING ALLOWED.  This is a very unhealthy habit.

I am going to pop back up and get going the healthy way.  Thank God I have good support from my wife.  I told her about the cake and we threw it and some other tempting food away right then and there.  I get scared of gaining it back sometimes, but I can see very plainly that I am not where I used to be, but I still have so far to go.


Self Sabotage and weight loss

sabotageWell, I sabotaged myself last night by making every excuse not to go to my weight watchers meeting.  Yes, it was snowing, but the roads were certainly clear enough to go to the meeting and the temps were going up instead of down.

Why is it that we sabotage ourselves?  I know that I can’t lose the weight or keep it off all by myself.  I know that the journey is not as fun without brothers and sisters walking with me. We get this goal in mind but try and drudge up every reason why we can’t attain it.    The definition of sabotage is to wreck or destroy a government.  If we self-sabotage, we wreck and destroy our dreams for our lives.  We can attain our goals.  We don’t have to wreck our own dreams.  I guess I just have to remember that nobody else is going to keep those 130lbs off of my body.  It has to be me, I have to choose health.  As with many things in life, we need to go after what we want.  Climbing the obstacles, learning from our mistakes, stop making excuses, and going after the goal no matter what.  After all, our goal is an important one.  To create a happier and more fulfilling life by improving our health.

I am choosing health today.  How about you?

My before and after weight loss pics


Running in the snow and getting to weight watchers meeting


The snow is here.  I would like to take a run tonight if I can.  I will have to wait and see what my street looks like at home.  My big concern though, is making it to my weight watchers meeting tonight.  Not sure if I will or not.  I really really need it, but I am trying to talk myself out of both.   This is my first pic of our first snow of the season.


Most definately not going to WW tonight  nor am I going running.  Mucho accidents and freezing rain on its way.  I might even get to sleep at work tonight.  Hopefully my WW leader can forgive me. HAHA


HELP! Grandma’s PB fudge is killing me! It’s still tough after 2 years and over 130lbs down


About two months ago, I stopped training for a 100 mile Ultra-marathon so that I could spend more time with my wife and do other things. Since then, I have had a tough time staying on my WW plan. My activity also dropped a lot but I am now getting back into the flow of running again. It is just so different not have this huge and amazing goal ahead. Now I have to get out there for fitness. The change is nice. I have realized that I learned many bad habits again while training for the 100 miler. I was running so much that I could pretty much eat what I wanted. I did not go crazy but I did not count my points that well. I gotta get back on track.

Now, I have the PB fudge sitting in the drawer calling to me at every pass.  How evil the PB fudge is.