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Step-by-step temptation pictorial

I thought of this idea the other day when I was going to the break room to get a “POP”. I think you guys will find some fun and joy in this post. Most likely you will identify with it really well too. I will have a picture and then a little blurb narrating my thoughts at that point.

Break room temptation 1

“Boy am I thirsty for a good ‘ol Diet Coke.  Ya, I’m gonna go get a Diet Coke”

Breakroom temptation 2

“OH MY!!  What are those things on top of that person’s lunchbox.  I know they are not mine, but maybe I should take a closer look.  It looks like maybe they are cookies.”

Breakroom temptation 3

“Ewh yeah!!  They are cookies.  Is anybody watching I wonder.  Should I just have one.  They will probably think it was just someone else who stold their cookie.  I wonder what kind they are????”

Breakroom temptation 4

“Should I or shouldn’t I.  They look like maybe they are vanilla or maybe possibly lemon.  I like those kind good enough.  Nobody’s around either.”

Breakroom temptation 5

“The fatty goodness is just glaring out at me.  I think I can smell the sugar.  I wonder what kind they are.  Only taste will tell.  I think I will go for it!!  But they aren’t mine.” 

Laughing nervously. 

“Maybe I should just move on to the “POP” machine.”

Breakroom temptation 5

I watch the cookies carefully as I pass by them saying, “I guess I should leave them alone.  They aren’t mine anyway.  Maybe I’ll grab one on the way out of the breakroom.”

Breakroom temptation 6

Almost at the “POP” machine I finally say, “OK, I am not going to do it.  I’m gonna leave them alone.  That is that!”

Breakroom temptation 7

I made it to the “POP” machine and get my Diet Coke.  I proceeded to my office without stealing some persons lonely cookies.  HAHAHAHA  I thought you guys might find this funny.

Do you ever have those moments where you pass by the yummies in slow motion and talk to yourself?   HAHAHAHA


Win a run4change T-shirt. Why I felt amazing here, contest!!!

eye-001Contest Time




So many of you mentioned that you loved one of the most popular posts here at run4change.  Some of you thought that the post theme would make a great T-shirt.  Then, one of you mentioned that the cool T-shirt should be the prize for the winner of a contest held here at the blog.  So I did a contest to see who could come up with a great contest idea and you all voted on the one that you thought I should use for this contest.  Here is the idea that you voted for me to use for this T-shirt contest:

How about submitting a pic with a short description: “Why I felt amazing here.” It could be a way to focus on times when we FELT great regardless of size/appearance.

You loved the idea and so did I.  So now it is time for the contest.  Read on to find out how you can participate and win a run4change T-shirt (I will be getting the shirt made after the contest is over so I know what sizes to get).

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And the winner is! Contest #1 Results

Contest TimeThe votes are in and the first contest is over.  Ideas came from everywhere and they were fun and enjoyable to read.  I am so appreciative of all your participation in the contest.  I will be announcing the winner in this post.  This contest idea will be used for contest #2.  I will talk about contest #2 in another post.  The winner of this contest is an awesome, fun, and smart woman.  She makes me laugh and I really enjoy reading her blog.  Her name is Vani and she’s a beautiful person who wants to get fit for free. HAHAH 🙂  

Here are the top 4 ideas: Continue reading ‘And the winner is! Contest #1 Results’


Seven Weird Things About… Me

This is a stolen idea.  I stole it from someone who stole it from someone. HAHA  Thanks for the fun idea.  I don’t consider myself the funnest person so any fun ideas I can get I try to use them. 

  1. I don’t like to talk about “bathroom” stuff.  Not sure why, just don’t like it.
  2. There are a couple of words that I never use.  Try and guess what they are with these clues.  pi…e, ..t, ca…r
  3. Similar to the person I got the idea from, I love to wear ear plugs when I do yard work.
  4. I love to catch moles
  5. I obsess about newly discoverd things that I like
  6. I am a shy and reserved person normally.  I tend to avoid people I know when in public.
  7. I love tartar sauce on just about everything (however I don’t do it anymore)

Bonus: I am scared to talk in front (like a speech) of people I know really good, but feel fine about talking to 5000 that I don’t know (up on a stage like).

Ok, so there are some weird things about me.  Hope you had fun reading about them.


Merry Christmas Everyone: Stay away from the cookie jar!!

cookie jar alarmMerry Christmas Everyone.  Just a short post on this wonderful holiday.  I have a white Christmas here.  Haven’t had one of these in a long long time.  As we all know, cookies are everywhere right now.  They are sitting on the counter, in the oven,on the kitchen table, next to the lazy boy chair, in our hands, and in our mouths.

I recommend that everyone buys a cookie jar like this one.  No secret cookie  munching with this little guy in the house.  My family does a $10 gift exchange every Christmas.  This cookie jar has been re-gifted every year for 5 years now I think.  Nobody likes it but at the same time everyone loves it.  It is becoming a tradition.  This year, the recipient actually hid the guy in my shower before they left.

The coolest part about this little guy is what he says.  This is also the reason why I recommend him for all who want to leave the cookies alone this holiday season.  I think we got him at wal-mart.  The police office gives specific instructions when he is opened up.


And then we all laugh for the thousandth time. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA